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Today electronic signature it has become one of the most useful tools for most users. And it is that with it people and companies are able to carry out administrative transactions without the need to be physically present.

Most likely, at some point in your life you have heard about all this and many doubts have been generated about it, such What is actually an electronic signature? what are they for? What kind of documents can be signed with it?, among many others.

It is important to clarify that this is completely legal and that offers a series of benefits to citizens, where of course they can get a higher convenience, security and closing documents faster. With all this in mind, here we explain a little more about this whole topic.

What is an electronic signature and what is it currently used for?

What is an electronic signature and what is it currently used for?

You may have some doubts about what it is electronic signature itself, and it is that it refers to a data set digitally which is used today as one of the main means of speed up the identification of the signer. The same is fully legally authorized in much of the world.

All this has been developed with the aim of streamline and give greater security to business procedures and the different administrative procedures of citizens. In the same way, this will help to increase digital documents so that users can become even more familiar with technological advances. Where all these procedures have been turning into something indispensable for most.

How does this document work and in what situations can I use it?

One of the great advantages of this digital process is that it has different uses, and it works as a digital document which enables validate any type of procedure that is done online. In addition, it is very useful when you need to make a specific procedure in a city and the user resides far from it.

All this allows different functions with this document, and the same it will depend on the condition of use. In accordance with this, here we present the main uses of this digital stamp.

To carry out authorizations, customer forms and contracts

All this service is used mainly for the purpose of offering customers a safer and easier experience, especially for when you are doing some type of online business or when the signature is required for some type of paperwork, be it a lease or employment contract.

In other words, the purpose of this is to avoid having to print a document, sign it manually and scan it again to be sent via web. In other words, all this will speed up this process.

Where it is mainly used for the following:

  • Service authorizations.
  • Forms to fill out to request a service loan.
  • Contracts buy and sell of services and products.

For employment contracts

This service features a higher percentage of use within work environments where they are constantly preparing reports what do you need be shipped or returned very quickly.

This is how most companies have started to use what is the electronic signature, this will allow them to In the future, your employees can close deals or agreements from a distance. In addition, all this will prevent you from continuing to handle the physical contracts, avoiding that employees have to mobilize with a large amount of material, like folders and sheets.

Handle confidential documents

Other of its main uses are for handle those confidential documents where they can only meet him two or more parts. These are about completely private reports by companies where the majority of their employees cannot know them. Taking into account that within a organization handles a lot of completely delicate papers.

Public organizations

Public organizations have become another of the main factors who make use of this digital tool. And it is that it allows them to expedite any type of document that they have to distribute to the community to publicize some type of request.

It is also important to mention that there are many organizations that seek collect signatures to later be presented before a institution or company and this way make a formal request of any requirement that is necessary within a community.

Is an electronic signature the same as a digital one? Differences

Most users wonder if an electronic signature is the same as a digital one, taking into account this doubt that covers a large number of citizens, we must point out that when we refer to a digital signature we mean what is a cryptographic method series. But, if we talk about a Electronic signature, then speaking of something that already has a legal basis, since it has a legal validity.

It is important to clarify that the digital signature is also legal and completely valid. But, this is not always it has to be legal, that is, it can be applied without it having a real value, that is, it is simply done to try to give you a greater presence to the document and get some more credibility before customers.

On the contrary, when we speak of a electronics, we refer to a great support that exists behind it, and that it may be being managed by a private or public company. They must meet a set of requirements so that they can be approved in the framework of legal jurisdiction.

What are the main types of digital or electronic signatures?

Surely you still have the doubt that type of digital or electronic signatures exist and which of them would be more convenient for your company or business. For this, it is important to mention that this will basically depend on the use and security and legal conditions that they want to give them.

With this clear, here we present you the main types of electronic signatures you can start using:


Is Electronic signature simple does not present any type of probative value, that is, the client will never know who the signer was. It is used for those cases where you want protect a little more the privacy of the company or institution.

It is simply a PIN or Check that is used for accept terms and conditions on different web pages.


Unlike the simple one, this one shows a probative value, as the client has the opportunity to see the identity of the signer.

It is a stroke which is mainly used to sign those loan reports, labor contracts of companies or public institutions and insurance policies.


It also has a probative value like the advanced, that is, the client can see the identity of the signer without problems. However, unlike the previous two, this is not easy to use, since the signer needs to have a digital certificate to make use of it. normally used for the procedures of public administrations.

List of the best providers of electronic signatures in Spain

If you are interested in implanting electronic signatures in your company or business in Spain, then you need to know which are the best providers of these tools. For this, here we go to teach the 5 best companies nowadays.



Signaturit is currently one of the most recognized digital and electronic signature companies today, count with one signature system that are auditable. Thus offering you a greater security and reliability to each of your clients. In addition, once you register, you will have a probative document that will help you collect the electronic evidence generated for what will be the signature selection process.

That is how Signaturit has a legal validity both throughout the European Union and the United States. In addition, it is characterized by not saving any type of Electronic signature since each of them is completely unique for each type of document.



DocuSign has become another of the websites that offer these services to the different Spanish companies. It will allow you create your own digital signature so you can start inserting it into each of your documents, this you will create greater security before your clients in each of your online businesses.

In addition, it allows you send reminders and check signature status at any time, a way to always be attentive to each of your documents sent, has a free trial service of one month and has platform for PC and Smartphone.



One way to start close each of your businesses at a distance, this is how you can start close your agreements and contracts from any mobile device or computer anywhere in the world.

That is how Softysign has the legal guarantees necessary to guarantee you a good service, thus offering legal digital certificate So you can certify security of each of your documents.



Considered as the biometric digital signature for your business, used by a large majority of companies around the world. It gives you the possibility to create a great backup in each of your business, as well as provide you with a greater security to each of the clients in each buying and selling process, leases, contracts, among others.

Autograph has the legal validity necessary for your business to offer one of the most reliable security systems in the world, thus providing protection to the documents and data stored in them. All this based on the legal agreements of the European Union.



Finally we introduce you to viafirma, another of the great digital companies that offers this type of tools to private and public companies, which will facilitate any type of financial process that you want to carry out. This is how it is currently available to 14 countries.

It has a trustworthy service that is attached to eIDAS regulation and with data protection that comply with the new RGPD. This is how you can create simple, advanced or qualified signatures depending on your needs.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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