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The read receipt function is common in many messaging applications. And in the email there are several ways to know if the sent message was opened or read by the recipient, although not directly but using some external tools.

In recent months, the use of Gmail has grown in the world. Its use for work from home, sending school assignments or when keeping in contact with family and friends, has led users to become more familiar with it and want to know in depth the various options available.

One of the little known functions is email tracking. This time we want to show you how it works, what are the benefits of using it, the configuration that must be done to make it work properly and the best tools you can add to your Gmail account.

What is email tracking and what is this tool for in Gmail?

What is email tracking

Email tracking is a function that allows you to know when the contact, to whom you have written, opened the message or clicked on any of the links or attachments. This tracking using a tracker provides specific data, such as the date, exact time and to the IP address from which the information included in the email was viewed. Depending on the tool, other details are known.

What are the benefits of using Tracking on your Gmail Email account?

The most impatient, who want to know quickly what happened to the email they just sent or for those who need a read receipt that many times it does not arrive because the recipient does not bother to do it, they have to use tracking.

Here are some of the advantages of using it in Gmail:

  • The main benefit is know the status of the sent message and thus take quick actions, such as making a phone call or speaking in person with the contact.
  • Too helps you know if the information you are submitting is important for your contacts.
  • Guides you in which aspects you should improve your communication strategy and which ones are you going to keep.
  • Save time: You will avoid sending a second email if the first has not yet been read, which in turn allows you to dedicate space to other issues.

Learn step by step how to track your email to know if they see, read or delete your messages

The first thing you should know is that Gmail does not bring this function directly for all accounts, but only for domains of professional or educational organizations they have an administrator. The rest of the users with a free account, must use an extension to obtain a reading confirmation of a sent email.

Let’s see:

Find and install an extension

Mailtrack download site

There are several extensions that give us a hand in our work to know the status of the communication we have sent, making a trace that will provide us with significant details. There are several that can be used, including MailTrack.

To obtain it we do the following:

  • Enter the Chrome Web Store.
  • In the search engine, type the name of the extension. For this example we will use MailTrack.
  • When it appears, We will see a description of the functions it performs.
  • If we decide to obtain it, we touch the button “Add to Chrome.”
  • A notification will appear and click on “Add extension ”.

Enable the extension in your email account

Install Mailtrack plugin in Gmail

The first time we enter the mail, after updating the page, there will be a notification stating that the extension must be activated for the current account.

To do this, we must follow these steps:

  • After clicking add, tells you to click to use the extension and in the pop-up window it suggests “Connect with Google.”
  • Login to account where you want use the extension.
  • Choose a plan, there are free and paid.
  • After to select, a notice appears that says “Installation completed” and recommends you “Go to Gmail.”
  • It shows to you a notification stating that to use the extension you must send emails as you normally do, click on “Agree”.

Configure the settings

How to configure Mailtrack in Gmail

After the tracker is enabled in Gmail account you have two options, use it as is or on the other hand adjust some settings.

Now we are going to show you how to carry out the second option:

  • Inside your Gmail account, left click on the MailTrack icon that appears in the top bar.
  • Once the menu is displayed, tap “Setting”.
  • I know open a new tab with the general panel.
  • There you will see all the options available in the free version, which are several, and also others for which you must pay.
  • If you made any changes, the option “Save settings ”.

Advanced Options

Edit mail in Mailtrack for Gmail

In addition to serve as a tracker and submit a daily report of the activity of the emails that have been sent, with MailTrack you can also perform some other actions that improve productivity.

Here we tell you what they are:

  • Schedule messages for specific times: You won’t have to worry if you forgot to send an email, it will come out at the right time.
  • Set reminders for follow-up: once you activate the function you will have alerts for specific hours or days.
  • Turn off tracking for a message: disable notifications and you will not receive any report.
  • View history: the log of all messages sent is displayed there.

List of the best email tracking tools to use in your Gmail account

Apart from MailTrack, there are many other extensions you can choose from to improve your email management email Gmail.

Let’s see next:


Yesware download site

The first place on this list is for a paid app that offers a free trial. Among other things helps to monitor, manage and update relationships via email. Just adding it to Chrome begins to use. In the report that the tool presents to the user, Open, click and response rates for sent messages are included. In addition to saving time, it helps improve penetration and communication strategies.


RMail download site

More than ten million users in the world have trusted this application that is developed entirely in English and can be used on other servers besides Gmail. Its benefits include the open follow-up to sent emails certified by an automatic voucher. In addition, it has other characteristics such as simple end-to-end encryption of communications, as well as the digital signature of documents and forms in a wide variety of formats.

Free Email Tracker

Free Email Tracker Chrome Extension

This tool is completely free and offers tracking of emails without a limited number, with the advantage that it does not add any mark to the shipment. Provide frequent reports by notifying the interactions, opens or clicks that the recipient has made. But apart from being an excellent tracker, also the extension allows you to save messages and use them as a template, schedule emails at specific times and track clicks for free.


Chrome extension by Banatag for Gmail

This tool is similar to the previous ones and is used to indicate if your sent email has been read or deleted. Too helps schedule shipments, create templates, and displays performance metrics. In your inbox you will be able to see open notifications of the performance, as well as the follow-up of the files where it is indicated who saw it, its location, what computer it used as well as the operating system.


GMailer Chrome Extension

This free tool has the advantage that it is completely in Spanish. And the main task is to inform you if the recipient has read the email you sent, but you also get information about the social networks of the messages you receive. Along with mail tracking, gives the option to schedule messages to be sent at another time, helping account management more efficient.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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