Facial Recognition System  What It Is + Controversies ▷ 2020

Apps can be accessed in different ways, one of these and more advanced methods is facial recognition. This distinguishes characteristic features of the user’s face and compares them to enter a program.

The SRF is used to unlock devices, so it will be necessary for you to know what it is for and what are the objectives it pursues. This information can be found in the following paragraphs.

If you want to know more about this topic and to know what are the advantages, we invite you to continue reading. We will also talk about the racial controversies that the SRF has.

What is the facial recognition system and what is it for?

The facial recognition system is a biometric authentication method that is used to enter different computer platforms and social networks. It consists of focusing the face on the device’s camera so that a program can compare the patterns and allow access to the app.

Is it really the safest system to unlock devices?

Facial recognition uses an algorithm with three-dimensional and two-dimensional images used to create patterns about the most important features of a person’s face. In this way, each time this method comes into action the software compares facial features with saved data, if they match, access is enabled.

Otherwise, in some apps a photo is taken of the person who wants to access without authorization. The problem with this is that, if two people have similar facial patternsAs it can be a brother or a child of the user, the application will not detect errors and will authorize the entry. Also if you use a photo of the mobile owner’s face you will not find any difference. For this reason the facial recognition system is not one of the safest to shield a device.

How does this system work on modern devices?

In modern devices the facial recognition system works through an application that is factory installed or that you can download from an official store according to the operating system of the mobile. As we explained before, this program takes two-dimensional and three-dimensional images of a person’s face. This is done to highlight the characteristic features and which are kept in the records to be compared each time it is used.

It must be taken into account that, if a person use glasses and at the time of access he is not wearing them, the facial recognition system will give error, so it will not allow access to the application or the device. This is because the program transforms and recognizes the distance between the nose, eyes, mouth and ears, understanding that the glasses are the eyes and that these are further away than they should be. The same goes for people who wear beards and suddenly shave.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this security method?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this security method?

Among the most important advantages that exist in this type of biometric authentication is how quickly the app can be accessed or unlock the device. In addition, it allows a certain degree of security because if there are no people who have characteristics similar to those of the user, it will be very difficult to cheat the software.

But as we told you, the facial recognition system has significant disadvantages if it is if you use a photo or there are people (for example, a brother or a parent) who have similar facial features. In addition, for this system to work correctly, need cameras that are accurate which have a much higher cost than the common ones. But the most important disadvantage of this method you will see in the next section and it is the ethics that surround the subject.

Ethical problem How does it violate our privacy and other rights?

One of the main drawbacks of this verification method is whether it really the image of the user’s face remains on the device or is shared, without authorization, with companies and unidentified third parties. For this reason, an ethical problem arises in which it is not known with certainty where this information will end up and if it is combined with other activities carried out on the web.

Also, it is not known either if there are links to external cameras of the devices, for example, those of video security that are in any city. This discussion raises a great problem on this point, but also on others no less important. With this method gender identity intervenes in which it has been shown that there may be errors in the identification between women and men.

What are the main problems of the SRF and the characteristics of the black race?

What are the main problems of the SRF and the characteristics of the black race?

The facial recognition system has significant complications and generates racial discrimination with people with dark complexions, since they can be identified as gorillas or chimpanzees. This is what happened in Google Photos in 2015, when a user discovered that the program displayed at people of African origin like monkeys.

To this day this discrimination continues, Google for example, blocking monkeys, gorillas and chimpanzees searches for the SRF. So it didn’t fix the problem, it just limited the algorithm to not output these kinds of racist results. In other applications there is also this kind of drawback with people of a dark complexion race. This means that the facial recognition system is not fair for everyone and creates a huge rift between people.

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