Export and Import Customizations in Access  Guide ▷ 2020

Day by day, Microsoft Access is still classified as a primary tool for ensure database administration in an optimal, direct and easy way. Thanks to the fact that it is a program that has the necessary utilities for its users to achieve search, organize and present information, at a professional level, taking advantage of the graphic power of Windows.

Therefore, this software is considered one of the best existing in the office world, for work or present certain content based on a data flow. Whereas, it offers various elements, such as: tables, queries, forms, reports and many more tools.

Added to this, Access It is also characterized by being a program that supports a high level of customization. Reason why, it offers the possibility of both importing and exporting customizations easily and quickly. So, for you to get an effective user experience, Next, we will show you how to carry out these processes correctly.

What are customizations in Access and what are the benefits of using them?

Generally speaking, personalization refers to the action and result of personalizing. Which basically consists of condition a certain parameter to the requirements, tastes or preferences of a person (or a user, in this case). That is why Microsoft Access openly accept customizations on your platform.

Now, in general, users of Access choose to customize the Quick Access Toolbar that it is a utility that contains a set of commands totally independent of the tab in the options bar that is displayed. Taking into account that, said bar can be moved from one of the two possible locations and buttons that symbolize the commands can be added. To carry out such customization, it is recommended to run it through the Options command.

Either to add, delete or modify the order of the commands quickly, as follows:

  • First of all, in the program options bar, click on the tab that says “File”.
  • Later, click on “Options” from the Help menu.

What are customizations in Access and what are the benefits of using them?

  • Then through the left side panel, click on “Quick Access Toolbar” and start making the changes you want to customize it.

What are customizations in Access and what are the benefits of using them?

It is also possible customize the Access ribbon or the set of toolbars that give you the possibility to quickly enter the commands you need to create, edit or manage your databases. This, following the same procedure indicated for the quick access toolbar.

But instead of choosing that option, you have to click on “Customize options bar” in the menu on the left side of the window. Among other details, it is worth noting that, using customizations in Microsoft Access ensures optimal benefits for the users of this application.

Next, we mention the most interesting of them:

  • Improves user experience of all the people who enter Access to manage your databases.
  • It is ideal for acquire a higher level of productivity, since, the program will adjust to what each user needs to have on hand.
  • It allows get much easier when handling the Microsoft application.

Learn step by step how to export and import custom settings in Access

In addition to customizing the Options Bar and Quick Access Toolbar of Access, this program also allows you export and import such custom settings quickly, easily and effectively. As a consequence, you have the possibility to forward or export the Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar customizations to another file It can be employed by a colleague, fellow student, or on another team, for example.

Here, we explain what you must do step by step to do so:

Learn step by step how to export and import custom settings in Access

  • Located in the file of Access that you have previously customized, go to the application options bar and click on the “File” tab.
  • Then, from the Help menu, click on the selection that indicates “Options”. As was done to access the customizations panel.
  • After that, depending on the customization you want to export, click on “Customize Ribbon” or “Quick Access Toolbar”.
  • Now, go to the bottom and click the arrow on the button that says “Import or Export”, stop there, press the option “Export all customizations”.
  • Finally, to save those changes made, simply click the OK button.

On the other hand, you can also import customization files, in case you want to replace the current layout that shows the options bar and the quick access toolbar in the program. Taking into consideration that, most of the time, this type of import can have an effect on other Microsoft Office programs. Which means that they may present the same appearance as used on different computers.

In addition to this, if you choose to import a customization setting from the options bar, you should bear in mind that, all previously purchased customizations for both the options bar and the quick access toolbar will be lost.

However, in any case, if you want to import the customizations into Access, the steps to follow consist of:

Learn step by step how to export and import custom settings in Access

  • Once you enter the document Access from which you want to import a customization, go to the application options bar and click on the “File” tab.
  • After that, from the left side, select “Options” from the Help menu.
  • Then, among all the available options, click on “Quick Access Toolbar” or “Customize Ribbon”.
  • Once this is done, it is time to go to the bottom of the dialog box and click on “Import or export” to see the available alternatives.
  • In conclusion, choose the option “Import customization file” and proceed to click ok, to save the changes made there.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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