Blind Carbon Copy BCC: What is it, what is it for and why should I use it?

One of the most common things you do in emails is to send a message to several recipients, whether it’s to share some important information, a survey or some funny text. However, each time we add several recipients in a message they are usually visible to all the emails added.

Keep in mind that some of them may not want their email address to be displayed there, even more so when it’s other people they don’t know. In these cases, before sending an email we can find two types of options CC and BCC.

BCC is a hidden or carbon copy, and this simply reflects the old carbon paper method that was used for manual bills or typewriters. It will take care of concealing each of the recipients. To do this, here we explain a little more about what this function is all about.

What is a “carbon copy” or Bcc of an email?

This function known as “With blind carbon copy” or “Carbon copy”, is used for those cases where you need to send the same mail to different users and you don’t want one or more people to see the rest of the recipient. It is used mainly to avoid revealing the identity of other users and at the same time to have a greater privacy when sharing some information through the email.

Initially all this would have been created in order to restrict junk mail chains, because by sending a large list of addresses in a message these recipients could be taken by a person dedicated to sending spam messages, which causes you to constantly receive junk information in your inbox.

Therefore, the best solution for all this, was to enable a Bcc box where users can write down each of the addresses and prevent them from also spreading along with the message. This also serves to send simultaneous good morning or congratulations messages that arrive individually to each of the recipients, which will make them feel more special when they notice that there are no other addresses attached there.

Is it possible to hide the BCC of emails I send to multiple recipients? Benefits of doing so

When we add recipients in the Bcc box, we send a copy of the message to others without them realizing that it has been shared with others as well. This will allow you to share the same information with several people in secret, which in many situations is very favorable, since you can protect each of your friends’ and family’s addresses.

All this offers a series of benefits which we show you below:

  • Using the BCC will offer you data protection whenever you need to share some information simultaneously, please note that the BCC box is recommended to be used when all the receiving emails know each other or agree to have their address shared with other people.
  • It helps to prevent SPAM or junk mail, keep in mind that, if all addresses are exposed to all users, it is possible that some of them are dedicated to sending mass emails, which will take all these emails to add them to the lists. This will cause the inbox to be filled mostly with junk information.
  • It prevents viruses and malware. Not receiving messages from strangers will help you protect yourself against malicious software, considering that these cybercriminals often subscribe to email address lists where they use it to share their malicious activities. Therefore, the more hidden your address is, the more secure your account will be.
  • It helps you to share Christmas greetings, business messages, good morning or good night cards to different people simultaneously without anyone noticing this, since each of them will only see their address in the list.
  • It also helps to have a better protection of the information that is sent, taking into account that, if it is shared through the CC box, it could get to the wrong person, causing serious problems.

Steps for sending mail with a blind carbon copy in Gmail and Outlook

You’re probably wondering how you can start sharing your blind carbon copy emails for both Gmail and Outlook, so that you can start protecting the security and privacy of each of your friends’ and family’s addresses. Keep in mind that this process is very simple and is done just like sending mail normally.

With this in mind, here’s how to run this procedure on both email servers. To do so, follow these steps:

In Google Gmail

Today, Gmail has become one of the most widely used email services worldwide. Therefore, it is very possible that you make use of this Google service and want to know how you can start using this email protection tool.

To do so, follow these instructions:

  • Sign in to Gmail and enter your account information.
  • Now on the left side of your screen click on “Write”.
  • In the “To” field you must add the recipients, note that here you can add the Cc and BCC recipients. In this case we select Cc and add the emails with which we want to share the information secretly.
  • Once added, now fill in the subject box and attach the message you wish to share.
  • Finally, at the bottom of the window click on “Send”.

In Microsoft Outlook (Hotmail)

Microsoft Outlook, or as it was previously known Hotmail, is another of the most used email services nowadays. So you’re probably looking for a way to share messages with a blind carbon copy from this server.

Simply follow each of these steps:

  1. Select the “+ New Message” option on the left side of your screen.
  2. Now in the “To” field, select Bcc and enter the emails to which the information will be sent. Then add the subject, write the message or attach the file to be sent.

Once you have done all this, click on “Send”. This way you will be sharing your emails secretly with each of your recipients.

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