Footnote and End Notes in Word  What are they? + Guide ▷ 2020

At present, Microsoft Word is considered as the most famous word processor in the world and, therefore, is the most used. This, mainly, for all the options and functions that it provides to its users in order to achieve professional results.

Thus, Word is classified as the best alternative there is for create, edit, personalize and manage any digital writing. Since, regardless of the environment in which it is used, it has the ability to guarantee an excellent job.

In this sense, with respect to the forms of personalization, it provides endless utilities. However, one of the most named today, are the footnotes. But, Are these also known as “endnotes”? To learn more about the subject, we invite you to read this post.

What are footnotes and endnotes in Word and how are they different?

In most cases, when you are preparing a digital document, it is necessary add comments or annotations regarding the content of the text in question to facilitate the reader’s interpretation, but you don’t know how you can include them correctly. Well, for this, the possibility of add footnotes and endnotes in Microsoft Word.

However, although both can become a bit similar, the truth is that the footnotes present some difference from the endnotes. In this sense, the first are those references located at the bottom of a page belonging to the document, while the endnotes refer to comments that are placed on a page at the end of the text.

This means that the only difference between the two types of notes is that the calls “Footnotes” They are located at the end of a sheet and conversely the endnote adds the annotation on a separate page at the conclusion of the section or at the end of the writing in its entirety.

What information is written in footnotes and endnotes in Word?

What information is written in footnotes and endnotes in Word?

On the other hand, since they are notes located in different parts of the document, you will surely intuit that both cannot display the same type of information, since its differentiation in the body of the document would not make sense. That is why, it is worth knowing what information to include in footnotes, like the data to be supplied in the notes at the end of a writing done in Word.

Thus, specifically, we highlight that the notes at the end of a document are used to cite the sources of information used to obtain all the information exposed throughout the text, that is, they serve as a reference for the reader. Therefore, in that final part of the document it is only recommended to include data of considerable bibliographic interest (such as books, articles, or websites)

On the other hand, footnotes in Word should be used to add detailed comments, mainly, in order to facilitate the compression of the text and indicate any relevant data associated with the text displayed on that sheet. Taking into account that, it is recommended that be as small as possible (both in length and quantity).

Learn how to set up footnotes and endnotes in Microsoft Word

Due to its great utility, of course you will want to learn configure both footnotes and end of document within the Microsoft program.

Therefore, below, we proceed to explain each of the steps to be followed in each case, depending on whether you need to add important comments to simplify the interpretation of the reading or if you must include bibliographical references of interest around the exposed text:

At the bottom of the page

To add secondary comments of interest to your work at the bottom of each page of the document, the process to follow consists of:

  • First of all, you have to search and access the document in which you require one or more footnotes in Word.
  • Followed by that, go to the ribbon of the main program window and proceed to click on the tab that says “References”.
  • Then many options will appear and in this case, you must locate yourself in the group called “Footnotes”. There, select where it says “Insert footnotes”.
  • Done the above, automatically, you will see a bar in the footer area of ​​the sheet, which has a subscript number that will be associated to the area where you have the mouse cursor located or to the selected part of the text. In this point, you just have to write the clarification you want to make.

At the bottom of the page

For its part, if you include several footnotes, you can move between them with just press the option that says “Next footnote” (in the Footnotes group) and choose the desired location to find.

Among other details, if you want to customize your footnotes easily, you can proceed to click on the downward-sloping arrow in the Footnotes group, which will show you a box with more options. There, it will be possible to choose the following: the position of the note (bottom of page or below selection) and the section-by-column layout. Made the changes, press the “Insert” button and ready. At the bottom of the page

At the end of the document

Now, if what you need is to show notes at the end of the Word document to be able to cite other publications such as books or websites and even, to avoid saturating the pages with long footnotes, the process to follow has certain dissimilarities with the previous one.

Here we detail the step by step for it:

  • Initially, you have to enter the document in which you require one or more notes at the end of it.
  • After that, go to the options bar of the main program window and click on the tab that says “References”.
  • Afterwards, many options will appear and, selecting the part of the reference text, you have to locate yourself in the group called “Footnotes”. There, click where it says “Insert notes at the end”.
  • Thus, immediately, the bar with the review number will appear and there, you can include the note you think is necessary to enrich your writing.

At the end of the document

In addition to this, as in the previous case, there is the possibility of customizing the notes at the end that you want to add. This, directly from the options box shown once you press the downward arrow of the Footnotes group. Taking into account that, you can choose your position, design and format, for later click “Apply” in order to save the changes made.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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