DOWNLOAD “at once” All iCloud Photos  Guide ▷ 2020

Technology every day gives us significant advances that bring many advantages to our lives. Local storage systems have been displaced by cloud storage services.

Definitely iCloud is one of those fantastic services that allows us to host our files to keep them safe. Surely if you have an Apple device you have used it at some point. Although it was developed by the company on the block, it is currently also available on Windows and Android.

Its function lies especially in filing all kinds of documents. In the case of Windows 10 to download them something complicated can be done, but there are still ways to do it. Here we will show you how download all our photos from iCloud to Windows or Mac computers.

Steps to download all photos from iCloud at once to my Windows computer

If you use iCloud To store your content in the cloud, you will surely know that this is a great service that gives us advantages over local storage. It competes worldwide with Google Drive (Android), OneDrive (Microsoft) and Dropbox, but at the Apple level it is much more popular for being its native OS. That is why if you are using an iPhone and want to save multimedia files, it is the best option.

Now, if you want to access the information you have hosted in the cloud from any other platform, you can do it without inconvenience. Much more still You can also, among other things, download your images stored in iCloud from your Windows computer.

Downloading the app

Download Icloud

If we want to download all our photos to our computer in one fell swoop, we must Download the iCloud application for Windows from the official website. It’s super easy, you just have to click on the blue button described as “To download”, once it is completed we can install it.

Download iCLoud for Windows

Of course, before we start using iCloud we will have to take a short break to restart the computer, this in order that everything is installed correctly.

Running and configuring iCloud

setting up iCloud

When we run the application for the first time we must access our Apple account. We will find in the main window with the possible elements that we can synchronize with our computer, then we make sure have “iCloud Drive” and “Photos” activated.

We also have to make sure that the option “ICloud Photo Library” is active. For this we will enter “Photos” and if it is not activated we will select it. Further we will select a folder where we will save downloading all our photos.

 icloud photo library

Downloading all our photos to the computer

When we have completed the previous step, we will have iCloud configured and ready to download our photos in one fell swoop to the Windows computer. In Windows explorer we are going to go to “This computer”, in the devices and units section we will find “Photos in iCloud”, there we will click and enter.

download icloud files from windows

The following window will open and we will find two folders: “Uploads” and “Downloads”. Above and to the left we will find the option “Download photos and videos”, click there and a new window will be displayed that will show us the photos that we can download to the computer. We will simply select “Everything” and we will press “To download”.

download icloud photos and videos

After running the previous step just we have to wait for the download to finish. When it’s ready we go to the folder “Downloads” and there we will have our photos downloaded from the cloud to our Windows computer.

How to export all iCloud Photo Library from Photos on Mac computer?

If you are using a MacOS computer You can also download in it all the photos that you have hosted in iCloud in an easy and simple way if you follow the steps that we will describe below.

Activating synchronization

The first thing we must do is go “System Preferences”> “iCloud”. There we will select “Options” next to photos and we will make sure that we have the option checked “ICloud Photo Library” or “iCloud Photos”.

 icloud photos

*Note: It is also important that below we have marked “Download originals on this Mac”, in order to preserve the quality of our images when downloading them.

Selecting and exporting photos

On the menu “Edition” we will click “Select all” or we will use the shortcut “Comd (⌘) + A” to take all the photos. We will wait a few seconds, depending on the number of files the process may take time.

Then we will go to the menu “Archive” and we will select “To export”, There we will be shown a couple of options that are at our disposal.

export icloud photos from mac

The first of these two options is “Export (X) items” that will allow us to export all the images in their original quality, but if you have modified any using the application, the added edition will be preserved.

The second option is “Export unmodified original for (X) items” which will serve to export the original images without any modification.

Once the desired option is selected, a window will appear in which we must select image format and video quality in case we have. We will mark the box of “Include location information”, then we will have the option to choose if we want to save the photos in a folder according to moments.

The next thing is to click “To accept”, there the export of these files will begin. We must bear in mind that if there are a large number of files this will take a long time.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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