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Practically since mobile phones were invented, it is very common for anyone to have the terrible accident of wet your terminalEither because he was thrown into the pool, he goes down the toilet or because he fell into the sink; since then this becomes one of the worst setbacks and you don’t know if it can be fixed.

In this sense, the most used homemade solution is about put it in rice for a while; to which you will wonder if it really works and in this post, we will tell you everything about it. However, in addition to said alternative, also there are other methods you can use to recover your mobile after any dip.

For its part, there is also the question regarding high-end mobiles with a non-removable battery when they suffer an accident of these, How can they be repaired? And then we will tell you how you can do it.

What to do when your Android mobile phone or iPhone falls into the water?

In general, when a mobile falls into the water, there are some very common breakdowns that must be taken into account, in order to know what method to take to try to recover the device.

Regarding these problems, we refer to the following: The screen does not respond correctly (it turns black or the touch keyboard does not work), suddenly some buttons, the microphone or the camera do not respond.

Also, the other very common fault is that it runs out of battery very quickly, it overheats, the WiFi or the phone signal stops working, etc. So, to solve it, we present the following most common methods:

Stick the phone in rice

Stick the phone in rice

As we already told you, this trick is the most common and, therefore, people almost always choose to implement it when their mobile gets wet. Which, basically consists of placing a certain amount of rice in a container (this amount should be enough to cover the device completely), after that, just insert the phone in the container and let it cover it completely.

In reference to the most optimal time to achieve that the mobile can recover, it’s 24 hours. This, in order that the rice can absorb all the water that the phone captured and that, in this way, the same I managed to answer normally.

*Note: Below we really reveal this secret, Keep reading!

With the heat that a dryer emits

With the heat that a dryer emits

Another of the most common methods to recover a mobile phone that has gotten wet is making use of the powerful heat offered by a hair dryer; which allows the phone to dry completely and reestablish itself.

However, it is valuable to take certain precautions when carrying out this method, since, if the heat of the dryer is truly excessive and you place it very close to the terminal, this will end up being damaged even more or completely.

Therefore, we recommend that use the dryer at medium power and try to dry the mobile from a convenient distance. In addition, it is necessary to note that, if the water is inside the screen, this trick will not work from the outside. Since, necessarily, you will have to disassemble it to give it the required heat and eliminate traces of water.

Remove the battery to prevent a short circuit

Remove the battery to prevent a short circuit

In the case of a mobile phone with a removable battery, one of the most important tricks to follow is take it off immediately after retrieving the phone from the water. Since, as you know, water conducts electricity and when entering the device, it brings all the connections into contact and in a few seconds, a short circuit can occur.

In such a way, by removing the battery, you can cut off the electricity and also you avoid major or irreparable damage to the phone. In addition to this, we recommend that you dry the battery carefully and also dry the mobile, in order to check it and find out if the accident caused certain damage to it.

Eliminate salt water with fresh water

Eliminate salt water with fresh water

If your mobile phone has been dropped in salt water (such as, for example, in the sea), you quickly have to resort to a trick that allows you to remove this water that can be very dangerous inside the device. Even if you at least try to use it or, rather, try it after said accident, the safest thing is that you can lose it forever, since it will be irreparable.

In this sense, what we recommend you do is rinse the phone with fresh water, that is, tap water. Because it is the only way that exists to extract the salt water from the mobile. Even though it is a risk, it is worth a try in order to recover the device.

With a vacuum bag

With a vacuum bag

Although it is a somewhat difficult and rigid method, this can be done and it really works. Basically, the trick is to place the mobile under vacuum so that it can be fixed after it has been wet. In this sense, to try, simply put the mobile phone in a vacuum bag and proceeds to suck in all the air; which will dry it completely and with it, the terminal will return to its normal state, very surely.

How long does a phone have to be soaked in rice? Does this method really work?

It is no secret to anyone that the method of introducing the mobile in rice to recover it after it has been wet is one of the most used. Which, as we indicated, requires 24 hours and even up to 48 hours to work and allow you to recover your mobile.

Thus, it is worth noting that, in reality, this method works, but only when the internal flooding of the mobile is not too severe or you can recover it in time. But, What does this mean?

It is important to bear in mind that, at the time of the dive, there are two enemies of the mobile and they are short circuits and corrosion. In the case of short circuits, this can be solved by simply turning off the mobile immediately. But, as for corrosion, what you must do is remove the water from the mobile quickly to avoid it.

Additionally, it is relevant to distinguish between normal waterfalls and saltwater falls. Since, while your mobile has fallen into a tap, a fountain or a river, it is possible to restore it using the rice method. On the other hand, when it comes to salt water, the damage is severe and this trick will most likely not work. However, you can try this after submerging your phone in fresh water to remove the salt.

In short, eThe rice method works because it can absorb moisture, but it is not foolproof and it does not work miracles. In addition, it is valuable to apply it correctly when disassembling everything you can from the phone, be it covers, batteries, etc. Even if you can unscrew the inside of the mobile, it is much better so that absorb as much moisture as possible.

What do I do if my mobile has gotten wet with water and it comes with a non-removable or integrated battery?

What do I do if my mobile has gotten wet with water and it comes with a non-removable or integrated battery

In the case of current mobiles, most of them have been released with a built-in battery And that is why, when these get wet, you cannot use tricks in which the battery must be removed, either to dry it, insert it in rice, etc. Therefore, they do not know what method they can resort to to recover their mobile and that it does not suffer further damage.

Thus, one of the methods to which they can resort refers to using a chemical solution known as “Waterrevive blue”. Which provides an excellent alternative to reset your smartphone in just seven minutes, after which the mobile will be ready to use.

In this way, it should be noted that it was created around 2015 with the purpose of implement a more innovative solution for mobiles that fall into the water. Which was created by some native entrepreneurial students from Madrid-Spain, eager to formulate an effective solution to its worldwide distribution.

Regarding the how Waterrevive Blue works, it is very simple and absolutely amazing. Since, it is based on introducing the entire amount of the magic liquid in an airtight bag and later, dip mobile phone there (This can be both for those that operate with a removable battery and also for those with a non-removable battery).

Subsequently, after exactly seven minutes, you must remove the device from the bag and let it dry for a full 24 hours (without turning on the mobile). Once this time is complete, you can turn on the equipment and you will see that it recovers its functionality completely.

Thus, it is considered an effective solution to recover any mobile that has been submerged in water, without so many inconveniences. Taking into account that, to a great advantage, the formula works in 98% of cases. However, it should be noted that this formula does not work miracles either, since it achieves eliminate corrosion and absorb all moisturebut it is not suitable for recovering telephones that have been short-circuited inside.

For its part, another option that is worth keeping in mind to solve this type of breakdown and rather, avoid it; it is use a waterproof cover. Since, with these, you will not allow water to enter the mobile when an accident of this type occurs and best of all, there are different alternatives on the market that can perfectly fit your phone.

How much can it cost to repair a wet mobile in a professional service?

How much can it cost to repair a wet mobile in a professional service

After trying some methods that we have indicated here and not having any positive response, the next step is take your mobile phone to a specialized service so that these people can repair it. Unfortunately these kinds of mishaps it does not usually fall within the basic warranty of your terminal, I do not know that you have insured your phone and incorporated this service, if not, you will have to pay.

Basically, these technicians work with methods and instruments dedicated to drying the mobile, repairing it depending on the damage it has suffered, and they also carry out tasks to obtain the information contained in the mobile, in case of loss.

However, it is important to know the price that this can cost, to which we limit that, it all depends on the damage the terminal has suffered. So, it is inappropriate to give you a specific price for it. We simply reveal that this could fluctuate between 60, 70 and up to 100 euros. Taking into account that, it will also depend on the store you go to.

Apart from this, it is also significant to know the price of the magic liquid to restore your mobile after getting wet, that is, of the Waterrevive blue. Since, as we indicated, this liquid has been created for the purpose of its trade worldwide. In the case of Spain, you can get it right now for just 29.90 euros from its official website.

Now, we also recommend that you make use of waterproof cases to do this, to be able to prevent your phone from suffering these damages, in case it is accidentally submerged in water. These covers, also known as aquatic housings, you can find them by approximate prices at 19.50 euros (in offer); either online or in physical stores in Spain.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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