Free and Open Internet  Is it Possible? + Benefits ▷ 2020

Our privacy is constantly in jeopardy, and this is not something that affects only a minority, on the contrary it is the day-to-day life of a large population of netizens. This is the reason for the creation of large movements and resistance that demand a free Internet, open and safe.

The subject of a connection to Free, Open and Private InternetIt is not an issue of the moment, it is a protest that has been fighting since the beginning of the Internet. It is true that we can find laws and concepts of large companies that indicate that we enjoy a Free and Open Internet, but today you we will show that it is the opposite.

In this article you will understand that the Internet connection you have been using has never been free and you have always been enslaved before restrictions imposed by different factors.

What is the free and open Internet and what are its goals?


When we talk about the Internet, we have to know that we are referring to a world where we can be clearer with ourselves and the world, a place where there are no borders or limitations that prevent us from communicating, however, because it is a free and open Internet it also allows a third party such as government entities to take control of our data.

In different aspects and forms the The Internet can be considered as a Free and Open world, but there are some aspects that do not guarantee that, a detail that has influenced large movements to keep fighting.

Freedom refers to a world where everything is legal, but mixed with the objective of a Free and Open Internet, two elements are created, which allow us to see or take a level of how much is the percentage of freedom that we can obtain from the Internet:

  • Free Internet: It is considered free, when we are facing a decentralized and self-sustaining system. Decentralization can be taken as an example of what happens in streaming transmissions where it is a direct broadcast without intermediaries.
  • Open Internet: It is an open system when there is transparency in each of the communications, allowing group collaboration from different points, sharing qualities and ideas.

In conclusion a Free and Open Internet it is a productive system that can be self-sustainingIt is not centralized and there is total transparency in each of the operations, generating an empowerment of each of the users of this world.

What is the goal of having a free and open Internet and what are its benefits?

As we mentioned earlier, the world of the open and free Internet brings many advantages to different communitiesHowever, there are some points that prevent it. Disadvantages aside, we can say that a free and open Internet allows us to connect and support all sectors, including among them the area of ​​human health.

All based on the goal is to offer an equal world for all, although we well know that this is not entirely true when we talk about the different billings we receive for the use of this, detail that is used as a basis to continue demanding greater freedom from this world.

Let’s see its advantages below:



  • Its advantages are based on communication, where there are no third parties or agencies that interfere in it, a situation that connects the world without the need for borders or any kind of discrimination.
  • The discrimination It is a very broad word, so we can use it freely in this concept because the goal is to eliminate it, showing everyone that the world is the same regardless of cultures and races.
  • Knowing this, Internet is no longer a simple connection to watch movies but it becomes a kind of world movement, where each person who is part of it joins this ideal.

Factors that torpedo the Free Internet What are the “gags” of the web?

We have previously mentioned that There are some points that do not allow us a 100% free InternetThese are the culprits of the privacy violation, the denial of access to content and others, preventing us as users from obtaining what we want from this digital world.

Go for it:


We have all experienced the content censorship, a factor that influences many times. For example, when we are looking for some kind of information, and this does not appear completely, this is known as censorship.

Censorship in a way is the creation of borders in the virtual world, driven mainly by government entities, because the Internet is a world where there are no physical borders, therefore, they generate it by preventing access to certain content. The idea of ​​governments to control everything always points beyond what we believe, and from that what is content censorship is born, giving the power to the entities that implement it to control the information that third parties may obtain.

Low freedom of expression

Nowadays, there are global laws and agreements that are based on allowing freedom of expression in the cyber world, however We cannot deny that this is not a fact that is fully accomplished.

Among the different policies that we accept from social networks and applications, we lose that freedom of expression, giving the owners of these communities the opportunity to manipulate our information, impede our thoughts, and ban our accounts if they so decide. This is already a fact, although others deny and consider this opinion as an exaggeration. Because of these factors we can’t appreciate a completely free internetSince there are chains such as the lack of freedom of expression that bind us.

Banning of accounts in social networks

The banning of social media accounts, every day it becomes more common, because by accepting the privacy policies, they take control of all our activity within them.

This act allows partial security within a community (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram …) however it also limits you to express your ideas and feelings. Although, legally freedom of expression should be allowed, but when we accept the policies of these communities we put our freedom aside. In other words If we want to opt for a profile in a social network, we must always renounce some aspects that a Free and Open Internet offers us.

Bubble filter

The bubble filter is an algorithm that, as its name indicates, surrounds us in a world where the information offered by the Internet builds on our previous searches, detail that generates censorship and little intellectual growth.

Many great people they consider that the world of democracy is created as a person can understand all the points of some subject, However, this bubble filter prevents people from having a critical point of points or interests. In other words, Internet or their banners, Y advertisements they tend only to offer us what we want to hear and see, and because of this detail there is still a world society that does not have clear opinions or real foundations for its logic.

Geo-blocking by IP

Many times we have accessed websites, or downloaded games where it indicates that it is not available for our geographical location. This is due to different reasons, although, we are not going to mention them because in some aspects they are political-legal. The important thing is to understand the use of VPN by changing our IP address, it is one of the most common cases and impediments to enjoying a free and open Internet, whose objective is to allow a free digital world for all its users.

Private businesses

All the above points that we mention as impediments or factors that affect a free and open InternetThey are driven primarily by what we know as private companies, although other groups often call them great elites.

The influence of private companies greatly affects the freedom of a digital worldHowever, this is ignored by many because they tend to get used to its restrictions. Each company and its bilateral agreements affect our enjoyment of the Internet, so in a certain way it can be understood that they are the owners of the digital world, when the objective is to prevent an owner or control by a smaller group.

Cypherpunk Can cryptography be the key to a more transparent and private web?


The Cypherpunk, is a global movement that promotes a more transparent and private world or web, where this kind of resistance consists of stopping those factors that interfere with a free and safe digital world.

Now, if you don’t know what a cryptography is exactly, we can define this term roughly as the art of a private and secret communication, main objective of Cypherpunk. Together with this term and the movement it is considered that the main objective of an Internet connection can be rescued, avoiding owners and restrictions.

Blockchain Is it possible to create a decentralized Internet with this technology?

Block chain

The translation of what we know as blockchain refers to the famous blockchains that strengthen the security and privacy of movements and transactions of a cryptocurrency wallet. This technology where in the transaction stages does not include a central connection can be the basis for promoting a decentralized Internet. The how a blockchain works, it can be lengthy and is not the main topic of this article.

However, it can be said in a summarized way that their communication does not involve any group or central entity, thus avoiding third parties that can take control of any movement, in other words it is a customer-seller connection only. Today a centralized Internet is managed where the connection we enjoy goes directly to a central line and then to the server, but applying technology blockchain we could prevent spying on our connections.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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