How to download Instagram videos, stories and photos? Step by step guide

Currently, instagram is one of the most famous social networks in the world and therefore it is a platform that does not stop growing. Since then, the content that allows you to publish and view is of great interest to people because it allows you to observe what your friends, acquaintances or even celebrities share in real time. That is, basically because of the great accessibility provided by Instagram.

However, until now, the social network offers the basics for its users and maintains it. See photos and videos. But when you download them to your phone or tablet, they don’t find options within the platform that provides them, so they can’t do it. However, it’s not an extremely difficult issue to be able to reach you either.

Although it is true, today there are several methods, tricks and apps that allow you to download the content you see on this network (photos, videos and stories) and in fact, then we present the most effective, fast and simple ways so you can reach it whenever you want.

How do I download Instagram videos and stories to my phone or Android tablet?

If you are using any Android device, you ask what is the best solution for you around to get the fastest and easiest way to download Instagram photos, videos and stories. So we can tell you – the most ideal trick is to lean over some applications that are able to improve the options provided by this social network you’ve joined it, they show the remarkable accessibility for your content.

First of all, it is necessary to highlight that, thanks to Instagram’s timeline is publicly accessible , applications that facilitate the download of files on this platform can access any account and thus download everything that has gone up and, of course, is of your interest. Moreover, they are very simple to handle and, in terms of advertising, do not present any type of risk to your data.

Now, before specifying the main applications you can install on your phone or tablet to get only photos and videos , we indicate the way in which they work which, fortunately, is similar for all alternatives. So, you should do the following with anyone you select :

  • Enter the official Instagram app, browse, and post the photo or video you want to download to your Android device.
  • Next, click on the three points of the post chosen and click on ” Share link“.
  • Now click on “Copy to Clipboard” to continue downloading this identification URL.
  • Once you’ve done the above, go to the app (* below you have several options) that you will use to download Instagram content and inside it, paste the link you copied during the previous step.
  • Finally, just click on “Download” (or failing, “Download“) and, with that, the photo or video will be saved on your cell phone or tablet automatically to see it later as many times as you want .

It is important to note that when dealing with multiple included photos or photo albums ; they cannot be downloaded completely to your phone through these applications. Therefore, you can only get the first image of the post .

List of the best Android apps for downloading videos and Instagram stories

Here are the main applications available on Google Play Store, which you can download and install to get the content you want from an Instagram user:

Image Download

It is an application that features the ability to download images contained in Instagram and, in addition, allows you to download or republish your favorite Instagram photos or videos and even IGTV. In this sense, the procedure to follow is completely similar to what we indicated previously.

Among other details, Image Download also has options to manage your photos or videos in the album, it is an application that is not affiliated with Instagram , moreover, it does not require a prior registration of its users so that they can use it and publish quick results .

Instg Download – Video & Photo

Download Instg Download – Video & Photo

It is an effective solution for downloading images and videos using the links provided by Instagram social network. This way, it has an operation completely similar to the one we indicated at the beginning and also to the previous application. Starting because it does not require prior registration of its users to provide the best results.

In addition, is a very fast application to get this kind of Instagram content and save it to your Android phone and also allows you to explore, delete and share the files you download on Facebook or Twitter. Among other details, the platform also offers the facility to republish what you want in Instagram .

Video Downloader for Instagram

Download Video Downloader for Instagram

This is another application that we recommend that you download videos published by anyone in Instagram and it is also an ideal solution if you want to post photos and videos to this social network or even Vine. Added to that, it is a totally free service that provides a quick and easy operation, since with just one click, the video downloader allows you to save the content on your cell phone or tablet .

It also has the following important features to highlight: It allows you to get Instagram and Vine copy tags, you have the option to repost any Instagram post, it is an easy mechanism to share your social network videos and photos and it is also ideal for iOS devices.

Steps to download Instagram stories on Android

On the other hand, when it comes to downloading Instagram stories , the procedure to follow is different from what you should do to save photos and videos. Principally, because the stories, or “stories” from that social network, do not contain a visible URL within the application. But even so, there are still tricks that are completely simple and fast. Which, too, are supported through applications designed for this.

In this regard, we indicate that the ” Story Saver for Instagram ” application is a clearly useful platform to download all the Instagram stories you want. Therefore, if you choose to use it, you should perform the following process :

Download Story Saver for Instagram

  • To get started, it is recommended that you register with your Instagram account in the application, to see the stories of other users.
  • After that, you will see the list of contacts who have published stories in the last 24 hours. Of course, that’s inside Saver Story.
  • When you want to start the download, you must click on the indicated user and insert your stories .
  • Once you are inside this content, you just need to decide which one you want to download and save. To do this, click the “Download” button and, depending on the speed of your connection, they will be downloaded to your phone or Tablet at a given time.

It is essential to note that, in principle, StorySaver has no risks, but you should value it the same way. In addition, the application also issues the ability to share the story you want from another user and repost it very easily .

As for the privacy of other users, this application advises you to respect your desire to keep your posts hidden if that person has the social network profile blocked .

Best apps to download Instagram videos, photos and stories on your iPhone

Once the solutions for Android users are finalized, it is necessary to take into account the steps to download photos, videos and stories in Instagram from an iPhone . In this sense, the best solution you can have at your fingertips is to make use of apps that take care of that and make the whole procedure easier.

But so far, we haven’t specified platforms that can download all this content together. Since then, some allow you to download and save only images and videos, while others can download Instagram stories. As for the options you have for downloading photos and videos from an Instagram user with an iPhone , there are several that you can get directly from the App Store.

Then, two of them for you to choose the one that best suits your expectations:

Grasping from the GI

Download Grab for IG for iPhone

Designed for GI users to take more advantage of the platform, this application available on the App Store facilitates new and excellent functions for managing social networks . Since then, it can expand all Instagram’s features and, especially, the options for obtaining photos and videos.

To start using it, simply register your GI data and search for the photo or video you want to save on your phone. Once you’ve located it, just click the download icon and you’re done. Among other details, we highlight that: It has a clear and intuitive user interface, full screen mode and thumbnail mode for your convenience, it also allows you to protect yourself with an access code or Touch ID.


Download the IFTT for iPhone

This refers to an application that contains excellent tools for downloading videos from this social network. Basically, the IFTT does the following to synchronize your Instagram profile with your cloud storage account (what you have: Drive, Dropbox, etc.) and, with that, just ask the application to do something specific. Download the videos you like or those containing any platform profile. To do this, proceed to save the content directly and automatically on your iPhone .

Meanwhile, IFTT has other functions, such as providing support and sharing your iOS photos automatically, such as a complete management of your social networks, quick publishing of your Instagram post on other platforms and offering you the activation events around your current location.

Steps to download Instagram stories on your iPhone

On the other hand, the procedure you must perform to download a GI history on any iOS device is different from the one we indicated earlier.

So, you should do the following:

  • Access the browser of your iPhone preference.
  • Find a type of application store of Chinese origin, known as ” ” and enter it.
  • After entering this platform, proceed to download the free version on your Smartphone, just click on ” Regular ” and then on the ” Download ” button.
  • When you specify the indicated process, that store will begin its download and when it is completed.

You must follow the following shortcut through your iPhone:

“Go to Settings > General > Device Management > Trust Nation Beijing Sky Network Technologies

Afterwards, accept the permissions by clicking on “Trust” and leave to enter Tutuapp again. This way, you have to type ” Instagram ++” in the search engine of the application store and then select it and click the button indicated to download it .

After completing this process, enter your username and password, then use the platform just to download and save stories . You will see that the interface is completely the same as Instagram.

Now, to download the story you want, just select the user and access their history. In this section, click on the arrow icon located at the bottom right. With this and finally the application is received from Tutuapp will ask you where you want to save the download and the size you want the file, then you have to choose it and ready, the content will be stored on your iPhone.

Steps to download Instagram stories and videos directly to your PC

Although it is true, today there are many users who manage their Instagram account, whether personal or commercial, through their computer. Whether for comfort or any reason. However, these users also do not have options or tools that can be used directly from the GI to download a video or a story without any inconvenience .

Fortunately, for these cases, there are also effective and simple solutions to perform . Taking into account that there are even more alternatives for users to select the ones that suit them best. In this respect, we present below the methods you can follow to save videos and GI stories from your PC :

Using online tools

The method we immediately indicate is an online tool or rather, an online trick that you can run on any computer , using Google Chrome or any other browser, together with a website that facilitates these processes.

Then, follow these steps:

  • To get started, focus on getting the video you want to watch and download from the GI. You can do this by entering it directly into the profile of the user who posted it or through their feed (as you prefer).
  • When you locate the indicated video, right-click and select the “Open in new tab” option. This option appears in any case, regardless of whether you decide to do this from your feed or from a social network user profile.
  • Now, when you have opened the content in a new tab, you will notice that at the top the video shows your URL. Therefore, you should click on the link mentioned.
  • After locating this address, you should add the letters ” qq ” just before the word ” Instagram “. Then it would look like this: , for example.
  • With the above, proceed to press ” Enter ” and the browser you used will load, after a few seconds, you will be redirected to a new web page that is identified as ” “.
  • At this point, the site will have already sent your GI video and to store it on your computer, just click the “Download” button to start the download and if you want to see details about the file space it occupies, you can consult it on the right of the same video . That’s all.

Using browser extensions

This is considered one of the simplest ways to download GI videos from any computer. It should be noted that you can use any browser that has such extensions. However, in this post, we will focus on an extension that contains Chrome, specifically .

In this sense, to continue downloading and saving a video with the help of this trick, you must do the following :

Download Video Downloader Professional for Chrome

  1. To get started, you have to enter Google Chrome through the computer you will use for this.
  2. Then access the Chrome Web Store , which is the platform that allows the download of extensions and other things.
  3. Inside this store, check the tab that says ” Extensions ” and after that, type ” Video Downloader Professional ” (this is the extension and / or tool to be used).
  4. After completing the above, your browser will show you a list of results and, among all of them, you must select “Video Downloader Professional” , specifically.
  5. Now click the “Add to Chrome” button to make sure you install it in this browser.
  6. After the previous process, if the extension was installed correctly, you will see an icon in the top right corner of the window , which is similar to a video tape.
  7. To finish, just go to your social network web profile , look for the video to download and click on it. That way, you can see how the extension icon is changed to a green arrow, which is what allows you to start the download process by clicking on “Download” and that’s it.

Without using third-party programs

If you prefer not to use third-party programs or applications, there is another method to download and save stories to your computer. To do this, you must use a computer that has the renowned Google Chrome browser. So the process is basically to analyze the GI web platform at the moment you’re viewing a story.

In this sense, you should also search the internal folder in which all the photos and images that Chrome will show are stored. It is important to keep in mind that you can only access the images, because the videos are not loaded in this folder. However, all available stories of your Instagram friends will appear and you will also be able to see their profile picture. Being a randomly organized folder.

Now, the process you must perform is the following:

  • To start, access the Instagram website and, with your credentials, insert your social network account .
  • Then go to the icon to see the stories and click on it to start watching them. That is, the avatar from the profile of the person you want to download this content from or from the main platform page.
  • Now, when you enter the indicated screen, you have to right-click the Chrome free space (where they are not displaying the stories).
  • When the pop-up menu opens, press the option ” Inspect “. Keep in mind that, for nothing, you must click on the image of the story itself, as this will not open any menu .
  • Later, you will enter a menu on the right that contains many elements. In it, it is valuable to click on the selection “Origins” . This is shown in the row above, so you can see that in one of the lower columns on the left there are several folders.
  • Now, you need to double click on the folder that starts with “Scontent“. This will open the folder and display other folders.
  • At this point, you will see that each folder has a random name with letters and numbers, which belong to a specific image . Once you double click on it, they will show you a file, so you will have to click on these files to view the image in the right column . You should do this until you locate the image of the story to be downloaded.
  • When you get this image, right click on the file in question and now select “Open in new tab” ; this option is a pop-up window.
  • With the above, the image of the file will be displayed in a new tab inside the browser in use. Finally, just right-click on this obtained image and then select the option ” Save image as ... “to download and store on your PC.

Secret trick to download and save Instagram private videos

Although you think Instagram’s private videos are ephemeral because they are not available 24 hours a day, they can only be played once or twice and perhaps very difficult to get them to save on your cell phone; it’s not .

Since then, with the mechanism of ” Instagram Direct “, today many things of the IG social network have changed. This way and thanks to the accessibility, there are two tactics to download private videos from this social network.

First method

The first of these , is a trick that allows you to download and store private videos of any user of the platform through classic screenshots . What, refers to an effective method to share small videos of a few seconds and simply using Instagram Direct and the buttons to capture your device.

In this sense, the classic screen capture or taking a picture of your cell phone or tablet screen, can work in a very peculiar way. Understanding that, of course, it’s just a static photo and, with it, you can get a quick video capture. But in some cases, the Instagram platform is alert for this practice and can send a notification to the other user , alerting him about your action.

Second method

Therefore, you must take into account the other trick that allows Instagram direct . This is based on video capture and is therefore estimated to be the most effective way to store private videos that are sent to you through Instagram Direct. Being a mechanism that depends on an application available on Google Play Store and is identified as ” AZ Screen Recorder “.

Download AZ Screen Recorder for Android

This application developed for Android, has the ability to video record the screen of the phone or tablet . So it can download the private video from the IG, this way and with it, you can save it easily on your device.

It refers to an application that integrates several options to configure the resolution and quality of video capture . It can even be used to capture any of the videos you receive through Instagram Direct .

As for how it works, you only have to activate the app before accessing any message received in the IG chat and once the recording is enabled, you can use the phone without any restrictions. You must then enter the message in question to play the received video and thus proceed to record it automatically .

Fortunately, the results it produces are excellent, thanks to the fact that it captures sound and motion with great power. In short, the resulting video is a totally original video. Although, of course, with a less easy recording process, but in the same way, it is observed effectively.

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