Flowchart in Microsoft Word  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Few people know that Word allows you to create a flowchart in a very simple way. Through this text editor anyone, without having advanced knowledge, manages to design flowcharts.

You must bear in mind that it will be necessary for you to know preform the meanings of the figures in a flow chart so you can get your job done much faster.

If you want to become an expert in this type of design, you must read to the end this article because we will show you all the secrets that you should know about these graphics.

What is a flow chart and what is it for?

The flow chart or also called flow chart is used as a method to expose, by means of a drawing, a certain process. In this way you can see all the operations carried out by different sections, the decisions they must make, data storage and sending to another section.

It is very useful to use it in the programming of computer systems, since different algorithms can be established as the data travels. They are also used in economics, especially in operational audits, since by means of a graph it is possible to expose how the data, documentation and decisions travel that different people must take.

Steps to make a flowchart in Microsoft Word like an expert

Steps to make a flowchart in Microsoft Word like an expert

To make a flow chart in Word you must follow these steps:

  • Once you have the program open, go to the tab “Insert”.
  • Then choose the section “Illustrations”.
  • Click on “Shapes”.
  • A window will be displayed with the different types of shapes that you can include. For this situation, you should know the standardization that exists for flow charts. For example, a circle represents a manual action, while a rhombus represents decision-making and a triangle means that some document was filed.
  • Let’s say you decide to start the process with a manual action. You will have to choose the circle located in section “Basic forms” from the menu that was displayed. You will notice that the pointer changed shape and became a plus sign.
  • You will have to bring the pointer to the place where you want to insert the circle.
  • Click on that place and drag, without releasing the right mouse button, until you see the ideal size of the circle.
  • You will see that the figure has a light blue fill. To draw, or change the line color you will have to press the right mouse button and choose “Edit”.
  • If you want to add a text inside the circle, you just have to right click and choose the option “Add text”. When you finish writing, click outside the figure and your new image will be configured.
  • When you want to move you can do it by pressing the key at the same time CTRL and mouse. You will notice that the image moves in a more controlled way.
  • To join two figures you will have to use a straight line, which is within the section “Lines”.

Steps to make a flowchart in Microsoft Word like an expert

How to import flowcharts from other programs into Word

If you use another program to diagram a flow of information, you can import it into Word in a very simple way. For that you will have to follow this guide:

  • In the other program the flowchart you want.
  • Save it to “My Documents” or in any other folder.
  • Head to the function “Insert”.
  • Select option “Online images”.
  • A window will appear where you can choose the location of the file.
  • Once you have chosen the flowchart, you will have to click on it and then click on “Insert”.

List of the best online tools to make flowcharts without using programs

We will present you below the best online tools you can use to make flow charts without having to install programs on your computer:


This is a tool in which you can choose a free or premium subscription. The difference between the two is that with the paid one you can have a much larger library of figures, 750 predesigned templates and 1 GB of storage in the cloud, among other functions.

You must register with your email to create a user. Then you can start creating the flowchart in a very simple wayYou just have to choose which one you need from the image gallery and drag it with the mouse to place it where you want.

When you’re done, you can save to your computer or to the cloud.



To create a flow chart with this tool you will have to click on the button “Start creating”. A welcome image will appear and then you will find yourself in the design panel. Its functions are very simple, you just have to choose the shape in the left panel and drag it with the mouse until you find the shape you want.

When you are done you will have to click on “Share”.


This online tool will allow you to create flowcharts in a very simple way. First you must register with your email and then you can click on “Create my flow chart”. You have the possibility of choosing a paid subscription in which you will find more designs in templates and more striking figures.


With this company, in addition to having flowchart software that you can download through a paid subscription, you can also work online. You just have to go to the option “Flowcharts” and choose “Create a flow chart”. This will take you to a template in which you can choose the shapes and go interacting with the information journey.


As with many other online tools, you can get a free membership and a paid one. To access the flowchart editing function, you must click on “Create your Flow Chart”.

Free and its tools they will allow you to perform the best flow in a very simple way.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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