Facebook Insights  What is it? + How to Use ▷ 2020

A community manager, should know everything about social networks and people’s behavior within a community. That is why it is so important for a professional in CM, know how to use Facebook Insights.

In this facebook tool, not only can we find a huge amount of data, but it can be our best helper for decision making, and the development of new and powerful campaigns.

Today, we will explain all those important points that you must know in order for you to be a true professional in social networks. Also, we will explain how to do a good analysis of results.

What is Facebook Insights and what is this FB tool for?


Facebook, is one of the social networks with a large number of users, being one of the largest today. In her, we can find tools like FB Insights, allowing us to develop as a professional in Digital marketing. The indicators it gives us Facebook Insights, allow us to view the statistics of our page from another angle.

If our site represents a business or organization, use this tool will allow us to develop and take huge steps in the world of the community manager. We can find in this tool reports, where all the statistical documents of the network are registered. In this way, the graphics will be who tell us the evolution of our page, letting us create future activities with greater impact on the community.

What are the main advantages of using Facebook Insights in your Facebook strategy?


Although there are many social networks that allow us to do powerful digital marketing, Facebook is number one at it. None of the trademarks most recognized has put aside FB, because this network has always been considered one of the best and with more active users. If we know how to use the tools of Facebook, we can get many benefits.

Such are the following:

  • Better contact with the customer: This is the first and most important advantage. Good communication with customers is essential for the brand to be recognized and grow in the market. In other words, this translates into authenticity and credibility.
  • Cheaper advertising: As the customer identifies more with the brand, it helps to promote a advertising without prompting, resulting in advertising with reduced costs.
  • Real time feedback: Feedback is very important for the growth of a business or organization. Knowing how to take advantage of it is the essential trick for evolution of a brand.
  • The orientation: It is key to know what the interests of the public are. Knowing this data will allow us to lean according to the likes of the followers, achieving a better appearance and activity in the posts.
  • Greater reach: Facebook, is one of the social networks that has the greatest reach, use the tools properly, and know translating the indicators will allow us to impact a larger audience.

Facebook Insights tools and functions What data can I analyze with it?

As we have seen in the development of this magnificent theme, Facebook Insights, provides us with different benefits and data that we can analyze. Taking advantage of these indicators properly, our progress in the social network will be a thousand percent.

The data that can be analyzed, allowing us to know our audience, are the following:

  • Visits and time periods of the follower on the page
  • Level and breadth of organic and paid reach, both in a discriminatory way
  • Ancestry or descent I like you
  • Number of visits per hour per page
  • Control charts of parameters
  • All data obtained can be analyzed, discriminated by type of interaction
  • Differences and comparisons with pages similar to ours
  • Analysis by type of data, such as: gender, age, community, country and others
  • People active and achieved
  • Time where there is more activity, of our publications and on the page in general
  • Data of events
  • Activity level in the stories and their scope

These are the main data that we can study with Facebook Insights. Its usefulness and benefits will allow us to increase our engagement and have a greater recognition of our brand in the market.

Learn step by step how to use Facebook Insights to analyze the impact of your fanpages

The most important treasure of a community manager and in the digital marketing, is knowing how to use communication technologies, and what better than Facebook.

In order for you to have that knowledge, which constitutes any person as a professional, we leave you the following steps:

Let’s access a Power Editor

Power editor, is a powerful tool for Facebook, which allows us to publish a monitored way. Thanks to this function, the impact and scope of all our publications can be studied. Although well, it can be used for many more functions, today we will use it only to use Facebook Insights.

To access, simply we click on the Facebook page that represents our business, and we are going to “Manage my ads “. Being there, we search and select “Facebook Ads ”, and we click on “Power editor”

Note: If you already use the power editor, you can skip to step three.

We connect Power Editor with our Facebook account

Our page of Facebook must be linked to Power Editor, so that the data can be viewed statistically. Although fine, if you already have it linked, no need to look for linking. For this, we only select the account of our Facebook, we accept the process, and statistically evaluate the data.

We access Facebook Insights

Now, we must access the statistics system of Facebook. We search in the “Menu“, The option of”All the tools ”, another menu of options will be displayed there, where we will choose the first option.

Let’s determine the audience to analyze

When entering the statistics of the public, we will see a window with three different options, in order to analyze our audience. For example, if we have more than a thousand followers, with the option of “People connected to your page”, We will analyze the profile of the specific public, that is, a fraction of the audience.

Although if we want a deeper analysis, but in an expanded way, we can choose “Everyone on Facebook.” Including our entire audience in the analysis, we will be able to see each of the indicators that we have shown in the course of this article.

We filter the public

To sectorize the audience we want to analyze, we must point out the demographic location of these. With this we can assume this sector as our target, if it is a business, and our objective is to first impact the people of a city or country. For example, if we want to analyze the situation of a population of Spain, first we choose this as the target country, then age, and sex. They can also be filtered by interests, but it depends, if we want to search the scope of a specific topic on our page.

Note: only allowed for pages with many followers, so it must be at least moderately known.

We evaluate the results

Once we have our entire database set up, we can analyze each of the data obtained. Its different indicators will allow us to know the behavior of our publications, along with that of our followers. At this point, we will make greater use of the filtering options, which we will find in the upper part of the window. Clicking on each of the options we will have more specific data of each of the sectors or indicators that we are going to study.


When studying each of the indicators, we will have a study and greater knowledge of our page, taking into account the points strong and weak. From this analysis, we can have a best strategy for our next campaigns and promotions.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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