Enable Cortana in Windows 8  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

The voice assistant Cortana allows you to search for files and open apps on your computer quickly. For this you will have to activate it taking into account some secrets that we will mention in this post.

For it it’s necessary that know all its functions that it has in a Windows 8 OS and also the pros and cons that you will have when you activate Cortana. We will show you all this information below.

But this is not all, you can access the step by step you must do to activate the Microsoft voice assistant, Cortana, on W8. Don’t miss out on anything.

What is Cortana and what are its main functions in Windows 8?

What is Cortana and what are its main functions in Windows 8?

Cortana is the virtual assistant offered by Microsoft, by default, to users on your operating systems products Windows. With this virtual tool you can open apps, write notes, turn on notifications, and search for files without using the search bar.

Additionally, with Cortana a person can:

  • Find information on the Internet. Don’t forget that the default search engine is Bing in Microsoft, so if you need to use Google you will not be able to use Cortana In a direct way.
  • Play music Y videos.
  • Turn on the connection Wifi.
  • Connect by Bluetooth with another device.
  • Open the camera and the microphone.

Cortana Pros and Cons Is it worth activating it in Windows 8?

Among the most important advantages that the virtual assistant has is the possibility of save steps and time to access different functions that the operating system has. This will help you stay focused on your task and use everything you have available. Another important advantage found in Cortana is that the interaction with the user I know performs through voice.

This allows you to be away from the computer and to open music or video files without having to approach the device. You will also have the advantage of call anyone without having to dial your number, as the assistant will do all the work for you.

But, one of the big problems Cortana has is the vulnerability it offers in terms of security. This is because it is possible to intercept the information and access the user’s private data. Also, if the wizard is not configured correctly, it will be possible to enter the computer when the screen is locked. This will allow anyone to know the data saved on the PC.

Learn step by step how to activate Cortana’s voice assistant in Windows 8

Learn step by step how to activate the Cortana voice assistant in Windows 8

The voice assistant Cortana is only available in the operating system Windows 10 and in mobile OS Android, iOS and Windows Phone. If you want to use the voice assistant in W8, we recommend that you update to version 10. So we will show you the necessary steps you must do in a Windows 10 OS.

To activate the voice assistant Cortana you must do this guide that we show you below:

Upgrade to Windows 10 version

When the assistant is available Cortana only in version 10, to update your computer Windows 8 to the newest ISO.

You can do this through the following steps:

  • Sign in to the Start Menu and look for the Control Panel.
  • After, you must click on Windows update.
  • Press on the button Check for updates.
  • After in a few minutes you will see a screen called Upgrade to Windows 10 in which you should press Start.
  • Wait a few moments to know download the updates and accept the license agreement.
  • Then, click on Start the update now.
  • Set the time or if you want to reschedule you will have to choose the option Schedule for later.

The computer will restart until the installation is complete. Then you must choose the Control Panel, to select Windows update, click on Setting and click Update and security. This will cause all the driver updates to be downloaded.

Activate the voice assistant

You must follow this step by step:

  • Type Cortana in the application search bar.
  • You will see the app Cortana, so you will have to click on Open.
  • click in Log in.
  • Writes you user Y password from Microsoft.
  • You accept the terms and conditions.

Set up Cortana

To configure the wizard see this guide:

  • You will have to enter to the control panel and choose Setting.
  • After that, you must to select the tool Talk to Cortana.
  • Choose the function Hello cortana Y turn it on.
  • Returns to the tool Control Panel.
  • Press in Voice privacy settings.
  • Grant permissions for what Cortana can access the microphone.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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