Gain Subscribers on YouTube  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

For no one is a secret that, YouTube has become one of the main communication channels, for several years; especially, thanks to the fact that video is the type of content most demanded by different generations. So that, 8 out of 10 people watch videos on this platform once a month, at least.

It is because of that, many individuals are motivated to open a channel on Google’s video site. Considering that, the great exposure and virality that these clips can take, have promoted this portal as the most powerful social network there is, above others like Facebook or Instagram, for example.

In this sense, YouTube is considered to be an optimal platform for creating a community and branding. However, a channel on this website is only successful if it has a large community, in number and quality of subscribers, therefore, it is necessary to know how to get more followers for your channel YT.

Learn step by step the best strategies to gain many followers on YouTube

Learn step by step the best strategies to gain many followers on YouTube

While it is true, a remarkable number of subscribers in YouTube translates as an immense source of visits and this shows that the channel in question is truly successful. However, there are diverse people who “They die trying” when trying to boost your profile YT. Therefore, it is significant to know how you can gain many followers in this social network, naturally.

In order to do so, achieve all the objectives that you have set yourself to achieve directly from your page Youtube and with it, be able to count on a quality community. Thus, we proceed to point out some of the best tips, advice, or strategies out there to get a huge YouTube following, without the need to violate the rules of the same video platform Google.

Let’s see below:

Post quality content on your channel

Although it seems a lie, it is common to find endless videos with poor quality and useless content on YouTube and for this reason, is that many users fail to enhance their strategy on the social platform. Consequently, it is essential share quality clips with your community and that are truly useful to them.

Thus, focus on topics of value to these users and that may interest themIn addition to that you must make sure you have important knowledge about these topics. Whereas, the content that most attracts visitors are based on those who are entertaining and informative. On the contrary, very few people may be interested in what you do in your day to day, what you like to eat, etc.

Take care of the appearance of your channel

In addition to sharing quality content on your YT profile, you also need to you focus on creating your own style for it. In other words, you can choose to reflect your personality in the channel’s look, just like draw great alignment or consistency between the content you post and its appearance. This, in order to provide much more originality and with this, ensure that all visitors are interested in staying connected with your channel, thanks to it is aesthetically pleasing and of quality.

Therefore, avoid leaving the background and the elements offered by the social network, by default. Additionally, make sure that the published images are the correct size so that they can be perfectly loaded from any device (computers, mobiles, tablets, etc.). In addition to that, include a quality profile and cover photo, take care of the thumbnails of your videos and enable branding on all your clips.

Add calls to action in all your videos

As a kind of psychological strategy, it is crucial to remind people who are watching your clips that they must do something if they want to continue enjoying this content. Which, it is known as “calls to action” and is used to encourage users to do a little work to get something in return.

For that reason, even the most successful YouTubers don’t stop saying phrases like “If you liked the video, subscribe!” at the end of their clips, even when they have thousands of subscribers. Consequently, use the same strategy and you will see how the trick works for increase your number of followers. Either using phrases like “follow me on my social networks ”,“ don’t forget to subscribe ”,“ leave me a comment at the bottom ”, etc..

Be consistent in publishing your videos

It is very difficult for you to get followers on your YT channel, if you don’t share videos on a regular basis. Therefore, we recommend you to be constant and set certain days of the week to upload clips with new topics on your profile, so that your followers can feel motivated to see the content you share and know how often you will have material for them.

That way, you can meet the initial expectation that these people had when they subscribed to your YouTube channel Plus, they won’t be disappointed in how often you post videos. Taking into account that, in this way, you will also be focused on create more content for other users to find you easily and become subscribers.

Create an eye-catching YouTube trailer

Another of the most fruitful recommendations to find more subscribers for your channel, lies in create and use a trailer that manages to fool people. These trailers are basically short videos (between one and two minutes) that you upload to your channel to exhibit the type of videos you make and that contain these.

Thus, they work like a movie trailer, since they anticipate to viewers what they will be able to see and, therefore, it is important to make it as striking as possible in order to increase the number of people who choose to subscribe to your channel. Even, it is advisable to place it as the featured video, in order to captivate people so that they are encouraged to see the other clips.

Take advantage of your other social networks to attract more subscribers

Today, practically everyone who runs a YouTube channel, too They have other active profiles on other social networks that are all the rage in the digital environment. Either Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, for example. But, in case you are not one of these people, we advise you to access any of these platforms and register for start using it as a marketing tool, in order to obtain new followers in YT.

In such a way, you can promote each new video you upload on the Google social network and recommend them. Likewise, we advise you to share photos or images of the video you are recording, to get the attention of the community in which you are immersed and with it, motivate them to enter your YT profile. That way, many more users will be able to find you and subscribe, if they are attracted to the content you share.

Collaborate with other YouTubers

Without a doubt, it is pointed out that collaborations on YouTube and other social networks, they are completely effective elements to attract new subscribers in a very short time and without much effort. Which means that an excellent tactic to get more followers is to collaborate with others. Youtubers.

Therefore, focus on seek and establish a good relationship with other people who manage YT channels that are associated with the topics you address in your clips. With which, both will be able to unite their communities and each one will have the possibility of attracting the attention of the subscribers of the other user, in order to grow your fan base very quickly.

Listen and take care of your community

Apart from connecting with others YouTubers that they handle your same topics, it is also recommended connect with your community, listen to it and take care of it always. To do this, he chooses to dedicate some time, periodically, to review your comments and respond to them actively. Without a doubt, it is the smartest way to detect your demands and concerns, as well as to interact with them.

Thus, automatically, you can generate more subscribers for your YouTube channel, since they will know that they can receive something in return. Which will notice that you are an authentic and natural person, thus achieving, retain them to keep them connected with your profile. In that way, you can even satisfy their needs by conveying what they really expect, once analyze their concerns, tastes and preferences through comments.

Does buying subscribers work to grow my channel?

Does buying subscribers work to grow my channel?

It is definitely important to know that, buying subscribers to grow your channel on YouTube does not work. Since, if you choose to increase your base of followers in this way in the social network, it will be able to detect it by observing that They are not even people but simple accounts that generate false activity through numerous computers. Therefore, automatically, Youtube may remove the amount of subscribers that you acquire in such a way and, will proceed to sanction and penalize you for it.

Which would not contribute anything positive for your channel on the platform and, without a doubt, would produce the opposite effect by staining your name. In consecuense, it is ideal to focus on naturally gaining subscribers, without having to resort to this type of fraudulent tricks. Well, that way, you will avoid receiving sanctions from Google Y you will find users who are truly interested in the content you share and interact with you for pleasure, thus giving much more value to what you do.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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