Functions and Tasks of the Community Manager  List ▷ 2020

The phrase Community Manager has become very popular lately, and this term has been given to all those professionals who are dedicated to managing, administering and building an online community around a brand on the Internet. For this you must take care of create and maintain stable and true relationships with each of your clients, followers and the general public.

This is how it is becoming more and more common for many people to dedicate themselves to work through social networks, either using platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. All this has become one of the most important aspects for digital media, where said persons are in charge of success of a brand, becoming the main communicator of the same with each of the clients and public interested in the company.

If you are one of the users who still you are not very familiar with Community Managers, here we are going to explain a little more about what are the tasks and duties that they must fulfill, as well as the main tools on which they rely. To do this, follow in detail everything that we will teach you in the post.

What are the tasks and duties that a Community Manager must deal with?

What are the tasks and duties that a Community Manager must deal with?

It is important to clarify that the work of a Community Manager It is not an easy task as many think, they must fulfill a series of tasks and duties in order to achieve all the necessary success for the brand they promote. In addition, they must have some knowledge of programming to systematize each of your publications.

In accordance with all this, here are the main tasks that these users must perform:

Pay close attention to the corporate landscape

These professionals are the virtual eyes of companies in social networks, so they must pay a lot constantly pay attention to what the corporate landscape is. And it is that they must be fully aware of all the opportunities in the environment, as well as any kind of threat that I can reach compromise the company you work for.

You must also be very aware of all the content that is published by the competition, as this will allow you to know what kind of information you can offer and contribute that others do not. This way you will be getting a extra value for both your company and him.

Maintain communication with the online community

This professional is in charge of be the voice of the brand on social mediatherefore you must be the one who assumes and stands up for the company in any circumstance that exists with the online public. In the same way, he is the main manager of attract visitors on social media, this is achieved through the content you publish, as well as the attention you have with customers.

The main goal is to achieve create a large enough group that knows the brand, for this you must interact with followers, either by clarifying any doubts they may have, offering additional information and motivating them to make use of its services or products that it offers.

Maintain constant communication with the company

Another of the primary tasks of community managers is to keep the company informed of everything that happens, especially if it has been achieved relevant information. All this will allow maintain and create effective marketing, design, sales strategies, among many others that allow to carry out a good action plan.

It should also be mentioned that important information is not only achieved listening to the public, but also to the same company, since on many occasions the best ideas come from within. In this way, the communication between the company and the professional it is critical to everyone’s success.

Turn users into ambassadors

The professionals should keep up with everyone brand movements on the Internet. In this way, they must have the ability to identify who are the users who most interact with them on social networks. For this they must bear in mind which are the users who comment the most, who share the content frequently, those who tend to like, among many other aspects to keep in mind.

All this can allow you establish a collaborative network with them, who can you become your brand ambassadors. Interaction with customers It is very important at all times, since it depends on them will be your success.

Identify who the opinion leaders are

The community managers have like mission to be able to identify and create links with different types of people or groups of people as long as all of these are capable of helping to promote different dissemination strategies settle down.

Follow the routines according to your marketing team

Basically the community manager must work at basis of routines and strategies to ensure all the success they need. In this way, these professionals must have a good communication, be well trained, be able to carry out different types of tasks and above all a lot of passion and professionalism.

List of the most useful tools to support the Community Manager in his work

List of the most useful tools to support the Community Manager in his work

These professionals not only have the mission of carrying out a series of specific tasks to achieve all the necessary success for your brand, but must also have a series of tools that will support them in their work.

That is why here we leave you a list with the main tools of the Community Manager:


This is a well-known tool used by most users, it is used to schedule posts on social media, which will allow you constantly interact with other members of the networks, it allows you keep track of mentions, direct messages, among many other activities. It also offers you different functions that will help you to know statistics of your brand, as well as knowing the evolution of your social network for a certain time.


Trello is used by a large number of users around the world, this is because it is a very complete platform and that you also have the opportunity to use for free. It is in charge of helping you organize actions, plans and tasks, like a kind of virtual agenda. It also allows you to create calendars and select a specific person in charge to perform each of the tasks, in case you have a group of collaborators.


Compared to the two applications mentioned above this is less known, it is available for computers and smartphone and which has a integrated chat. This allows group what is the communication of the different working groups so that everyone can stay focused on work and the objectives to be achieved.


It fulfills the role of content manager, so you can share and schedule entries in social networks, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, among other. It also allows you to use statistics tools like interaction and monitoring of the associated account.

Google Analitycs

Is google app has become the right hand of many, and it is that it offers the possibility of knowing the profile of all those people who visit your website and social media profile. This means that it is a fundamental tool for what it is social media traffic, where you can also know if the visits are useful or not.

Google Alerts

most of branding professionals use Google alerts for monitor a specific topic the one you are following up with. For this, it makes use of what they are the keywords, so an alert will be generated every time any news is generated that contains said keyword.


It is impossible to be community manager and not working with design, it is because of that Canva It has become one of the most sought after options by most professionals. This is because it has ease of use, as well as the necessary design tools So you can create your own professional images, which you are going to share through blog, websites and social networks.

Another fundamental aspect that must be taken into account are the hashtags, and this is not only the daily bread of the Twitter social network, but is used in all other social networks very frequently. Although hashtags do not always give the certainty that they will be discovered or that they will have very effective with the public.

Therefore, this program gives you the possibility to view profiles and pages that use a specific hashtag. In this way, obtaining this information you will have the opportunity to better design your strategies to be able to achieve the desired parameters with each of your publications.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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