FACEBOOK PAY  What is it and How is it used? It is safe? ▷ 2020

Let’s talk about Facebook Pay, the new payment system that has been created to be used through WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Messenger. The launch of this new system took place in the United States and we should not confuse it with the cryptocurrency pound, which although it is also a project of Facebook so far it has not materialized due to various inconveniences.

Facebook Pay, It has also been qualified as a system of Facebook’s own payments. Which has been unified to work with the company’s applications. Although initially it will only be available to Messenger and Facebook, functioning as a payment method for donations, purchases in the various games on offer, purchase of tickets and even to make personal payments on Messenger.

These will be payment options that you will have the system initially, as this was designed to perform person-to-person transfers, make purchases directly from the pages or even those businesses that decide to work with the system. Nor should we confuse Facebook Pay with a credit card or cryptocurrency, because it is not, it is simply a payment platform.

What is Facebook Pay and what is this mobile payment service for?

What is Facebook Pay and what is this mobile payment service for?

Facebook Pay, it is the new payment system which was created by Facebook. A system that is considered a mode organized and unified which enables manage payments through the different applications of the company. We cannot deny that these types of payments were already working to a lesser or greater extent, but until now they did not have a specific name and configured separately.

In fact, although the company’s goal is unify payments, for now they will allow the user choose whether or not to configure the new Fb payment method separately in each of the applications, or if instead you prefer to use the same configuration for all. That is, you can use Facebook Pay on WhatsApp and keep it disabled on Messenger and Instagram or on the contrary activate it in all.

We can say then that Facebook Pay is a system that will help users to perform purchases in stores or on pages through the application, likewise they may make person-to-person transfers, as done in Facebook Marketplace. In addition, it is important to clarify thatthe new Fb payment method it is not a credit card, not much less than one cryptocurrency as some think, it is simply a payment platform which is compatible with major credit cards, with Stripe and PayPal.

Features of FB Pay Why is it a unique service? It is safe?

Facebook Pay is characterized by being a unified payment system. What to configure the credit cards, debit cards, PayPal accounts Y Stripe. Being a new modality that will allow users to enjoy a accessible, convenient and safe commerce.

It is also a unique payment service with which the user can perform different types of online payments and for each of the company’s apps, the new Fb payment method it has a main function. That is to say in:



When you configure Facebook Pay in this app, you can perform:

  • All kinds of purchases in the marketplace.
  • Donations to causes and NGOs.
  • You can buy games.
  • You can buy tickets to events.
  • And you can even buy Premium content on Facebook Watch.



When you configure the platform in Messenger, you can only send money to your Messenger friends.



In the case of Instagram, the platform will allow you to perform donations and buy the products that are promoted in the publicationss. However, it is not yet available Facebook Pay for Instagram.



And last but not least we have WhatsApp, is like Instagram does not yet have the platform service, but once it is activated it will allow the user send money to your contacts.

Facebook as a company is well aware of the problems of security and privacy that can be generated with the use of the new Fb payment method, that is why every time the user makes a payment, it must be authorized and authenticated from the mobile device by the user’s face or fingerprint. And if the user wants to avoid this step, he must configure a PIN.

And so that you feel even more secure, Facebook has ensured that all transactions that are made through the platform will be encrypted and monitored, this for avoid any kind of fraud. Further, purchase history, credit card numbers, or user account number they will not be shared with third parties.

What are the benefits of paying with Facebook Pay from FB, Instagram or Whatsapp?

What are the benefits of paying with Facebook Pay from FB, Instagram or Whatsapp?

Facebook Pay it is the payment platform that will give people the possibility of living a convenient, balanced and secure payment experience both in Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. And although it is true that many people already use applications to make purchases, donations or send money person to person, with this new system transactions they will be much simpler and safer.

That’s why when the user makes his payments with Facebook Pay will obtain the following benefits:

  • The user can configure the applications he wants as your preferred payment method, and once these are configured you will not have to add your information every time make a payment. The only thing you will have to do for each payment is authentication either through face, fingerprint or PIN.
  • With the new Fb payment method you will have full access to your payment history, in addition to that, you can manage your payment methods and keep your settings up to date, all in one place.
  • Will always have available customer service. An assistance that initially in The USA. will be on real time through live chat, and as time goes by, this type of assistance will reach the other countries of the world.
  • And to use Facebook Pay, users will only have to access the application settings directly in your profile and select the option “Facebook Pay”.

And besides this, it is worth mentioning that the Facebook company was given to task of creating and Designing the new Fb payment method, with the intention of having transactions within the App ecosystem that are simple, fast and comfortable For the users.

Where can I pay with Facebook Pay? Main types of businesses

Where can I pay with Facebook Pay?  Main types of businesses

Undoubtedly, Facebook is betting on trade within its App. A trade that has already been taking place since 2015, when the company accessed the creation of Facebook buying / selling groups. Groups that facilitate contact between buyer and seller, but where until now the banking transactions had to be done outside the App. Now with Facebook Pay this will change.

For now, Facebook Pay will be available only to Messenger and Facebook, allowing to carry out person to person payments, and also allowing the purchase of games, purchase of concert tickets or any other type of purchase that is available on the marketplace.

But, for company pages this will not be available yet payment system, However, this is not something that should concern us because we are sure that after Facebook conduct its internal tests and evaluate the performance of the platform It will include all the companies that so wish so that it begins to form this magnificent system.

Facebook Pay vs Apple Pay, which is better and how are they different?

Facebook Pay vs Apple Pay, which is better and how are they different?

We already know what it is about Facebook Pay, now let’s talk a little about Apple Pay, in order to understand what are the differences between the two payment platforms. Apple Pay, it is a mobile payment system that was created solely for Apple devices. But depending on the compatibility of each team, different types of payments which may well be: Payments in physical establishments or payments in online stores.

There we have the first difference with the new Fb payment method, because to access this we only have to be users of any of the App with which the platform will work, and generally practically all people drive Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp. But not all of us have a Manzana, so Facebook Pay is much more accessible.

Another difference is that Facebook Pay so far it is only compatible with major credit cards, with PayPal and with Stripe. While Apple Pay is compatible with the following banking entities: Bankia, American Express, Banca March, Banco Sabadell, BBVA, Boom, Bankinter and Bankitercard, Bung, Caja Rural, Carrefour, Caixabank, N26, Orange, Sodexo, Banco Santander, EVO Banco, Image Bank, Ticket Restaurant and Openbank.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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