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It is no secret to anyone that Google likes it emphasize on technology and beyond that, intervening in different aspects of the digital world to show that everything can be done better. Since it is convinced that some services or manufacturers do not do it well and in most cases, the prices are very high for users.

For this reason, the giant of the G has decided to carry out certain pontifications such as Google Chromecast and its range of smartphones known as “Nexus”, like other risky projects. Among them, we find Google’s Fi Project which, basically, raises a new vision for mobile operators.

Thus, Google Fi stands out for offer cell phone services and functioning as a mobile virtual network operator or MVNO, it provides its users with data, voice and text messages. To learn more about it, keep reading this post in which we bring you all the information of interest about this interesting proposal.

What is Google’s Project Fi and what is this technology for?

This project also known as “Google Fi”, it is a mobile virtual network operator or MVNO service that is provided by the G giant and makes use of pre-existing operator networks to give access to mobile connectivity and data to all its users.

Through this, Google wants to consolidate the idea that a user only you’ll pay a flat fee for the data you consume. In addition, it is important for him that he can always have an absolutely fast network arrangement, depending on where he is located. Likewise, users must be very clear about their conditions and the contract must be simple to understand. With which, wait be able to leave roaming behind.

It should be noted that this proposal was launched in 2015 And starting with a robust network in most of the United States, it has expanded globally. Taking into account that, previously, it only operated with mobiles Nexus, Pixel and Motorola Moto X4, but three years later it was fully compatible with most Android devices and even, with iPhone’s for the first time.

So, in short, Project Fi is considered a technology that allows the client to have several networks at their disposal, in order to have better coverage. In addition to this, so that you only cancel a flat rate, roaming free and of data packets that have a fixed value. Since, Google wants always be connected at the best price, so that you can use more all their products.

Here are some relevant keys to better understand Google Project Fi:

  • The service combines the main mobile networks and Wi-Fi networks to provide greater coverage and, in addition, it automatically switches between them depending on the connection more stable and powerful.
  • While using public Wi-Fi networks, the connection uses a VPN to offer total security.
  • Thanks to the fact that it is a prepaid mobile phone service, you will never have an additional charge or contract for canceling such service.
  • In case of exceeding you around data consumption, the company will not charge you a high rate.
  • Apart from being able to receive calls, voice and text messages on computers and tablets, it also supports it on Android, Windows, iOS smartphones, and even by Google Hangouts.
  • This service has an app where it shows you information about your consumption, your account, your plan and you can have access to support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week (both by email and by phone).

Benefits of Google Fi Is it better than conventional operators?

Benefits of Google Fi Is it better than conventional operators?

In view of the fact that this service of the G wants to go a few steps ahead of the conventional operators, of course it has taken care to guarantee a high quality service. Thanks to this, it is important to take into account the main advantages of using Google Fi and then we detail them here:

Roaming rates at the local rate price

For those who do not know so much about the subject, we clarify that roaming or roaming refers to a concept used in telecommunications to refer to the ability of a wireless device, in this case a smartphone, to make use of a network coverage different from the main one. Thanks to this, you can connect to secondary networks using their identifier in the main network.

This means that, even having the possibility of using the Fi networks in your country and in another region where this service has coverage (around 170 countries), you will not have to pay an additional cost. So you won’t spend any more money using the Google network abroad, which is why these users love to travel.

Better network coverage

As we indicated in the previous section, Google’s Fi Project manages to combine the best mobile networks used in your country and at the same time, Wi-Fi networks in order to offer greater coverage. So, no matter where you are, this service guarantees full assistance.

Thus, it differs from conventional operators that, in some cases, lose the signal in certain places and have no other alternatives to offer their customers. Taking into account that, to save you data, you can change automatically to a Wi-Fi network that shows great quality, with complete security.

Unlimited data

Another advantage of this novel service is the ability to provide unlimited data to your users. Since, even when you have exceeded the agreed data consumption, it will not request an additional high rate to cancel.

In this way, it shows a remarkable distinction with respect to common operators worldwide. With which you will have to pay, obligatorily, a data rate and once you consume these completely, you have to pay again to have megabytes on the device.

Connectivity goes beyond the smartphone

In view of the fact that Google launched SIMs with which its customers can connect to data networks, exclusively; there is the possibility that you connect to the Internet with your mobile rate, but to other devices. These devices can be tablets, laptops and even cars.

Consumers can control their data to the maximum

Among other advantages of this project, we highlight that apart from the fact that users have unlimited data, they also have all the power to manage your data completely. In addition to this, the Google service returns the proportional part of what they have used, at the end of the month. That’s why Fi customers use the mobile data management tool frequently.

In short, it could be said that the Google Fi service ensures better assistance to mobile network users, compared to what all conventional operators offer.

How much does it cost to have Google Fi?

How much does it cost to have Google Fi

In this section of the post, we will highlight the Google Fi prices expressed in euros, but focused on the costs that were established once the service was launched in Spain and Europe, that is, in its beginnings. Taking into account that, due to its adaptation to prices in Spain and market competition, there may be certain modifications.

Now, in general, in order to start using the service, you must cancel around 20 euros, yes or yes. Which basically includes totally unlimited phone calls and texts in the region, as well as low cost international calls and messages. Of course, it also offers the coverage in more than 170 different countries and the option to share the internet or the “Wi-Fi Tethering”.

Now, this payment does not include mobile data and before this, Google Fi gives you the option to choose between 100 MB chunks, ranging from 0 to 6 GB. Thus, at the previous 20 euros approximately, you will have to add 1 euro for every 100 MB you want to get.

In this sense, the price that you will have to pay for Google Fi could be between 20 and 80 euros in total, approximately; during each month. Taking into account that, this will depend on the MB you want and the maximum you can get in this time is up to 6 GB and at that point, the price remains stable at 80 euros. Which is called “Billing protection”.

On the other hand, the service has a system of “Money back of unspent data” during that month that passed. Which means that, if for example, you have contracted a total of 1 GB and only spent 600 MB, you will have 400 MB free and the FI service will return it to you in the form of money. Being of great help to cancel the rate of the next month.

What requirements must my mobile meet to connect to the Fi network?

To begin with, it is very simple to connect your smartphone to Google Fi. Since, currently, Most Android mobiles and iPhones also support this type of network, so you can count on international coverage and flexible data. However, it should be noted that the network change is an exclusive feature of the service which is only available on devices designed for Project Fi.

In reference to this network-specific function that is only supported for phones designed for it, we emphasize that they achieve this because they they have a special radius It supports multiple mobile networks and works perfectly with the Fi SIM card, which also supports the networks of various cell phones. But in the case of other phones, customers can still have a good experience.

In this sense, it is relevant to know the main requirements that your mobile phone must meet to be able to connect to this new type of network:

  • To be compatible with Google Fi, the smartphone will have to be rated as a free, jailbroken or unlocked terminal. In other words, it can be used with SIM cards from any operator.
  • By means of your zip code, you must make sure that the mobile has good coverage in the area.
  • From your smartphone, you will have to proceed to register for free on the official Google Fi website. In order to receive a SIM card at your home, ready to be used.
  • To learn more about this, we recommend enter here. Where you can directly select the brand and model of your mobile, in order to verify if it is compatible or not with the G.

What requirements must my mobile meet to connect to the Fi network

List of Google smartphones that can use the Fi network today

Finally, it is also valuable to take into account which are the mobiles designed by Google that, at present, they can use the Fi network without any limitation and / or inconvenience.

Here is a list of these devices that you can get and buy in all parts of the world:

  • Motorola Moto X4.
  • Motorola Moto G6.
  • Pixel.
  • Pixel XL.
  • Nexus 5X.
  • Nexus 6P.
  • Nexus 6.
  • Pixel 3.
  • Pixel 3 XL.
  • Moto G7.
  • LG V35 ThinQ.
  • LG G7 ThinQ.

Which means that, if you have any of these smartphones from the list, you can use the function to switch between networks and thus, ensure the most optimal coverage. Apart from having unlimited calls and messages, flexible data and at no additional cost, as well as having a signal in more than 170 regions worldwide.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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