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If you want become an expert in live streaming, it will be convenient for you to know the benefits of transmitting through the Facebook Live API. For this, it is necessary that you continue reading.

We will show you what is the FB Live API for and what are the most important characteristics of this set of protocols. We will also give you a list of everything you can do with this developer tool.

In the end you will read the Requirements you must meet to use and stream with the Facebook Live API and the main components that this tool has. Check out.

What is the Facebook Live Video API and what is it for?

The Facebook Live API is a set of protocols and procedures that are used to connect the Facebook application with another platform and in this way obtain different tools for live transmission. Namely, Through components, authorization is allowed so that external apps can enter and have knowledge of some data that are necessary to be able to transmit.

In this way it is possible get feedback, dialog boxes, and other tools during streaming. One of the most important advantages is that, Thanks to the use of the Live API it is possible that the pages, through Facebook Live, can plan the transmissions so that users know when they should go live.

What are the features of the Facebook Live API? What can we do with it?

What are the features of the Facebook Live API?  What can we do with it?

The characteristics of the Facebook Live API are:

  • It is possible to incorporate, through this set of protocols, live videos on any supported platform. From sight you can customize visual aspects of the transmission.
  • The tool allows publishing on pages through RTMPS protocols using streaming software. It can also be included in a news feed using Facebook pages, groups, and events.
  • If you do not have equipment or software to transmit a video, you can use a mobile to carry out the live broadcast.
  • Its use is free, but you must take into account the amount of requirements that the developed Facebook app needs.
  • Live broadcasts can last up to 8 hours using the Facebook Live API.
  • It allows content creators conduct rehearsals prior to the live broadcast, which can be viewed by administrators and editors.
  • With this Facebook protocol it is possible to make a transmission simultaneously to various services that are online.
  • People using the API they can make cuts when editing the videos so that the best shots remain on the record.

Top Uses of the FB Live API What can this developer tool be used for?

Top Uses of the FB Live API What can this developer tool be used for?

The first thing you should know is that the transmissions that are done live through Facebook are done through elements that belong to the Graph API. This means that you must first generate a Live Video object within the page with the API. Then the Facebook suite of protocols will return an id and a url address that you will need to enter into a streaming program to add live visibility features.

In this way, you can do the following:

  • Identify a video from a live broadcast. For this it will be necessary to use the id field (numeric string).
  • Settings in the interface of advertisements within the transmission of the video.
  • Recognize the reasons for errors of advertising breaks.
  • Include the time the live started and the copyright information held by the transmission. These concepts can be done through the fields broadcast_start_time Y copyright, respectively.
  • If you wish you can include the creation time of the event with creation_time and also the title of the live.
  • The preview URL of the transmission within the streaming player and of the broadcast. You can configure it using dash_preview_url Y dash_ingest_url.
  • Include a description of the video and the embedded HTML.
  • Add creator name Live and ingest streams individually from streaming.
  • Modify when the video will start manually or choose a scheduled live start.
  • Know the spectator count on a certain moment.
  • Overlay streaming with another Facebook Live video.
  • Set a URL within Facebook for the link of the live content.
  • It is also possible see the seconds remaining you will have the live video to finish.
  • Choose whether users You can comment on the transmission.
  • Configure the websites they will be able to cross-publish the content.
  • Include tags to use in the description of the live.
  • Customize the video privacy.
  • Select an image for the broadcast to appear on Facebook Live Stories.
  • Creation of statistics and surveys About the living you made

Learn about the most important requirements to use and broadcast with the Facebook Live API

The most important requirements that you should take into account when using the Facebook Live API when transmitting your content are:

Have a developer account

Have a developer account

You will be able to create applications by installing the SDK on your pages in order to interact with users and get more traffic. Remember that this app must be registered with the platform configuration. In case you do not have an app, you will need streaming software to perform all the necessary configurations. For example, you can choose OBS Studio.

Authorization for the application

In this case you must take into account the function reference. This is a set of protocols that give you access to a part of the Facebook code development so that you can use it in your living. In this way you can manage advertising accounts, among other things. If you are going to create the publication in groups you will have access to group posts that are made on Facebook. With this authorization, you will be able to configure the contents and customize the publications within the platform’s communities.


This point refers to computing space what is needed for connect the app with Facebook.

Therefore, for the publication of a live video you will have to have these permissions:

  • If you are going to publish within a user From Facebook you will need to use the publish_video permission for the app to be able to broadcast live within the bio.
  • In case of publishing within a page, you will need the permissions pages_manage_posts and pages_read_engagement to obtain the token to enter the API and synchronize with the streaming software.
  • When you want to post to a group, then you must also use the publish_video permission (the same one you use in a user’s broadcast) and the publish_to_groups permission to get the authorization code for the live broadcast.

RTMPS video and audio transmission protocol

RTMPS video and audio transmission protocol

This set of functions and procedures will help you stream your videos online. For it, the Facebook Video API delivers a URL that you must enter the streaming software to transmit.

What are the main components of live streaming with the Facebook Live API?

When you want to make a live broadcast through the Facebook Live API, it is necessary to have the following components:

  • Facebook account. This will help you post to a user, within groups or on a page.
  • The Facebook Video API.
  • An app approved by Facebook to carry out the transmission and configure the visual aspects of the live.
  • The broadcast of the content itself.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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