My WiFi is not working. What are the causes and possible solutions if you have problems with your Internet connection?

Connecting to a WiFi network is not always an easy task, many times when trying to connect to a wireless network there are one and a thousand problems that make this process difficult to carry out, either to connect to WiFi at home or in a public place.

All of this becomes very frustrating for most people, especially when they have to perform some activity on the web. Considering that nowadays the Internet has become an indispensable tool for most users, where almost everything is done from there.

Therefore, if you are having problems connecting to your wireless network do not worry, here we will show you what are the causes of this problem and its possible solutions, for this follow everything we will teach you in this post.

What are the main reasons why my WiFi connection is not working?

Wireless connection problems are often due to a number of reasons, whether it is problems with the device, the router or the signal coverage itself. Many times they are due to simple problems that end up interrupting users’ activities. Therefore, here we will show you the possible causes for your WiFi connection not working properly.

Network disabled

In the case that the problem you are presenting is that the network is shown as disabled, it is due to a type of error that is very common and that usually occurs in laptops, smartphones, tablets or any other type of wireless terminal. This is an inconvenience that can originate for several reasons, either because of a problem in the router or in the computer.

Therefore, as the problem may be due to different reasons, then there are different methods to solve it. However, this usually has an easy solution that will allow you to continue enjoying your Internet service at home.

Congested channel

Another reason why WiFi connections often fail is when they are on a congested channel. In the case of wireless networks they work through channels, in the case of Spain they use 13 channels depending on the geographical area where you are. Therefore, the more congested the channel where your network is, the slower it will work.

These types of congestion are very common in areas where there are many wireless networks available, as they begin to interfere with each other, causing coverage and frequency problems, resulting in much slower browsing speed or no speed at all.

Undetected network

One of the most common problems when trying to connect to the Internet is that the network is not detected by the wireless device. This can be due to different reasons that may be causing the network not to be visible to the computer and therefore not able to detect it in order to establish a secure connection.

This is a problem that has originated very often in Windows 10 computers and some mobile phones. However, this kind of problem can be easily solved and that way you will be able to continue enjoying your Internet connection.

Updated password

Usually, when a wireless connection is established with the mobile or portable device it automatically saves the access data, so the next time it detects such a network it will connect automatically. Surely you’ve been to a friend’s house or a public place and now your smartphone tells you that it can not connect.

In this type of case, it’s very likely that the access password for that wireless network has been changed, so now your computer can’t establish a network connection.

Invalid IP

Another common error when you want to establish an Internet connection via WiFi, is that you get a warning that the IP address is invalid. This can become a real problem for most people, especially if you are in need of an Internet connection.

In the case of Windows users, they tend to experience this problem very constantly, even though recent updates have been made to their versions, including W10. Fortunately, this type of problem has a solution that will allow you to correct this type of problem and thus be able to establish the Internet connection and enjoy these services without any kind of failure.

They steal your WiFi

Sometimes the reason why your Internet connection is so slow is because other people are stealing your Internet. Usually, when many users are connected to the same network, it usually works slower because it gets congested, which prevents it from having optimal performance. Especially nowadays when there are a lot of programs and applications that allow you to perform this type of activity in a very simple way.

Therefore, stealing WiFi is an easy task to do thanks to all the software that has been created today. One of the ways you can tell if you may be stealing Wifi is if in the morning your connection is fast and as the day goes by it is slowing down.

You can also enter the configuration of your Wifi and verify that computers are connected to it, in the event that unknown users appear is because they have managed to break your security system. In this type of case it is important to verify any detail necessary to know if there are intruders or not on the network, if so, later we will show you what measures to take for it.

WiFi Analyzer How to analyze a WiFi network and interpret the results with this app?

WiFi Analyzer is currently one of the most complete and simple applications when you want to analyze the WiFi networks around us, as well as to know which channel is being used and which of them are the least congested. All this has led it to become the right hand of many users when wanting to solve any problem with wireless networks.

In the same way, Analyzer allows you to activate functions such as network monitoring, and thus be able to track your signal through a graph, this will allow you to know where in your home you have better coverage.

How does it work?

When downloading and installing the Wi-Fi Analyzer, the user will be presented with a graph of all the networks detected near their location. In the case that this appears without anything, you must select the eye icon to activate the “Channel Graphics”. 

In this same option the user has the possibility to see what the “Signal Meter”, “AP List”, “Channel Score” and “Time Graph” are.

In the following graph you can measure what the strength of the WiFi signal is, and at the same time you can detect which channel is being used the least and is therefore the least congested. This will let you know if the channel your WiFi network is using has a lot of interference that may be affecting signal performance. If this is the case, you can change your channel with the help of the app.

If you enter the “Channel Score” section the app will ask you to select your WiFi network, once selected it will indicate which channel you are on. This will allow you to see in more detail which are the channels with less interference, in this case you can see that are the 12, 13 and 14.

Finally, we find out what the signal meter is, in that case you can see the network coverage in a certain time. When the meter is placed in green it means that it has an excellent signal, in case the coverage is in yellow it means that it is with a regular signal and if for some reason it reaches the gray color it means that you do not have connection to Internet or your signal is almost null.

Steps and methods to fix any errors in my WiFi network quickly and easily

Taking into account all the possible causes of your Wifi network being in trouble, here we are going to explain what are the different methods you can carry out so that you can give a solution to each of these errors.

Therefore, please follow each of the steps that we are going to explain to you in detail:

If the IP is invalid

If the problem that your network connection is presenting is that you are told that the IP is not valid, then it will be necessary for you to perform some of the methods that we are going to show you below so that you can correct it and thus begin to enjoy the Internet service.

Renewing the IP address

This may be the easiest solution to this type of error, requiring the user to enter the “Command Prompt” window. However, when the command prompt icon appears you must right click on it and select the option “Run as administrator” to open it with the necessary permissions.

Once this is done, follow these steps:

  • When you are in the “Command Prompt” window, enter the following command: “ipcomfig /reléase” and press the “Enter” key to continue.
  • Again the same thing is done, but now you enter the command: “ipconfig /renew” and press the “Enter” key.
  • Next, enter the “exit” commands and press the “Enter” key to exit the command prompt.
  • Finally, restart your computer and once it is turned on again try to connect to the network.

If the network is disabled

As mentioned above, in the event that the WiFi network is shown as disabled, you can perform different methods to try to solve this type of failure which may be due to different reasons.

Therefore, follow each of the methods explained below so that you can solve this type of failure in your connection:

Compatibility issues

One of the most common reasons for this type of problem is the compatibility of the configuration between the wireless device and the router transmitting the signal. These types of configurations are made under certain parameters that allow their operation is appropriate. For the device to work properly it must have a configuration that is compatible with that of the router.

One way to solve this, is by modifying the configuration of the mobile, this can be placed WPA-PSK, frequency 2.4 GHz, TKIP, this being the most common of all. However, in case this one doesn’t work either and the network is still disabled, you can try changing the configuration to WEP Encryption and for security reasons the encryption is placed MAC in the router, taking into account that WEP networks are very vulnerable to attacks.

Although it may not look that easy to do, this is a good alternative for you to remove your disabled WiFi so you can enjoy a stable and secure wireless connection.

Inhibited network

Another reason why these networks are disabled is because the Wifi of the router, modem or smartphones are inhibited, to solve it the first thing you can do is to disconnect the network from the mobile and reconnect so that it restarts, if the problem persists you must do this same procedure with the router or modem. These devices usually have a button on the back that you have to press for a few seconds for it to restart.

Here you must wait a few seconds for all the lights on the modem to come on, at which point it will take the factory setting again, here you must reconfigure the WiFi network. In this case it is recommended to use a different name and password than the ones used before and finally you must reconfigure the terminal with the connection by entering the new access data.

The network is badly configured

Finally, another reason why you may be getting this error is because the network is misconfigured. Either because some data has been incorrectly saved or some of the applications installed on the smartphone have changed the configuration.

In order to solve this error the most convenient thing to do is to delete the connection from the list of your mobile and try to connect again, in most cases this is usually corrected immediately.

If you change your password

In the case that you arrive at a place where you have previously connected to WiFi, but for some reason your device indicates that there is an error in the connection such as the wrong password, the only viable option you have in this case is to speak directly with the owner of the Internet and ask him for the password.

Please note that if it is a public place, the access data is often changed in order to prevent the network from becoming congested, resulting in a very low browsing speed.

If the channels are congested

If the problem your connection is having is due to congestion on the channels of the WiFi networks, then it is best to make a channel change for the loneliest one, as this will avoid any interference with the signal.

In this case the most advisable is to get a channel that is not being used by the neighboring routers. To do this, it is necessary for the user to use several programs that allow you to see this configuration as is the case of WiFi Analyzer or WirelessMon, both tools will allow you to see each of the channels through an analysis made in your environment.

Once you have found the channel where your connection is, you will be able to change it with the help of both programs, in the case of Analyzer you can do it from the same application and in WirelessMon you must enter the gateway through in your browser of preference and in the Wireless configuration you change the channel, it is recommended to use the channels 1,6 or 11, since they are the least prone to congestion.

If I’m being robbed of WiFi

If your suspicions have turned out to be true and your neighbors are stealing your Internet connection, then you will need to take appropriate action quickly. This will allow you to recover the correct speed of your connection and also prevent intruders from accessing your network, taking into account that they could steal some information.

In order to solve this problem, you will need to perform the following methods:

Change your network name and password

The first step to take immediately is to access the router settings and change both the network name and password. This will ensure that all connected computers are automatically disconnected.

It is recommended to set a fairly long password of at least 20 characters, which should include upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols, making it difficult to guess.

Use MAC filtering

Security is paramount to prevent intruders from accessing network settings and thus start stealing the Internet. In this case, it is important that the user accesses the router’s administration panel and in the “MAC Addresses” section you configure it so that only your devices can connect to the network.

Here you can create a list where you will have to add the MACs of each of the devices you want to allow access to the network. Perhaps one of the drawbacks of this type of action is that every time you want to add a device you will have to access the administration panel of the computer to add it.

Reinforce the security protocol

It is important that your WiFi network does not have a WEP protocol, as this is usually very easy to break, so it will not guarantee reliable security. The best way to protect your connection at home is to use the WPA2-PSK protocol. To change this you must enter the router’s configuration and modify it.

In the case that it also allows you to modify the encryption, you should select the AES option, as this will increase your security even more.

Hide the network

Finally, you can choose to hide your network, which will prevent it from being visible to other people so hardly anyone will know you have a wireless connection. In this case you must perform this procedure from the router configuration, there you can select the option “Hide router”.

It is also recommended that when you leave home you turn it off or in case you go away for a few days, as this will prevent the network from being available all the time and within reach of nearby cybercriminals.

If the network is not detected

If what is not allowing you to establish a wireless connection is that your computer does not detect the network, here we will teach you what are the methods that you should follow so that you can solve this type of error.

To do this, follow the steps we will show you below:

From the computer

As mentioned above, this has been a very common failure in Windows 10 computers. However, before performing any procedure it is essential that you verify that your card or network adapter is not presenting any kind of problem, this can be verified through this link.

When it has been downloaded you must install and execute the file, once you execute it it will start to look for any kind of error or problem that is being generated in the adapter. If so, it will solve it automatically in order to correct the error.

In the case that no fault is found, you will have to carry out the steps that we are going to explain to you next:

  • The first thing to do is to access the “Windows 10 configuration”, to do this you must select the “Start” icon and there you select the “Configuration” gear.
  • Then select “Internet and Network”.
  • In the new window that appears, select the “VPN” tab.
  • Now on the right side of your screen you will find two options, here you must deactivate “Allow VPN connections” and “Allow VPN with roaming”.
  • When both options have been deactivated you should check if the network you want to connect to still has the same error.

If you are still unable to connect, you must manually deactivate the VPN service via “Command Prompt” by doing the following:

  • The first thing to do is to open the CMD command prompt as an administrator.
  • When you have entered the “Command Prompt” window you must enter the following two commands in this order: reg delete HKCR\CLSID\{988248f3-a1ad-49bf-9170-676cbbc36ba3} /f and press the “Enter” key.
  • Now enter the following command: netcfg -v -u dni_dne and press the “Enter” key again to execute this command.
  • Finally, close the command prompt and see if you can now connect to the WiFi network.

Restart the modem

Another way to try to solve all this inconvenience is to check if the lights of the WiFi router are on, it can appear with a blinking light or a fixed light. In the case that this is off, it may be because the wireless signal of the equipment is blocked.

To rule out that the signal is blocked it is best to reset the router, in this case you can do it by pressing the button located on the back of the device or simply by connecting and disconnecting it from the power supply.

Here you should wait a few minutes while all the lights are on again, in case the WiFi light continues to be off, you should enter the router settings and make sure that the wireless internet option is not disabled.

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