Free Dropbox Storage  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Dropbox is a very famous platform to save files on cloud servers, known for its great features that make us prefer it compared to the others. The best thing about her is that allows us to use a plan that offers us 2 GB totally free.

But because it is such a short capacity we must know how to manage space, because by not wanting to cancel another plan that gives us greater capacity, we must be very strict with what we are going to load on the platform. Also is true that is sufficient for normal uses, But many of us reach this limit in less than a month.

In this post you will find some pretty useful tips so you can learn how to manage your Dropbox account space. You will also see a step by step for you to learn how to permanently delete files or simply send them to the trash, to recover them in the future.

Steps to delete a file or folder in Dropbox and free up storage on your account


Many are the times we want to delete files from our cloud storage, mostly because we want to free space in it and thus be able to use it to save other files. It is advisable to get rid of those files that Let’s not use it to later not regret it.

Signing in should be our first step, because without this we will not be able to access our account and delete what we need.

Then we locate that or those files that we want to delete. Remember that these steps are useful for any type of file that we have saved on the platform.

Being already in our account, we seek three ellipsis (“…”) that are right next to the name of our file. By clicking on them we will see several options and we will only select “Remove“, We confirm that we want to delete the file by clicking on”Remove” again.

Another way to delete files

There is another much easier way to remove it. It is looking for the file (s), selecting and dragging them to our desktop, and finally to the recycle bin.


We must bear in mind that when deleting a file permanently We can’t have it anymore nor make an attempt to retrieve it.

Understanding the aforementioned, we go to the folder or file to delete, we click on the checkbox that is next to the content to be deleted, and we finish by clicking on “Definitively delete”And we confirm by clicking on “Definitively delete” for the last time.

Conditions that we must take into account

If we want to delete a file from Dropbox Business and we see that it is prevented, it is because the administrator of the same disabled the option.

If we are members of a shared folder We will not be able to permanently remove content. Although if we add content, a few minutes after uploading it we can delete it.

By sending them to the trash, it is like deleting them permanently, because there will be no variation in storage.

Tips to free up Dropbox cloud storage space and have more capacity


There is a large list of tips that we can find on the Internet that give us enough reasons to delete files. Here we will show you some of the most general tips, which you can apply to free up space in your account in Dropbox.

Eliminate repeating images

When we eliminate those repeated images we free up space. Honestly storing several repeated images has no science, because with just one we can do all the activities as with a lot of them.

We could call this as the minimum point, remember that these spaces are limited, and that is why we must know how to manage them, since storing a number of repeated images is no know how to manage and when we want to load something really valuable, we will not have the opportunity for the little space.

Take note of the following ideas:

Get rid of completed project folders

Many of us carry projects that we have pending completion, or that are in full execution. But it is highly recommended that when they are completed, remove them from our Dropbox account. Although if we want to keep saving these files because we think they will be very useful in the future, use the advice below.

Projects are files that can weigh a lot and therefore greatly reduce the free space we have, for this reason we advise you to take this into account.

Export what you don’t want to lose to external memory

As we already mentioned in the previous point, we can do this as long as we have files that we still believe that they can be useful to us in the future, but that to give a good administration of our space we must export them to a pendrive or external memory.

We know that we use cloud storage to save information that may be useful to us and thus free up space on our PC or phone, however we must always distribute the files as well as possible. In this case we can also say that it is a good alternative use another platform for saving files in the cloud.

Delete unimportant long videos

We know that there are times when we have some videos that are very important to us at the moment. But we assure you that after a month or about 15 days, you no longer care, and you may not even remember them, so it is better get rid of some.

For this, it is recommended make a maintenance plan for our account constantly. For example, a weekly day, or a monthly day, all depending on how often it is used. This in order to find those files that really they are not of much importance to us, that by eliminating them they give us enough space for those that are.

Contract the Dropbox payment plan

This is the advice that not many like, and it is because we are talking about making a payment. But the reality is that if we don’t want to delete anything, or use any of the above tips, we can use this plan.

In itself it is the best option, because, when canceling a plan on the platform, it can provide us with a greater amount of space, useful enough to keep storing files without having to touch any of the ones we already have saved.

Depending on the plan we cancel, we will have more or less space. But from another point of view, we can use the tips above and use this in turn, to save huge files such as software or others. If you know what we are talking about, you will understand that they consume a large amount of space.

What are your plans?

As we already mentioned, the plans offer us new advantages, among them the most important is the capacity increase, but it is not the only one. Visiting their website you will see what the advantages are for each of the plans. As a preview of what you’ll see, below We will mention the most common:

  • Plus: With only 9.14 euros per month this plan offers us a capacity of 2048 GB, being 2047 GB more than the Free plan.
  • Professional: Only 16.68 euros per month must be paid, offering a capacity of 3072 GB, being obviously much larger than the basic one.

There are other plans, but these are the singles and for this reason the most used.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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