Canon PIXMA TR150 – Take it with you wherever you want!

It is sold in two wireless versions, one with battery.

With comfort and quality as pillars of the new member of the PIXMA family, the TR150 have a 1.44 inch OLED screen It offers an intuitive and agile navigation interface, as well as USB charging and the option to upload custom templates. Perfect for a mobile business, the enhanced battery ensures quality printing in any work environment, whether fixed or mobile.

Take it easy with her

Portable and robust for use on the go, Canon PIXMA TR150 with battery gives mobile workers the freedom to do their work anywhere. The perfect partner to work remotely, users can count on a fast and affordable rechargeeither with an AC adapter or the supplied USB Type-C cable, for use with a compatible car charger, the power bank or a laptop.

The slim, robust and scratch-resistant design adds functionality, with all connection ports arranged on one side of the device for optimal cable management, while built-in anti-theft security slot provides users with the ability to protect the printer in temporary locations.

Building on Canon’s heritage of easy-to-use printers, the PIXMA TR150 incorporates a High resolution 3.66 cm (1.44 ”) monochrome OLED display, which provides real-time information ink levels and battery life (for PIXMA TR150 with battery) for easy navigation and full visibility.

Fast and functional, a PIXMA TR150 has the ability to print up to 330 pages on a single charge. To improve usability, a simple and easy to remove and replace battery ensures that no additional tools are needed, ideal for working from side to side.

You can find all the information on Canon’s official website.

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