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Google Workspace offers educational centers, organizations and companies a wide range of options to manage accounts. Before digitization, files they were on tons of paper, tucked into physical folders and in a giant closet that served as a protector.

Now, with the adaptation to new technologies, most of the things we store in the cloud and We use companies that provide the service for this, as is the case with Gmail, with which we can manage an email with your own domain and save the information to export that data later.

This is where what is known as complete email storage, of which now you will know details as well as how to apply it. Finally, we are going to teach you how to delete content that takes up unnecessary space in the inbox of Gmail.

What is full mail storage and what is it for in Gmail?

Google storage indicator

The complete mail storage is the copy that is kept of the messages received or sent by the users that belong to a domain in particular. This function does not apply to individuals, but to companies, educational centers, organizations and other groups that have an administrator who manages the services through the console. Google.

This tool It also serves to control the storage of the people who are part of the domain. The time that the messages will be available is specified and then temporary or definitive actions are taken to keep the mail in order.

Why is it important to configure your email storage in Gmail?

To the configure storage in Gmail, the administrator ensures that all messages that have been received or sent, regardless of whether they are external, they are displayed inside the users inbox.

To complete this task you can use Vault, an application that among other things preserves, retains and exports the data of the users of different applications, such as Gmail. Files can be kept by Vault for as long as your organization deems appropriate and they will remain there even if they are deleted by domain users from their inboxes. For it to work properly it is necessary to carry out the pertinent configurations.

What to consider when setting up full Gmail email storage?

Vault service official site

If the administrator has decided to apply the full storage settings for a domain from Gmail, they need to consider the following circumstances:

  • If you have established routing rules that cause the mails to be delivered with modifications, change the destination or go to different servers, it is best not to activate the complete mail storage.
  • You should not enable it either if you don’t want the original recipients to receive a copy back of the message.
  • In case of have the SMTP relay service activated, that once it receives the emails, it sends them to third parties making an almost immediate transfer, it can lead to the accounts exceeding the storage limits, especially if they have a pre-established quota.
  • Yes you use Vault to archive Gmail emails and you only forward to your local server or to other providers, there if it is appropriate to activate the full storage.

Learn step by step how to configure full Gmail email storage from any device

It is important to repeat that This option is not available for personal profiles and only domain administrators can configure the settings., in which all emails are stored even if they are not from Gmail.

The steps to be followed are the following:

  • Enter the console administration of Google and log in.
  • To log in you need an account of administrator.

Choose account in Google Workspace

  • The administrator account does not end in “@” and it is a session that has permissions to manage other users.

Google Authentication Request

  • It is likely that ask for authentication of the registered user.
  • On the loaded page, enter the section “Applications”, Then in Google Workspace “ and finally in “Gmail”.
  • At left side menu you are going to select your organization.
  • Browse until you get “Full mail storage.”
  • There you will see the box with the subject “Keep a copy of all the mail sent and received in the mailboxes of the associated users”.
  • After selecting the above, click “Keep”.

We show you how to free up Google Gmail storage space to make better use of your mail space

The total storage of the Google account is 15 GB, which is shared between Gmail, Drive and Photos. Although at one point it may seem enough, depending on the use you give to your email there are times when you could fall short. So the ideal is to make the most of every megabyte of space.

There are formulas to save space in Gmail, here we are going to share five of them: delete very heavy emails and also the oldest ones, deactivate subscriptions, empty spam folder and trash.

Go for it:

Delete heavy emails

There is in the inbox emails containing a lot of photos and some heavy videos, that you have already downloaded them or gave them the utility they had at the time. But you don’t need them anymore and you’re running out of space.

The way to find them quickly is the following:

  • Login to your Gmail account.
  • In the search engine found in the inbox, click on the bars on the right where the “Search options”.

Gmail search options

  • A window is displayed in which several options are shown, the number six going down is called “Size”.
  • There you will indicate that I look for the emails “Greater than” and in the second box we place the MB.
  • When you choose the criteria, you click “Look for”.

Peos filter in Gmail searches

  • They will appear in the result all emails weighing more than indicated, regardless of how old they are.
  • What follows is to check the box “To select” which is next to each email you want to delete and then use the trash can symbol in the bar to delete.

Delete old emails

If you pan through the inbox, You are likely to come up with messages that you didn’t even remember existed. If they do not have your attention and not the slightest importance, it is best to take advantage of those extra MB that they are occupying.

So we are going to eliminate them also in the following way:

  • In the inbox we go to the search engine and press where it says “Show search options.”
  • In the drop down menu, we choose the box “Date range “ and in the down arrow we choose a period. These range from one day to one year.

Date ranges in Gmail searches

  • After to select the criterion, we mark “Look for”.
  • Will appear all the emails that have arrived in that period.
  • Mark with the box “To select” each message you want to delete and click on the trash can symbol on the top bar.

Deactivate subscriptions you ignore

Many complain that they enter email and you will find the tray full of notifications of advertising, services, news and many other things that no longer interest them.

The best thing you can do is deactivate those subscriptions and here we show you how to do it:

  • Log in in your account Gmail.
  • In the inbox, Select any of the emails that you do not want to continue receiving.

Unsubscribe in Gmail

  • Open the mail and right next to where the sender appears it gives you the option to “Unsubscribe”.
  • By clicking on that option, asks you for confirmation and you will stop receiving messages from that source.
  • So can do with all the ones that don’t interest you to keep the input tray clean.

Empty SPAM folder

In this section You can also store many emails that automatically, or by our configuration, have been classified as garbage.

They go to a different folder that takes up space and to delete them you must follow the following steps:

  • Opens your account Gmail.
  • In the left side menu you click on the option “Plus” until I get the folder “Spam”.
  • Open the function and the notification will appear at the top “Delete all spam messages now.”

Delete all spam messages in Gmail

  • Click there, it will ask you if you are sure and click on “To accept”.
  • At the end this message appears on the screen “In good time, you do not have spam.”
  • With these steps you will have freed up a little more space from your email account.

Empty the trash

The emails that are deleted in any tray go to the trash, so that there is a second chance to get them back or in the other case they remain stored there, also taking up space. If they contain attachments, that weight adds to your storage. Therefore the best thing you can do is eliminate them.

We show you the simple steps to achieve it:

  • In the left column, navigate in the menu until you find “Plus” and then enter “Paper bin”.
  • Opens the section “Paper bin” and you will see all the messages you have deleted lately.

Empty Recycle Bin in Gmail

  • Press about notification “Empty the trash now.”
  • He will ask you if you want continue, click on “To accept” and all messages will be deleted.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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