Flash Animation  What is it and what is it for? ▷ 2020

The arrival of Flash to the web was undoubtedly a great step on the part of its developers. Before your arrival, with the exception of the occasional animation, surfing the net gave the feeling of reading a book. This functionality greatly revolutionized the Internet experience and promoted the evolution of many Internet users.

However, as time passes and technology increases, anything that does not adapt and evolve will become obsolete. Giving life to the web is one of the goals of those who frequent it and Flash technology managed to achieve at the time, allowing create more dynamic pages with sounds, images and animations, thus enhancing the experience.

Next, we will inform you more about this phenomenon that has been around for years and how you can make use of it on your computers.

What is Flash animation and what is it for? What are frames?

It is a technology that allows you to create vector graphic animations on a web page, they need little bandwidth and are independent of the browser used, since it will look the same in all of them. This animation is ideal because it is not heavy and takes up few bytes of storage, because it is based on vector graphics and does not allow the image to lose quality when its size is modified.

adobe flash

At first this tool was known as FutureSplash, but in 1997 Macromedia Inc. bought the company that developed it and changed its name, later it was absorbed by Adobe until today.

It could be said that this technology is a tool at the service of the imagination, that allows creative people to create multimedia and interactive content, connecting programming with graphic components.

With it you can create games, movies, short films, advertisements, videos, etc. They will surely help improve the experience of browsing the Internet. It can also be applied to the field of online learning and interactive presentations.

In the field of animation, another term to consider is frame, which is each of the still images printed on photographic film. Now, considering that Flash works as if it were a movie, it means that this is nothing more than a sequence of frames, that is, still images in an instant of time, the more there are, the longer the film will last.


Impact of Flash animation How did it influence web development?

Like all revolutionary technology, this one had its moment of glory since its publication in 1996; causing a stir, since managed to unite the world of animation with the web, and it provided many developers with a whole set of tools with the ability to create highly graphical systems and virtually unlimited interactions.

However, in the mid-90s no one imagined that that little program, then called FutureSplash, would become a benchmark for creating Internet applications and multimedia content that we know so much today. It was considered by many to be one of the most important tools in the web development and graphic design field.


What are the main types of Flash animation that exist?

The method to be used will depend on the type of recreation to be carried out, providing different possibilities of creating new content. The following types are those that the program discussed here includes:

Frame by frame

This is the simplest, but likewise, it is the one that takes the most work, since each frame is included in its programming, frame by frame, very similar to animated films. Although it is quite flexible when making changes, it requires a lot of concentration, because doing the wrong one could ruin the whole show.

 frame by frame

Interpolation of movement

This is easier to do because the work is limited only to establishing the starting and ending shape of an object, and then the program will automatically draw those steps between the two, which must differ in aspects such as their position, scale and rotation. We must take into account that the file will only store the initial and final state of the object.

motion interpolation

Shape interpolation

Like the previous one, this one also uses two frames only, but unlike the other; that moves an object from one place to another, this also allows you to change its structure.

First a shape is drawn at a specific time of the function and then another is drawn at another specific time. Both images may vary from each other not only in position and rotation, but also in shape, and if desired in color. For example: a square can be turned into a circle.

shape interpolation

Flash vs Adobe Shockwave Which is better and how are they different?

Both products of the company, Macromedia Inc., have become a standard in web animation, Because most browsers include the plugin that supports its execution and that is also very easy to install.

flash vs shockwave

Although similar projects can be carried out with both because they have many similarities, in terms of complexity and quality, Shockwave is much better, because with this you can carry out more complex projects and with a greater variety of files.

However, Flash beats you not only in economy by being less than half the cost of Shockwave, but also in speed to open files, popularity and accessibility, since the former is an open source format and the latter is not.

Why has this technology stopped being used to design web pages?

Currently it is not going through its best moment, since many vulnerabilities have been found in it and due to these security flaws many Apple devices no longer have compatibility. Also adding that it is not very suitable for touchscreens, which is why it puts Flash on a terrible decline, resulting in Adobe is no longer interested in its development.

Flash crash in Chrome

Considering Apple’s rejection and that it Adobe Inc. claimed that it would end up killing him eventually, It is increasingly common to find browsers that block it and use HTML5 content more.

The month of August 2016, Google Chrome announced that it would start blocking some content with Flash, so on many websites gray boxes with its characteristic puzzle piece and a warning message would appear when trying to reproduce its content.

So since 70% of users use Chrome as their default browser, if Flash disappears from it, it practically disappears from the net. So it is only a matter of time before all browsers finally adopt this measure. That is why HTML5 is currently the standard technology of the web.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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