Find a Job on LinkedIn  What is it? + Tips ▷ 2020

You can apply for a job through the website of a company looking for a candidate to fill an internship or you can find it through LinkedIn. For this, you must know some secrets.

The first thing you need to know is the step by step you must do to apply for a job offer. You can find this guide in the following paragraphs, as well as how create a profile perfect in LinkedIn.

But this is not all, We will also show you the best tips you need to increase your chances of finding a job on this professional platform.

Is it better to look for work or for companies to find your profile?

Although it is true that you can look for work by showing companies the need they have to fill a position in which you are trained and are the ideal candidate, it is always better (or more convenient) if organizations look to you.

This is because the urgency is greater and therefore you can get better terms and conditions of contract, since you must leave your current occupation in which you have other benefits that you will need to continue being fulfilled in the new job and also add better conditions.

Learn step by step how to apply for a LinkedIn job offer

Learn step by step how to apply for a LinkedIn job offer

LinkedIn offers you the possibility that find a job through publications made by other members or recruiters, which may be like Simple request or through the Request option.

So if you want to get a good job you will have to follow these steps:

  • Login to LinkedIn and look for the job in the homepage of the platform.
  • Once you have found what you need you will have to read the details that will indicate the requirements for be able to fulfill the requested profile.
  • If you meet the requirements, you will have to think about the option Simple request.
  • You will see different pop-up screens where you will have to include the information they request. Therefore, you will have to enter your data Contact information, Work experience Y Resume, among others.
  • When you have finished you will have to click on Check.
  • Finally, click Send request.

In case the option does not appear Simple request and instead you see Request, you will have to click on it to continue with the enter your data directly in the company website.

To upload your resume you can do so by following this guide:

  • Choose Request configuration.
  • Go to option Resume and then click Load

You should not forget that the file must be in Word or PDF. Also, its size cannot be less than 5 MB.

Steps to create the perfect professional profile on LinkedIn to seduce companies

Steps to create the perfect professional profile on LinkedIn to seduce companies

If what you are looking for is to have a perfect professional profile on LinkedIn, perform the following steps:

Set the main goal

The first thing you should do is define what you want to have a professional profile forIf it is to get new clients, to get hired for technical advice or to find a good job. In this case we will use this last option as the main objective. It is necessary to clarify this goal because it is not the same the strategy you need for each of the situations.

Enter a profile photo chords

When looking for work you will need to create an image of yourself that transmits security, credibility and professional competence, for this reason you must take care of several aspects. For example, the lighting, the quality of the image, the environment you are in, your clothes and the position of your body. You should not forget that the photo must be as up to date as possible, since it is a negative point that you are summoned to an interview and your physical appearance is different from that of the photo. Further, You must appear alone, without friends or pets.

Write your full name

Then, you must include your full name. This will help you to be found more easily by search engines and differentiate yourself from people who may have a similar name and have a negative background.

Incorporate your professional title

You need to include your professional title as it appears on your diploma. In addition, you must include the university that awarded you the same and the years it took to obtain it. You should not forget that it is interesting to include the general average that you have obtained in your entire career. If you do not have a bachelor’s or university degree, you can include your most outstanding skills that are related to your work history. For example, you can report that you are a seller of large business accounts.

Add your contact details

While the platform LinkedIn allows a recruiter I can send you a private message, it is convenient that you incorporate an email so you can be contacted. If you prefer, you can also include a personal phone.

Enter your work experience

You must bear in mind that the objective you have is find the best job possible. Thus, you will need to effectively include your work experience. In this way you will have to add all the companies you worked for from the oldest most recent wing, entering the start and end date of the employment contract, name of the position you performed and the tasks you performed.

Further, you need to include an extract of your experience, where you will have to add your personal achievements, your points and outstanding skills, as well as aspects that led you to occupy the positions you mentioned before. Another element that you should attach are the recommendations of the other companies where you worked. These will help you certify skills that you mention in the previous sections.

Set your account visibility

If what you are looking for work, it will be important that configure the visibility of your profile so that it can be seen and found by any member of LinkedIn.

Take a review of your profile

The last step you will have to do is control the writing and all the data you included in your profile. Check that you have no spelling or grammatical errors, that the dates are exact and any other details that may be important in the effectiveness of your CV. In this point, It also checks that you have included direct phrases in which you used keywords, which will help you to be found faster.

Tips to increase your chances of finding a job on LinkedIn

Tips to increase your chances of finding a job on LinkedIn

To increase the chances of finding a job through the LinkedIn social network, you should keep these tips in mind:

Create an irresistible profile

As we explained in the previous paragraphs, it will be necessary that have a perfect profile so you can fill the best jobs. By this we mean that you incorporate real work experiencesIf you invent them, they will speak ill of you and companies will not be able to obtain concrete references about your performance.

Use InMail

If you really want find the best job, you will have to invest money to get it. So you will need to contact recruiters privately to send them your resume and other concerns. You can achieve this through the InMail payment tool, with which you can communicate with any user who is inside or outside your network of contacts. But if you don’t want to spend money, you can also execute this strategy by means of LinkedIn Messages.

Increase your network of contacts

So that you get to know most of the available jobs, the most convenient thing is to expand your network of contacts to find out what publications they make. It is important that you connect with recruiters or companies that are permanently looking for applicants for their positions.

Integrate related groups

Another technique that you will need to carry out is join interest groups in your knowledge field and in those that offer work. For this, you will have to search for them through your network of contacts or also researching on the same platform.

Try to be as active as possible

When you are looking for work it is necessary that you be informed of everything that happens in LinkedIn. So that you will have to enter once or twice a day to know the updates of your network of contacts. Furthermore, it is convenient that upload content that appeals to recruiters.

Apply for positions consistent with your experience

To increase your odds significantly, It is necessary that you look for jobs that are related to your work and academic experience that you have had. This will help you to be able to meet the profile requested by companies more easily.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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