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A macro is one of the best functions you can have in Excel. In general, it is a kind of algorithm that is executed to perform one or more tasks without the need for you to do it manually. It’s a very useful way to save time on tasks that you do constantly.

Imagine that every week you must make a table of accounts in which the names of the expenses and income should be marked in bold and green. This would mean that you constantly have to go through these steps when creating the table. However, by creating a function of this type you can automate this task and each time you have to execute it, you will simply have to apply it without major problems. Depending on the complexity of these, it will be necessary to have programming knowledge, but there are some that can be applied easily and are available to anyone.

For security, Excel disables macros automatically in all its versions, but after reading this guide there will be no problem with it. We will teach you step by step how to enable and activate them in each version of the software and even how to easily program them so that you can start taking advantage of them in your simplest tasks.

Steps to activate macros in Excel automatically in 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016

To start using this utility, you must first do two things; enable developer / developer menu and macro security. Here we show you how:

Enable developer / developer menu

The developer menu will appear in the menu bar at the top of the screen along with the other menus available in Excel. In it you can start using this function and program them at will.

  • First you must open the section “Records“And look for the option”Choices”.
  • Subsequently, select the option “Customize list of options“Where you can activate the box”Programmer“Or”Developer”Depending on the version of Excel you have.
  • Finally you select “To acceptAnd voila, you will be able to see the programmer menu without any problem.

activate developer menu in excel

Enable macro security

Once you have enabled the programmer / developer menu, you can activate the option “macro securityThis is very simple to do. Just follow the steps below:

  • Enter the menu “Programmer / Developer”. In it you will see a series of options related to macros.
  • Locate the option “Macro Security”Which is accompanied by an exclamation point enclosed in a yellow triangle.

Enable macro security 1

  • A window will appear with four options in which we must choose one of them. The options are:
    • Disable macros without notification
    • Disable macros with notification
    • Disable macros except digitally signed ones
    • Enable all macros

Enable all macros

  • To work without limitations, it is best to select the last, click on accept and that’s it, you can start using the macros with total freedom.

Steps to enable or disable macros in Excel in all its versions

Enabling and disabling them is done through a process as simple as activating them. For this you have two options that we will teach you how to apply below.

From security message

When you open an Excel document that contains pre-programmed macros, the program will show you a warning message, just like the browser does to warn you about the use of scripts. This message appears just below the toolbar at the top of the interface.

Depending on the version you have, the message will be accompanied by one of these two options: “Enable content”(Excel 2010 or higher) or“Choices”(Excel 2017 or lower). In the first case you will simply have to select the alternative that they propose, while in the second case a window will open where you will have to mark the option “Enable this content“And then in”To accept”.

enable macros security message

* However this will simply enable this feature for this particular fileIf you want all macros to be enabled by default, you must use the next method.

From the Trust Center

The procedure to activate them by the trust center requires more steps, but it does not mean that it is more difficult. In a few clicks you will have enabled them and you will be able to use them in all the documents you open in the future. For this, what you must do is:

  • Go to the files section and select “Choices”.
  • Choose the option “Trust Center” and later “Trust Center Settings

trust center excel

  • This will open a sale in which you must go to the section “Macro Security”Where four options will appear again:
    • Disable macros without notification
    • Disable macros with notification
    • Disable macros except digitally signed ones
    • Enable all macros

Macro settings in Excel

  • Choose one of them and click on “To accept”And voila they will be enabled.

It should be noted that this “Trust Center“Is the same that opens when you click on the”Macro security”In the programmer / developer section, so that you can streamline this process this way.

How can we create a macro efficiently?

Now you have enabled everything you need to work with them but How can you create one of them? The answer basically depends on the knowledge you have and what kind of it you want to create. In general there are two ways to do it.

Create Macro from Visual Basic

The first option is to create it with the Visual Basic editor, which requires you to have advanced knowledge when it comes to programming. To do this you simply have to enter the section “Programmer / Developer“In Excel and select”Visual basic”. Once there, choose the document where you want to create the macro and start writing the codes for each of the actions that will make it up.

excel visualbasic

Steps to follow after this essentially depends on the type of macro you want to create. At this point you can program all kinds of actions that include formulas and other Excel tools.

Create with the Macro Recorder

The second option is to use the recorder. This is the easiest way to perform them since you will simply have to manually perform the actions that you want your function to contain. To do this you must follow the following steps:

  • Go to the section “Programmer / Developer“on the toolbar.
  • Select the option “Record Macro”.
  • A window will open in which you will have to assign it a name, choose the abbreviated mode (Ctrl + “chosen key”), if you want it to be an exclusive macro for the document in which you create it or also in the new ones, and a brief description Of the same.

record macro

  • Begin to perform all the actions that you want your utility to remember and then perform them automatically.
  • When finished select “Stop recording”And voila, your macro will be registered in this document and you can use it freely.

stop macro

How to apply a macro correctly?

You already know how to create them, now it is time for you to learn how to apply them. To do this you simply have to enter the section “Programmer / Developer“and select the option“Macros”. A window will open with all the available ones for that document, you just have to select the one you want and click on “Run”For it to apply and this will be it. Now you know perfectly how to enable, activate, create and apply a macro in your Excel documents.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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