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Amazon is the largest online retail store on the planet. Its catalog exceeds four hundred million products. In Spain only offers a variety of one hundred and eighty million publications. This is one of the reasons why it is among the companies with the highest value on the market.

Although it is not the only reason, since the portal offers different discounts, coupons and gift cards all the time.

Maybe you already knew these data. What you may not know is that exists not one, but various methods to receive products totally free. In some cases it is not even necessary to take the credit card out of your pocket. To know all of them, We invite you to read the post until the end.

What kind of products can I get for free on Amazon?

What kinds of products can I get for free on Amazon?

If it is about the general products, you can get from headphones to artwork and jewelry. However, it is not known precisely which articles you can access for free. Usually These are things that have not been released yet. These products need endorsement from the consumer to build trust among platform users.

Learn how to get all kinds of Amazon products for free step by step

There are several mechanisms that you can use to receive products for free. In many cases you will not have the option to choose what it is. Let’s see some examples:

With Reviews

To access this method, you will have to join Amazon groups. In turn, expect a company, store or representative to request reviews for their products. When they have done so, you should send them a private message (almost always through Facebook) offering to write such a review.

As soon as they accept you, it may happen that they send a gift voucher or that you must buy it to refund it once the text is delivered. To complete this information we will leave you this link that will direct you to one of these groups: “”

You must be careful and follow the advice that we will leave you in this text. As If Amazon suspects your review is paid, it can quarantine or suspend your account.

With Influencer Marketing

If you are an established influencer, you will know that brands look to these famous people to recommend a product or service. In case you want to reach this popularity category, Amazon has created a special program. It is called thus (Amazon Influencer Program). With it, you can create your own page on the site from where you will recommend and share the products.

To begin, you will link your accounts of Youtube, Facebook, Twitter I Instagram with amazon. A team will analyze the number of followers, reach of your publications and the relevance of these among the consumers of the site. If your account is approved you can access a product catalog with the possibility of earn some extra money.

Amazon Vine

It is a program that seeks offer to possible interested of a product an honest and unbiased opinion about this. In this way, it seeks to compete against empty or exaggerated reviews, even against those of the first item. The valuations made by the users belonging to this scheme are not modified by Amazon or by the seller (unless they violate the general rules).

The participants of this program are chosen automatically. The selection criteria are different, but the valuation of their opinions prevails over others. That is, the “score” that other users give their review.

Once inside “Voice Vine” you will have access to an exclusive product catalog of your interest for you to try for free. In addition, in the event that there are excess stock from other categories, you can get them as well.

Review groups in social networks

We will delve a little more about this topic. For a company that distributes or sells small electronic products or even snacks, a positive opinion that generates a better position on Amazon is worth more than the merchandise itself. For this reason, they often offer free samples to selected users. Although the sales portal will earn more money in commissions if sales increase, the credibility of descriptions will go down. This is a point that the company tries to mitigate.

Free e-books

If you have a Kindle, you should know that Amazon offers on its platform great variety of books for free. The list changes every day, so it’s important to check it regularly to find your favorite type of reading.

Free samples

Amazon prime is a streaming video server. If you are already a subscriber of the service you can access the program sample boxes with refund. Buy one of these packages and you will receive a refund in Amazon credits. This system has a limit of one box per customer. However, it is updated once a year. For more information you can access here: “”

Tester Job

It is a external platform to Amazon. Which offers a list of products available for testing. The first user who chooses the product will have the possibility to buy it, test it, write a review and the payment will be refunded And the product? You keep it. Further, there is a chance to receive extra money. The only thing to keep in mind is that you must be vigilant, as samples fly.

Tips for getting good reviews on Amazon and earning the products you want

Tips for making good reviews on Amazon and earning the products you want

As we mentioned at the beginning, It is extremely important that the review you write is credible not to be detected by Amazon and at the same time satisfy the seller. In most cases, the latter will ask you for a text of no less than two hundred words.

Follow these tips to meet both:

  • Don’t go overboard with compliments. Try to use natural language, but without falling into sentences as “the best buy in the world” or similar.
  • Use images. And if you can a video. Use them to nurture your review, the unpacking ones are very effective and will help you get a better rating from other users.
  • See the best. Search the ranking of the best commentators and see how their texts are. You can learn a lot from them.
  • Join communities of reviewers. Within Telegram or Facebook. One trick they use is to rate each other. But be careful that with more than six positive ratings the same user will result in a ban by Amazon.
  • Camouflages opinions. To be more credible you can use false negative techniques. For example, if you write about a light bulb you can say “It lights up too much, I expected something of less power”.
  • Use another Facebook account. Create a profile to contact sellers, in this way you can be more organized and at the same time protect your privacy.

How many followers do I have to have to be considered an influencer and win free items on Amazon?

If you’re not a movie star or sports star, you may have to work hard to get a following. As a general rule (and not that there is a convention about it) with 10 thousand followers or more you can already consider yourself an influencer. Although we will clarify the matter a bit.

As we mentioned in a previous paragraph, Amazon does not only take into account the number of followers. He also looks at the type and segment from them. That is to say, It won’t do you much good to use those platforms that offer followers. Since they will not have a feedback with you and surely they will not represent the universe that interests Amazon.

If, for example, you are in the range of five thousand, and your interactivity with your followers is great. And you also have great support from them, you can consider yourself a microinfluencer. This will help you more than if you have fake followers or bots. Since it is more likely that if you follow some tips get more over time.

Take note of these tips to increase your number of followers:

  • Offer something. It is not enough to upload photos in pre-designed poses. Create interesting content, whether it’s humor, travel, cooking tips, or whatever you excel at. This will increase the number of shared posts.
  • Be authentic. Don’t copy other influencers and focus on what you’re good at. Make the most of your outstanding abilities. This rule does not apply if your talent is to be a copycat.
  • Quality matters. We refer to the technical image. Pay close attention to light and sound clarity. Use the best camera you have. Play with composition and always add text to your posts. In the case of Instagram and Facebook, stories are a great complement that will allow you to create greater interactivity with your followers.
  • Dress up your posts. Always use hashtags and tags. These will make your publications more visible to users who do not follow you.
  • Be consistent. Don’t lose your will power. You will see that over time the number of followers will increase.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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