Get More Interactions on Instagram  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

The social networks They are a fundamental part of the daily life of many people. Every minute, millions of users interact with the diverse content of Internet. If you want to know how to stimulate the interactions of your followers with your publications to increase the engagement of your account, keep reading this step by step guide.

At present, interactions are the trendsetters in the market. The publications viral increase the positioning of the brand, products and services.

For this reason, in all digital marketing strategy methods should be considered that increase the fidelity of users with the account.

Why is it important that your posts have a lot of interactions?

Why is it important that your posts have a lot of interactions?

Several years, social media has become a valuable tool diffusion for companies. Therefore, it is important to provide quality content that grabs the attention of new followers, and thus encourage them to interact with the brand.

Why is it important that your posts have a lot of interactions? Interactions, in simple terms, are the actions that users take on posts from an account.

They can be measured through the following metrics:

  • Number of comments.
  • Amount of “I like“Or”Likes”.
  • Number of times shared.
  • Amount of followers.
  • Number of clicks on a link.

These metrics are essential for the proper functioning of a strategy “Social Media Engagement”, as it allows you to develop a better relation with the followers of your account.

The “Social Media Engagement”, Or also known as social interactions, It is a method that consists of using social networks to increase the visibility of your publications, gain a better perception among users and improve the customer experience. The strategy of social interactions it is different for each brand. However, they retain the same purpose: To be of use to the client, and to bring benefits to the company.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the objectives of “Social Media Engagement”, or to get more interactions, are:

  • Win a feedback positive about publications.
  • Know your audience to develop content of quality and more striking.
  • Provide information of interest and usefulness to your followers so they can target one point to another.
  • Get a positive impact in the user perception about your company, products and services.

It’s very important know the audience’s points of interest, in order to generate interactions that allow the brand to scale position in the various social networks. Keep in mind that in Internet users are usually guided by the accounts with the highest number of comments, “likes” and shared publications. So no company should neglect social interaction.

Tips to make your followers interact more with your posts on Instagram

Tips to make your followers interact more with your posts on Instagram

A “Social Media Engagement” plan should help improve the reputation of the account. Responding to comments, encouraging participation and generating interesting content are just a few factors that can help increase your web positioning.

For that reason, we offer you various tips to make your followers interact more with your posts on Instagram:

Post consistently

It is important for users to know that the profile is active. The best way to do it is make frequent posts. However, you should make sure do not saturate the start of your followers. For this reason, you should try different schedules, and determine at what times of the day you receive the most interactions.

You can upload a new post every day of the week, or take care of publishing on weekends. Everything will depend on the theme of your account on Instagram and the target audience. For example, there are profiles that post two to three times a day.

Dedicate yourself to creating content

Create a work block in the week to be able to put together the publications that you plan to upload to your Instagram account. Taking photographs, creating images and writing company texts is a very laborious process to carry out every day. For that reason, it is preferable create the week’s content on the same day.

Your account will be much more productive, something that will be highly appreciated by your followers. Better produced content adds value to the Instagram profile. The eye-catching images and informative texts of each publication achieve attract the attention of users.

Connect with your audience

It is essential that, as a content creator, you have an in-depth understanding of what concerns your followers. Users must feel identified with the publications to reinforce “engagement” or commitment. You must reflect in each post your interests, experiences or experiences.

In such a way, you promote that your followers want to interact with the content. Either leaving a “I like”, commenting on their situation or sharing the post in their stories.

Follow the trend

In a good way to guarantee user interactions in your account Instagram, it is talk about the current issues. By making use of trends, you encourage your followers to engage in the conversation, contribute their opinion, share and react to the content.

Popular culture events, sporting events, news events, or current hashtags are some of the main topics of interest to many users on the Internet, so pay attention to each of them to increase your interactions.

Provides utility

When the commitment of the followers with your account has been consolidated, it is necessary provide useful content so as not to lose your confidence. Listen and consider the needs of your followers so that your next publications are of value. The data provided by each user will be of benefit to you to continue improving the profile positioning.

Be respectful of your community. Respond politely to comments, very briefly and consistently. You must remember that users are real personals, and your goal is make them true to account.

Take live videos

Live videos are a good way to increase interactions on your Instagram account. The social network allows you to promote the broadcast through post and stories, to get the attention of your followers. You can ask them to answer surveys, or to make comments during the live.

Instagram notifies the followers of your account when the transmission has started. In this way, you get an approach with your audience, you increase your reach and receive a greater number of interactions.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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