DOMAIN PARKING  What are they and how to earn money? ▷ 2020

Unlike what many people may believe, SEO work starts from the moment a domain is acquired And not just when you start managing content. This is because everything on the Internet changes and is updated in a matter of seconds.

It is known that for a project on the Internet to be successful, it must have good management behind it regarding this issue.

So, if you want to know one of the best resources that you can implement in the background, While your great project is being developed in the first one, then you should read this post made especially for you.

What is a domain car park and what are they for?

A domain is the identifying name that we give to our websites, so they are the means by which users can access the information that is housed in them. When a web domain is created, the buyer receives only the title and access to its administration. But until it is assigned information, it will only be an empty space on the Internet.

When typing the name in the search bar we can get various errors of “not found”. This can cause that when a possible client interested in the topic looked for the page, they are discouraged when they see that there is not even any indication that this topic is developing.

That is precisely what domain parking seeks to solve, it is about placing certain temporary information on the site, so that when a user gets there, they can be aware that at some point their questions will have a solution.

Therefore, a domain parking is used to give presence to a brand, mark territory and provide valuable information on the progress of a web project.

Another of the utilities that they are given is when a large company buys a domain with a name similar to that of its original brand. So that it is better understood, it’s as if amazon bought the domain called With what purpose? Very easy, this would serve Amazon to avoid that other domain that bears a lot of similarity with its original name, falls into the wrong hands. Also so that it can be used to redirect the public to the real page and to place advertising.

What advantages do we have in including our domain in a Parking?

More than a tool, it is a resource that is usually used by many companies and brands, as well as by many entrepreneurs. Good SEO can take many benefits from a well-positioned domain parking lot.

All the advantage that a domain parking generates can be summed up in one thing, earn more money. When you know the domain parkings, it can be said that the time that elapses from the moment an entrepreneur acquires the web domain, until he loads content and it truly becomes a profitable business, is a waste of time. If we add to this that it does not have a lot of manpower, it can easily be several months.

But if dominion is delegated during that time to advertising companies, it can be a great way to generate income. That at least they will be able to compensate the expenses of the domain and the Hosting.

Another advantage of having a reserved and secluded domain is to prevent someone else from having it and mark the territory. As mentioned in the introduction to this entry, everything on the Internet arises volatile, which means that whoever takes the winning domain will be the one who succeeds.

On the other hand, there is another type of more voracious entrepreneurs, who through their market study they manage to detect which are the most expensive domains and with the greatest possibility of positioning. These people are not dedicated to managing the content of these pages, if they do not leave them in the parking lot and wait patiently.

So when a person interested enough shows up to pay a considerable sum for that domain; Because you have a name that fits your brand and your service, these people can sell and make big profits for one that could have cost as little as $ 10 at the time.

Types and examples of domain car parks that we can find on the Internet

Domain car parks can be very varied and they can be distinguished by the way they are used. In this small list we are going to know some of them:

Example 1

In this image we can see that it is a domain that when it is developed will have the theme of Korean drama and series. But nevertheless, at the moment the only thing it presents to the public are advertising links to other topics such as hotels.


Example 2

Clearly when viewing this site We intuit that server and domain services are offered. But, the title of the page again refers to the fact that in the future the theme will be about Korean shows.


Example 3

In this type of parking, both the title and the theme are related to the Korean series. But, it shows that it is only a parking lot because There is no content developed if not only links. This is a great way to make clear the direction that the administrators of this site will take in the future.


Example 4

In this example it is not clear about the theme of the site in the future, as it is currently restricted. But, that is not an impediment to knowing what a car park is, since that is exactly what the company is specifying Godaddy. Since among their policies they include notify that it is a site that has already been purchased by someone else.

Goddady Parking

Example 5

As with the previous example, the company HugeDomains is responsible for marking that this domain has already been purchased. But in this case, the owner decided to specify that the domain is for sale. Therefore, the information is displayed so that any interested party can acquire it.

Parking HugeDomains

Example 6

Here we can see how there is no relationship between the links and the domain name; Even so, it is not a problem, because it is only about temporary information.


Example 7

Another clear example of a temporary site, since the only thing found are links related to the page title.


Example 8

This case is similar to example number 3, because the type of links on the site coincide with the name of the site, so there is not much to limit.


If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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