Encrypt your iPhone to Make It More Secure  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

In this article we will show you security and privacy risks What is there in iOS. For this reason, it is convenient that you know how to encrypt your iPhone mobile and what are the advantages when you perform this task.

But this is not all you will find in this post, we will also teach you the guide you must follow to shield an iPhone mobile from scratch and not die trying.

If you want to know what they are the best apps to protect your privacy on iOS, you will have to continue reading because we will also talk about this topic. Don’t miss out on anything and stay safe.

What are the security and privacy risks in the iOS operating system?

IOS mobile operating systems Apple are one of the safest that exist nowadays. This is due to the computer development they present, which is known by all as one of the best, so there are few vulnerable points that has this OS. Within these gray areas is iCloud privacy, which is a tool that allows you to store not only videos in the cloud, but also applications that other members can access (if you use the app My family).

You must not forget that to maintain privacy as efficiently as possible, you will need to encrypt purchase history in App Store and iTunes. Another issue that you should take into account is location of your iPhone as a point of vulnerability. But you should not worry, since you can configure it so that this does not happen in a very simple way. You should also relate this aspect to the possibility of find device without internet connection as a point to improve.

In addition, it will be necessary for you to consider the access that applications have to the microphone and camera of your iPhone or iPad. Since this can be a potential vulnerability and if users do not take it into account when configuring their devices.

App tracking is another issue to keep in mind to be protected on your iPhone, so you will also have to configure your device correctly. By last, It would be left to analyze the browser you use, which is usually Safari. With this or with any other you may have security problems if you do not configure the cookies, browsing history and advertisements correctly.

Why should you encrypt your mobile completely? Advantages for your privacy

Why should you fully encrypt your mobile?  Advantages for your privacy

When you encrypt your mobile completely, you increase its privacy, so you will have the following benefits:

  • Every time you surf the internet the transfer of data packets will be secure, since you will be able to communicate from your device with the hosting where the web page you want to enter is hosted without any type of interference.
  • You will have less chance that unauthorized people can access your private data, especially to financial, banking and credit cards.
  • Vulnerability to enter your social networks and other platforms is reduced considerably.
  • The possibility that you are a victim of phishing, keylogger or baiting is very little, since no one will have access to your data.
  • Any threat can be detected in real time when you use your iOS mobile.
  • When downloading official applications of Apple will have no problems stealing information because these were exhaustively analyzed by the company before uploading them to the App Store. This means that every time you download an app, you will be sure that it works and that it performs the task that was promised.
  • Your location and browsing history and purchases will be protected, since no third party will be able to access this private data.

Learn step by step how to encrypt an iPhone mobile from scratch and improve your privacy

To improve the privacy of your iPhone you must perform this step by step that we show you below:

Edit Safari settings

Edit Safari settings

To delete cookies and prevent tracking and location of your iPhone, you must strengthen your privacy by doing this step by step:

  • Head to Safari.
  • Press in option preferences.
  • Select Privacy and click on it.
  • Enable Prevent cross-site tracking.
  • Choose Block all cookies and activate this function.
  • Press in Manage website data.
  • Choose Delete if you want to do it manually or Delete all.
  • Select Manage website data and restricts the activities that Internet sites can do.

Turn off Siri

You will be able disable iOS virtual assistant when the screen of your iPhone East blocked up.

You will do this with the following step by step:

  • Sign in to Settings.
  • click in Privacy & Security.
  • Disables the option Siri with screen locked so that no one can access this tool without your consent.

Choose the type of privacy of the messages

If you don’t want FaceTime and iMessage to have access to your data, do this guide:

  • Writes you ID from Manzana.
  • click in Settings.
  • Choose the function Messages.
  • Tap on About iMessage and if you want also in Facetime to configure both tools.
  • Choose Privacy and modify the necessary parameters.

Edit the tracking of web sites

When you want to block the tracking carried out by the web pages you visit, do this process after entering Settings on your mobile:

  • Select Privacy and Security.
  • Enable the option Prevent sites from tracking me.

Restrict application access

A good point for strengthening privacy is limiting app access to the microphone and camera from your mobile.

You can do this by following this step by step:

  • Sign in to Settings and write your ID from Manzana.
  • Choose iCloud Settings.
  • Press in Share activity.
  • click in Secure camera recording to restrict access.

Customize the “Find my iPhone” feature

Customize the

This function will allow you find you iPhone or iPad without having connection to Internet.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Head to Settings and enter the ID from Manzana.
  • Press in Search for.
  • click in Search my Iphone.
  • Configure the option Find my iPhone offline.

Activate the Find my iPhone option if you prefer

Enter Settings and continue like this:

  • Writes if necessary the ID from Manzana.
  • Choose the tool Search for.
  • click in Search my Iphone (or if applicable Find my iPad).
  • Choose Search.
  • Press in Activation lock and choose the best option for you.

Set iCloud privacy

As we told you before, in iCloud You will be able to save a large number of items in the cloud so you will have the option of choosing what type of backup you can make and in what period. Further, you can choose which applications can access the apple cloud.

For this you must carry out the following process:

  • Select Settings from your mobile.
  • Login you ID from Manzana.
  • click in iCloud.
  • Press in option Manage storage and select Backups. Choose the privacy method you want.
  • Then click in ICloud Settings.
  • Search the option Apps that use iCloud and click on it to modify these parameters.

Configure the application “Family”

With this task, you will prevent other members of your family or friends can access your private content.

Follow these steps, after entering your Apple ID:

  • Search the option ICloud Settings.
  • Choose the tool In family and modify Music, Apple tv and any other that you have activated.

Limit the purchase history of stores

If what you are looking for is restricting the registration of your activity to other people, you will have to modify the security elements with these steps:

  • Login to your menu iPhone and write the ID if required.
  • Select Apple Music (You can also do it with the App Store and iTunes).
  • Search the option Settings.
  • click in Shopping history and configure what kind of privacy you want for your purchase records.

List of the best apps to protect your privacy on iOS and make your mobile more secure

To fully protect your privacy on iOS and protect your mobile, you should download these apps from the Apple store:



When you download this app you can browse and protect the privacy of your data at the same time in a safe and simple way. With this you will prevent anyone from intercepting the data communication between your server and the device. You will have hundreds of servers located throughout the world that will help you avoid your location and be tracked when you access a web page.


You will be able to download this caller ID for a payment of around € 1 / month. In this way you will have a blocker that will allow you to divert fraudulent numbers, spam and also those that you do not know or are not stored on your device. You will have functions that will help you configure all the tools you have Whoscall so that they adapt in the best way to your needs.

AVG Antivirus

You will have real-time protection if you download this antivirus in a free, But if you prefer to enjoy other more complete functions, you can choose the payment option. It has the possibility and to scan all kinds of applications before you download it to your iPhone. In this way you will have the peace of mind that your device is protected and you will not be a victim of cyber attacks.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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