Everything you should know about ultrasonic cleaning technology

Ultrasonic cleaning is the most efficient way of cleaning any piece of industrial equipment and enhancing their productive capacity. This cleaning method creates high frequency longitudinal waves in the liquid used for the cleaning, getting rid of every little spark of soil hidden within the equipment piece and dissolving it into the cleaning liquid. However, it is very important that we pick up the ultrasonic cleaning device that better fits our needs. Different types of industrial equipment will need different types of ultrasonic cleaning equipment based on their size, material, etc. Thankfully, companies like Ultratecno offer its customers a wide catalogue of ultrasonic cleaning technology that will adapt to the requirements of any type of industrial equipment. 


What is ultrasonic cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleaning is a very efficient cleaning method that uses ultrasound to agitate a liquid (which can be plain water or a solvent appropriate for the object we intend to clean). It is recommended to use a liquid which is adequate for the type of object we wish to clean and the type of soil we wish to remove from it. An ultrasonic cleaning system takes an average of 3 to 6 minutes to clean a piece of equipment, although more complex pieces and processes can take up to 20 minutes.  


Ultrasonic cleaning is highly effective, making it a very popular technique among vastly different sectors, such as the jewellery sector or the dental sector. It can be used to clean many objects, such as watches, jewellery, coins, surgical instruments, fuel injectors, fishing reels, etc. All of this makes ultrasonic cleaning a process most businesses can benefit from. 


Ultrasonic cleaning is a method that presents many benefits when compared with other cleaning techniques, for example:

  • The equipment looks like new. Ultrasonic cleaning removes all the form of the device without leaving any trace or damaging the surface of the object, giving our equipment a brand-new look.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning is a very cost-efficient technique. It has a very low power consumption and requires less expensive cleaning products than traditional methods. 
  • It is very fast and efficient. Traditional methods would require the user to brush the surface for long periods of time and often not achieve the desired result. Ultrasonic cleaning not only achieves these results, but also does so 80% faster than traditional methods.
  • It is an eco-friendly alternative. Ultrasonic cleaning makes a more efficient use of cleaning products, requiring lower quantities to achieve better results than traditional methods.
  • It is a very efficient deep cleaner. It cleans any type of object regardless of its shape or size on its totality, giving unmatched results. 
  • Cleaning cycles can be automatized, making ultrasonic cleaning very efficient.


Different types of ultrasonic technology that adapt to your needs

Ultrasonic cleaning is a technology that can be used on a wide variety of industrial equipment. This equipment varies wildly in terms of size, material or form, therefore, we will need a specific type of technology adapted to said equipment to get an efficient ultrasonic cleaning session done.

Among the different types of ultrasonic cleaning devices, we can find:


Ultrasonic Generators And Emitters

Using the unique synchronized and digital technology of an ultrasonic generator, it is possible to create a powerful and uniform cavitation in big heated tanks. Ultrasonic generators are equipped with a control card that allows it to synchronize all the generators in installations bigger than 3kw. By using this type of ultrasonic generators, you can ensure the best performance, without having the risk of the energy produced by the generators being absorbed inside the tanks. Ultrasonic generators have a frequency of 28khz or 38khz and an ultrasonic power that ranges from 1kw up to 36 kW. These devices are equipped with a timer, an on/off ultrasound switch, a +2% frequency of sweep, the ultimate digital technology, 8 different frequency sweeping modes, 15 power levels and a useful mode for Quick Degas with Stop & Go Ultrasounds Mode.

Ultrasonic Emitters are made of stainless steel AISI 316 and have a mirror polished finish that protects the device’s surface from the erosion caused by ultrasounds, providing a more uniform cleaning. Emitters have 16 high-performance ultrasonic transducers in each plate, which are made of a ceramic material to ensure homogeneous vibration across the whole surface. With 1000W power per plate, ultrasonic emitters provide the best performance without any cavitation energy absorption, all with the longest reliability guaranteed.


Ultrasound And Cavitation Process

This type of technology can be used in all sectors and adapted to any client needs in function of the type of product they are working on. They can work in 3 different ways:

  • Shockwaves to transfer kinetic energy. This type of process can be used for the cleaning of organic or inorganic surfaces and porous structures, eliminate and separate microfilms created by microorganisms, reduce the size and variability of particles in liquid suspensions and to accelerate fermentation. 
  • Acoustic waves that transfer mass and heat. This type of technology can be used to improve the extraction rate of aroma, nutrients, colours or by-products, reduce undesired pasteurization effects, and to eliminate particles of matter found in pores, fissures and joints. 
  • Vibration to reduce friction in surfaces. This process prevents undesired substances from sticking to membrane filters and to machinery. 


Automation And Robotization

The ultrasonic cleaning process can be automated to reduce labour cost. Ultrasonic cleaning equipment can be 100% automated, operating all around the clock (with the only exception of the stops to change the baths). This makes ultrasonic cleaning technology the perfect acquisition to achieve the best results with a low energy consumption and without the need of added labour, making it a smart investment for most businesses


Overall, ultrasonic cleaning is a technology that has totally revolutionized the sector, allowing businesses of all types to benefit from the ultimate results it provides. Investing in ultrasonic cleaning technology is the perfect way to obtain perfect results in an eco-friendly way and without having to employ any additional labour. 

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