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When our mobile device works slower than usual we do not realize that many times it is because of the lack of cleanliness of our storage unit.

One of the aspects that will benefit is our privacy, since by deleting junk files we increase one more layer to our security. In addition, we also have to consider our loss of time when we have files or applications that we do not use.

If you need to know more about how to delete files that we do not use in our Android operating system we will show you, in this article, everything related to each of the aspects to take into account.

Why is it important to clear your Android smartphone storage? Benefits

Every time we use our mobile device to surfing the Internet, Regardless of the browser we use, the pages we visit contain information that is installed without us noticing on our phone.

These files are necessary to provide a better user experienceThat is, thanks to these data, we do not need to register again each time we access these websites.

In addition to browsing the Internet, we interact with our device so that the different applications that we have installed on it, generate temporary files that are necessary for them to work in a better way, either to be faster or to remember our user preferences.

Once we log out or stop working in the foreground, these apps will no longer use the files generated by them, because they are no longer useful. The problem is that they generally do not eliminate them.

According to what we have talked about previously, our mobile is full of files that we do not need generated by both our browser and the installed applications.

By having our storage space full on our Android mobile, it begins to work in a slower way because it needs more processing to find the data we are requesting.

This is why there are advantages when we delete those junk files, which we name below:

  • Increase microprocessor performance, since it works in a more efficient way because the RAM and the hard drive do not contain unnecessary information.
  • By eliminating temporary files in RAM, it takes care of the files that are really important to us, thus delivering the information the processor needs in a more efficient way.
  • If we talk about the small data who install the websites unfortunately they are not only for the best operation of the sameInstead, viruses or malware can often be installed in temporary files, since they generally have the same extension as the temporary data.
  • When we do not have junk files on our mobile, our privacy is more protected because there are no spy files that could threaten our data.

What types of files can we delete without compromising the Android system and thus free up storage?

What types of files can we delete without compromising the Android system and thus free up storage

With everything we have talked about in the previous paragraphs we can mention each of the files that are not necessary in our Android operating system, therefore we can eliminate it and obtain a great benefit that is to free our storage.

We will present below which files we can delete and it will not affect the code structure of our mobile:

Junk Files and Cache

Junk files are those that were generated by the applications for the best performance of the same and that once we log out they no longer use it, remaining on our device.

These files are absolutely useless, even for the same applications, so by eliminating them we will not have problems with the operation of our mobile.

In the cache temporary data that we record when we surf the Internet or when we interact with other devices is housed because it is housed between the RAM and the microprocessor.

Its function is to be a link between both elements so that they provide us with the information we need very quickly and in this way we increase our experience as a user.

In other words, if we delete this data, we can simply take a little longer each time we open the applications again. because we can register or dump our preferences again.

Apps you don’t use

Without our realizing it, this is an issue that greatly impairs performance of our team, since many times we download applications that we use once or twice for a certain situation and after the same we forgot to erase these tools.

It happens that some of these tools, in addition to occupying a place for their installation, also occupy memory because they run in the background without our paying attention to this.

Repeated multimedia content

Another thing that commonly occurs, on most mobile devices, is that we have duplicate multimedia content. That is, photos, videos or any other image that is generated by the configuration of the apps that we have and which are generally backups (backup copies) of them. Thus, deleting this kind of files will generate us a great benefit.

Installation packages

When we install an app on our device, these programs in turn install different software so that they can start efficiently on our mobile.

Their function is to install and find all the necessary resources to complete it. Once the process has been completed, these data are no longer useful, therefore we can delete it calmly.

Large unused files

Another common point in many cell phones today is having files that they have an important size and that we do not use it at all, since they have been downloaded due to a particular situation and we have not used it again.

These files can also be deleted without any problems.

Unused images and videos

Like the previous case, it exists in our mobile storage a very large amount of multimedia files that we do not use.

Therefore, it would be necessary to make a copy and upload it to the cloud or some external storage device and eliminate them so that the performance of the components of the operating system and our mobile work perfectly.

Steps and methods to free up storage space on your Android

We list below the steps we have to take to free up space on our Android device:

Clear app cache

To delete the cache of the applications we will use this guide:

  • We’re going to “Menu”
  • We select “Applications”
  • We click on “See all applications”
  • We select the application that we want to delete the cache
  • We look for the option “Storage”
  • We click on “Clear cache”

Uninstall apps you don’t use

Uninstalling an application that we do not use can be done simply by choosing:

  • Go to “Menu
  • We look for the application that we want to uninstall.
  • Without releasing it with our finger we move it up, dragging it to a red trash can.
  • We select “Uninstall”

Remove duplicate documents

In order to eliminate duplicate documents we can do it manually or also through the application Duplicate Files Fixer

Of which we will follow these steps:

  • Once we have it installed we go to “Menu”
  • We choose “Complete analisis”
  • We look for the option “Analyze now”
  • We select the files we want to delete
  • We click on “Okay”

List of the best applications to free up space on your Android mobile

List of the best applications to free up space on your Android mobile

There are many applications to free up space on our mobile devices with Android operating system. But very few are really effective since most of them all they do is show us advertisements.

In the following paragraphs we will show a list with the best 5 applications so that our phone is free of junk files and have optimal storage.

They are:

Norton Clean

It is a powerful application that allows us to free up space by eliminating all kinds of files that we do not need, in addition to varying other elements such as the cache or applications that are very heavy or that we do not use permanently.

Thanks to this application we can say that our storage will always be ideal. We can use it in a very simple way and it has the advantage that does not have advertising in its Premium version, which we can contract a membership for one or two years.

All-In-One Toolbox

All-In-One Toolbox

We can clean, optimize and accelerate all applications thanks to this tool that we have to install on our mobile device for free. It has almost six hundred thousand downloadsThat’s why it is considered one of the best applications to clean smartphone storage.

With the multiple options you have, we can scan the mobile and get a graphical report, with which we can take actions to free up space in a correct way.

Files GO

With more than one million eight hundred thousand downloads, this app is one of the best on the market because it allows us to eliminate unnecessary things that we have on our mobile. It has a very intuitive interface that is easy to use, giving us the option to choose the possible junk files that this application indicates as such.

Its download is completely free and their functions in addition to the one we have named above are really very complete.

File manager

We can use this application like a file explorer with which our mobile device will have a powerful system and cache cleaner.

Permanently scan all folders that can be considered trash or that contain data of this nature. It is a completely free application and we can download it from the Google Play Store.

Cx File Explorer

With this relatively new tool, we can obtain functions that will allow us to leave our mobile device in excellent condition.

The scan is carried out in a deep way to be able to find all kinds of data, in which it will inform us if it serves us or not for the performance of our Android. Thanks to this application we can also find duplicate files and clear the cache with very few steps. It is available in the Google Play Store and its installation is completely free.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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