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Mega.nz is currently considered as one of the best download services on-line which can be found on the web. In it you can perform download files, MP3 music, videos, movies online, among many other content that you can download from this platform.

Nevertheless, Mega (ancient Megaupload) offers a free version with download limitations and also offers the paid version that has different plans. Therefore, if you are one of the users who uses the free version it is very likely that you have had problems with Mega download limit.

This is because the service of this platform has an imposed limit to download files. That is why the following message may have already appeared to you “Transfer quota has been exceeded, your download cannot start” If so, here we will show you how remove this limit and continue to enjoy your service.

What is the limit of data that I can download from Mega.nz for free?

In the case of this website limits you to all users who use the free version your daily download data limit through your IP. Therefore, through the IP adress for each of the users the system can control file download, keep in mind that this data capacity It will depend on the country where you reside, it may be limited from 1GB to 5GB.

In the case of the United States users can enjoy a 5GB daily data limit. When the user reaches the limit set per day, they simply cuts off the web service and cannot continue to download content from there for the next 24 hours. Once this time is complete, the user will be able to enjoy your daily data package.

Steps to remove MEGA transfer limitations fast and easy

Taking into account that these limitations are a bit tedious, especially when you need to download a large amount of content per day, they have been developed some alternatives that will allow to eliminate this transfer limit in an easy and fast way.

For this we are going to explain three different methods that will help you eliminate all these mega restrictions and so I can exceed the established limits ranging from 1GB to 5GB, to do this, follow each of the methods that we will teach you next:

With a proxy

With a proxy

The first method that we present to you is about to use a proxy server in order to change IP for Mega and thus be able to continue executing downloads from the website. In case you don’t know what a proxy server, here we briefly explain what it consists of.

A proxy server it’s a kind of mediator between the user and the place where you want to establish the Internet connection. the same hides your IP address and does it go through the proxy. This helps you your IP is not recognized and that way skip some restrictions or web blocks.

For this type of action it is best to use Anonymous proxies, since it avoids transfer any type of information to the server, preventing your team from being detected. An ideal way to be able avoid restrictions and limitations of the different websites.

In this case we recommend use the proxy “us-proxy.org”, which works very well and also gives you an American IP, Indicating that it will give you 5GB of additional data transfer daily. For this you simply must install it and run it on your computer. In this way, she can begin to act and in that way help you to circumvent these types of restrictions.

With a VPN

With a VPN

Taking into account that these limitations are made from the IP address of each user, one of the best forms of power circumvent these limitations is changing that direction. This can be done through a VPN or as it is also known Virtual Private Network.

Among some of the most reliable VPNs to carry out this process we can find the following: VPN Norton, VPN Tor, VPN Hide me or VPN TunnelBear. To make use of it and activate it to remove the download limit, the following steps must be performed:

  • The first will be install VPN client of your preference on your computer.
  • One time installed on your computer the next thing will be to open it.
  • Start your account if required.
  • Then select the server of preference, keep in mind that the number of servers available it will depend on each VPN.
  • Once the server is selected, select the option to “Connect”.
  • After that, the client will have been installed throughout the network. That way you can continue with your Mega downloads.

Downloading the software

Downloading the software

If neither of these two previous methods has convinced you, you can try the latter, and it’s about download the MegaDowloader software to your computer. With this program you have the opportunity to start elimit what is the download limit in Mega, as well as you can also start create your own download lists as they are done in Torrent clients or similar programs like JDownloader.

To be able to do this, you simply have to perform the following steps:

  • The first will be download (link below) and install MegaDownloader to your computer.
  • Once installed start the program Y configure the popup window through the option “Setting”.
  • Once configured select the option “Save”.
  • After these you can start arperform all content downloads you want without any limitation.

This program also gives you the opportunity to manage what are MP3 files that are in Mega serversas well as any streaming content. To be able to download any file from this program is very simple, simply copy the link of what you want to download and paste it in the program, With just these two steps you can start downloading your favorite files to your PC.

Download MegaDownloader Windows

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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