Dolby Surround  What is it and what is it for? ▷ 2020

Dolby Surround began to become known in the 1980s, when this whole system began to be associated with noise reduction on audiotapes or for analog sound recordings used especially in cassettes.

However, this tool is not currently well known as Dolby Surround but as surround sound (Surround). While the term of Dolby refers to a American company who managed to establish his name for what it is noise reduction in sounds.

Taking into account that this system is still a bit unknown to most users, in this post we are going to explain a little more about what it is about and how it works, To do this, carefully follow each of the points that we will explain below.

What is the Dolby Surround sound system?

The system surround sound is a technique that consists mainly of power enrich the quality of the sound reproduction of a specific audio source, no matter additional channels coming from the speakers.

This system typically takes care of project a sound in a 360 degree radius onto a 2D horizontal plane, while the sound that is obtained through on-screen channels is only in front of the listener.

All this is characterized by presenting a defined position with respect to the listener, which makes the sound effects work in a correct way. Furthermore, all of this provides a fixed perspective of the sound field to the people who are in the direction of the position already defined by the system. This makes I know increase the perception of soundspace by exploiting the localization of sound.

This system works for any sound, whether for games, smartphones, handheld devices, and especially for cinemas, thus achieving better sound quality and a better perspective for listeners.

How does the Dolby Surround system work?

How does the Dolby Surround system work?

Dolby is primarily responsible for being able to use broadband functionality for analyze and process multiple perceptually spaced frequency bands in the audio transmission signal.

In the same way this system is based on what is the phase and gain relationship of the signal elements, offering benefits such as a more detailed analysis of the content before its management. All this gives a result more accurate and higher quality sound for listeners.

Analog version

The analog version it’s just a professional noise reduction system that works based on four channels and whose function is to improve the dynamic range of analog recordings and broadcasts. This version is mainly used by announcers, reproductions and recording engineers, among other professionals in these areas.

It is also important to mention that in one of the areas where it is sound reduction is more important is in the cinematographic area, where it is currently used in almost all movies with soundtracks. This is how it is used mostly in movie theaters that are not equipped with a digital playback, serving also as a species backup when digital system fails.

Digital version

This system takes care of transmit a digital sound using 6 independent channels, which is also known as 5.1. that is how the three front channels, the center, left and right are responsible for providing clear and crisp sounds, having a precise location of sounds on screen. While center, left and right surround channels They are in charge of surrounding the public.

These surround channels are responsible for create a real impact with each of the sound effects, in order to immerse the audience in the action. Is Digital version It is used mainly in digital broadcasts by satellite, DVD, DTV, HDTV, for radio broadcasting and in cinemas.

In which equipment can we find high quality Dolby Surround sound systems?

In which equipment can we find high quality Dolby Surround sound systems?

Today this technology has become obsolete, where it was generally used in analog players. Therefore, any player that used the cassettes as a means of entry they can count on this system of Dolby Surround. However, today there are some digital equipment What do they use the digital version and which have this system.

Therefore, current teams that have Dolby Digital can offer the 5.1 or 7.1 channel capability, although this will depend mainly on the program. In the event that the device has only Dolby Digital This will have a 5.1 channel surround sound, thus offering the highest possible quality.

Today the teams that have this Digital version are A / V receivers, home theater, Blu-Ray players or televisions with the Dolby Digital Plus system.

In the case of Dolby Digital Plus we can find it currently available for Windows computers, tablets like Amazon Fire and on smartphones.

Dolby Surround 2014 vs Dolby Pro Logic How are they different and which is better?

All this has created a great controversy among the majority of the users of these systems. Where can you say that Dolby Surround takes care of encode the sound of a source, with the aim of being able to improve it and transmit a sound with higher quality, as well as obtain a better sound in effects. While Dolby Pro Logic Act like a decoder that opens stereo sound into 4 channel surround sound.

As usual Dolby Surround is used to enhance the sound of some games or movies, but for the case of the music this sounds very bad. It should also be said that it only sounds good in certain headphone for pc. And it is that this system takes care of take channel 2 to give a spacious surround sound field in order to amplify the sound.

Dolby Surround is able to take up 7.1 channels and plays it on 2 speakers, although this is not as effective as a 7.1 or 5.1 channel configuration offers a good imitation of the audio.

In the case of Pro Logic takes care of converting 2 channel source and plays them under configuration 5.1 or 7.1. Keep in mind that for the track to sound good it must have been developed for it. So everything is played only by the center channel when the track is not made for PL2.

Some users tend to consider that for playing music with this system usually sounds very bad, although for music played on 2.1 channels inside the PS3 console this doesn’t sound too bad. The most advisable thing to be able to maintain a good sound is that in the case of games these are encoded like PS2, GC, WII, N64, among others.

Taking all this into account, if we compare it with Dolby Digital or DTS sound still lacks quality, where sound 5.1 It ends up being very good in most cases.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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