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Forwarding an email in this application is very easy, much like replying to a message. This option is very favorable for when we want to send a received email to several people at the same time or even to forward it to another account automatically. This last tool is among the platform settings.

Note that by doing this, messages that are forwarded will be seen as forwarded. However, when sending or replying to such a message, the reply will be sent to the person you specified and not to the original sender.

The reading view of your messages allows you to choose several options to reply: “Reply”, “Reply to all” and “Forward”. We will focus on this last function in this post, we will teach you how to use it and why you cannot forward some messages.

Learn how to forward an email from Outlook

From an existing message in your inbox, or an original email from your contacts, you can spread it to other users using the option “Resend”. This action also holds the attachments if the email had them, in the same way you can include others if you need it.

So let’s see now how you can do it:

  • Access your Outlook account introducing your address and password.
  • From your message list, choose the email that you need to resend.
  • Once this is open, it will display a series of options, press in this case “Resend”.

option forward outlook message

  • Fill in the fields “For”, if you need it “DC” and “CCO”. You will know that it is a forwarded email because in this same subject line the prefix “RE” will automatically be displayed. Also here remains the original sender of the message.

  • If you want to add additional text you can compose it, otherwise click on “Send”.

You can also do it from the settings automatically to forward the message to other accounts immediately:

  • For this you must go to “Setting” and press “See all Outlook settings.”

See all settings in Outlook

  • In the menu on the left go to “Mail and in the submenu go to “Forwarding”.
  • Verify your identity and wait for the process.

Enable automatic forwarding in Outlook

  • Once this is done, it will show the forwarding option. Enable it and write the address of the other account you want so that all incoming emails are automatically forwarded to this other email.
  • If you want you can keep a copy of forwarded messages.

Keyboard tricks

You can help yourself with the keyboard shortcuts on your computer to speed up the process of forwarding a message, from the reading pane do this:

  • Press the keys “Ctrl + F” after you have the message open.

command to forward outlook mail

  • With the mouse cursor on the address line “For” writes the recipient.
  • Press the key “TAB” to go to the body of the message, this in case you want to write an additional text.

tab to send outlook mail

  • Now, press the keys “Alt + E” for your mail to be forwarded.

 forward outlook mail with keyboard

Why can’t I forward some emails in Outlook?

Lack of hard drive space can cause problems in your Outlook account so you can’t send or forward your mail. Therefore, you should either get rid of messages that are no longer important or change the percentage of disk space set to an email account. Too there may be failures because the server port is blocked.

You can correct it like this:

Disable Firewall in Windows 10

  • After establish the operation that we suggest in the previous point, and continue the problem of outputting your messages, then the origin of the failure is in your internet provider, so you only have to contact the operator to solve your problem.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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