Force Automatic YOUTUBE SUBTITLES  Guide ▷ 2020

YouTube the giant of Internet videos is a well-known tool for the wealth of useful and entertaining knowledge it provides. Due to its versatility, it is possible that many people, due to lack of knowledge, find limitations that do not really exist.

For example with the subject of languages, when you find a video with information that you need, but that is recorded in a language that you do not speak, you immediately close the tab and go to a new search in your native language.

To avoid losing what you want to see on this platform, you should know that this has a quite advanced subtitling system and In this article we have prepared a small guide for you to learn how to activate. In this case, force the appearance of these subtitles and enjoy them in other languages.

Why don’t all videos have subtitles on YouTube?

YouTube subtitles are a tool that perfectly complements the video service on this page. These in many occasions can help us understand those who are in languages ​​that we do not speak, and they even help the hearing impaired.

But there is a small problem and it is that although we would like to, not all YouTube videos have this option available, and it is not that there is something wrong with it.

The drawback itself is rather that the owner who uploaded it or the youtuber who was responsible for uploading it, did not send the document with the subtitles and without this, the platform cannot integrate them automatically. For this reason, not everyone has the option of being reproduced with them.

Steps to activate and force subtitles in YT videos easy and fast

But this is not an impediment, because now we will see how to activate or in any case force them for those who have this option available. Follow our step by step:

Activate subtitles from your computer

  • The first thing we must do is open the web page or the application if it is on the mobile, and we go to the upper right corner in the button of the administration of our account.
  • Then we choose the option in the displayed menu “Setting”.

Youtube;  setting

  • Later in the menu “Reproduction and performance” we are going to activate the boxes “Always show subtitles” Y “Show automatic subtitles by voice recognition”; as long as the latter is available.

This last box works with subtitles that are not very exact, as they work with Google voice recognition, which on the fly can present some errors.

Always show subtitles

  • Finally we will click on “Save” for changes to be made to the account.

With this we will make all the videos have active subtitles, as long as these are filed with the video. If you don’t like everyone having that option, you can try the following methods.

Another way to activate them is from direct video playback:

  • We find it in the lower right corner of the playback, selecting the “first button”, or we can simply press the key “C” while we play it, so it will be activated immediately in the same way.


We can also do it by pressing the button of the nut in the lower right corner, and in the menu of “Setting” click on “Subtitle”, and then we will choose between the languages ​​that are available.

activate youtube subtitles from the settings

Activate subtitles from mobile

  • To do it from the mobile is a little easier, since we only have to press the 3-point button located in the upper right corner.

activate youtube subtitles from the mobile

  • Then we will choose the option “Subtitle” and finally we will locate the language. This works the same for Android devices as it does for iOS devices.


  • Subtitles in a YouTube video have a higher level of complexity than simply checking a box, but it is equally doable.
  • Forced subtitles they work with almost any language, Of course, this if there is one inserted in the video in the original.
  • For this you have to know the language code in question and other codes that will allow us to make the correct call to activate them.

These codes must be added to the original link of the video just after the ones it has, which may look something like this: “watch? v = MaCnp-yB-Yc & list = RD0VR3dfZf9Yg & index = 6” and done this we must reload the page.

Next we will show you which ones we should use:

  • “rel = 0”: turn off suggesting other videos at the end of playback.
  • “hl =”: calls up the language of the video controls.
  • “cc_lang_pref =”: calls the language of the video subtitles.
  • “cc_load_policy = 1”: forces the platform to show the subtitles in the video.

The codes “hl =” and “cc_lang_pref =” after the “=” sign must have the language code, and the same code must be placed in both. To explain better, we will see an example of how to do it with some of the main languages ​​that we know:

  • “hl = en”: English.
  • “hl = es”: Spanish.
  • “hl = es-419”: Latin Spanish.
  • “hl = fr”: French.
  • “hl = pt”: Portuguese.
  • “hl = pt-BR”: Portuguese Brazil.
  • “hl = de”: German.
  • “hl = ru”: Russian.
  • “hl = it”: Italian.
  • “hl = ja”: Japanese.
  • “hl = zh-CN”: Simplified Chinese.
  • “hl = zh-TW”: Traditional Chinese.
  • “hl = ko”: Korean.
  • “hl = ar”: Arab.
  • “hl = haw”: Hawaiian.
  • “hl = af”: African.

It is also important that after each one let’s write the symbol & which acts as a separator between these, except at the end of the link where we will not use it.

Normally at the beginning of the code of this interface is the word “Watch”, that in case the link does not work we must replace by the word “Embed”.

Another thing to keep in mind is that We must extract the code of the video to which we want to force the subtitles, this code is right after the “=” symbol.

video code

To this we must add at the end the symbol “?” and what is after “.com” and before the code we will replace it with “/ embed /”. The final formula is this:

Now if we use everything we have learned we should have something similar to this:

Video with subtitles

Can subtitles be forced for a live broadcast?

When it comes to a live broadcast, there may be certain complications to be able to enjoy this service.

This is because, although it is possible to enjoy a live broadcast with subtitles, the quality of these is subject to the pronunciation of the speaker or the speakers in this is understandable. Since the algorithm of YouTube voice recognition it is subject to good quality pronunciation, speaking speed and volume in order to detect words.

Since it is a live video, this is not 100% controllable, so it is possible that there are some gaps in the subtitle thread or some errors.

The good thing about this is that in the end these are saved on the platform And at the end of the broadcast, these errors are usually corrected and the subtitles can even be translated into different languages.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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