GOOGLE FLIGHTS  ▷ What is it and how does it work? ▷ 2020

Has it ever happened to you that when typing in the search engine “flights + departure city + destination city + flight company name”, instead of taking you to their page or results of blogs and other websites where it is discussed, A flight service will appear in the foreground that allows you to know the availability of dates and prices without having to enter any website, in the search results? This is Google Flights, an application in which the giant company makes the leap.

As we will see, this that we have just described is only a preamble, the true functionality, which makes this service interesting and attractive for the user does require the access to the Google Flights site.

Let’s see what it is, what it offers us and how it does it, so that, without eating or drinking it, we find a unifying flight service much faster, comfortable and intuitive than any comparing page and that, in addition, with the passage of time, is offering more and more things.

Google Flights or Google Flights, find your plane tickets at the best price on the Internet

What is and How to use Google Flights

Let’s see what this novelty consists of, which is leading already established comparators and, of course, users, who, we anticipate, are delighted.

What is Google Flights?

Google Flights, as we come forward, is a flight comparison service, like so many on the net today. In it, in a very simple way and with an interface that sucks directly from the corporation’s huge suite of services, we will be able to make inquiries about flights between destinations of our interest on the dates we want. That is the essence; nothing special. But nevertheless, It has details that, little by little, improve the experience.

To Google Flights It is accessed with our Gmail account, so that all our searches and queries as well as reservations and purchases remain correctly stored in the cloud and we have access to all this from any device from which we log in.

Available options

You can choose from options One way or round trip, the number of passengers, the type of ticket you want, the currency in which you want the prices to be shown …

Too you are informed of the recent destinations that have been consulted and you are given suggestions based on your previous budgets entered in other queries as well as in relation to the companies that most queries and destinations that may be of interest to you based on the personal information that Google obtains from you through its various services.

Google Flights

If you access the available map, you will see that, in addition to other parameters to filter flights such as price, the existence of stopovers, the company, the duration of the journeys, etc. we came across a world map showing us examples of available tickets On the selected date from our location or point of origin that we choose.

Thus, we have, at a glance, a lot of interesting options, conveniently filtered, that allow us to know paths that we can take around the entire diameter of the planet. Once you are interested in a flight, New options are given to you including everything from tips to chart displays with prices which are a trend in travel with the characteristics introduced, a comparison with prices in other nearby airports and the possibility of seeing how much the same ticket costs on another nearby date.

In addition, we will end up including among its interesting options the price tracking, which allows you to create a list of flights in which you are interested and know if their price increases or decreases when you visit them.

It is, without doubt, a full-fledged service that, in addition to being light and fast, showing us results from all companies, makes us suggestions and it even gives us ideas of possible destinations with just a quick glance.

How to use Google Flights to find cheap flights?

Google Flights interface

We are going to see what the functionalities of this flight search engine are, from the most basic and easy to carry out to those that add great value.

Choose your origin

Obviously, we start with the airport of origin which, thanks to the location, Google will default to the one closest to your location.

  • However, if you are doing a search for someone else or if you are just not going to leave from there, you can make the change without problem, pressed on the first box of the configurator, which includes a circle inside.
  • Type the city from which you want to take the flight. All the available options will be shown to you, you can choose at your convenience.
  • Press or click on the one you want that is your place of origin, from you take the flight (or another means of transport until you reach the most convenient airport).

Choose your destination

As in the previous case, enter your destination in the second box, which is defined with a location point. You will see that, equally, You can choose, if there is a possibility, between several airports and other nearby stations and destinations recommended.

You can click on the map that you will see a little below. In it you will find prices for flights to different parts of the globe from the chosen origin. You can move through it and do the search, with the same parameters, but seeing the results here. This serves to get an idea of ​​the distances between flights to airports near your origin and it may even give you an idea to make an escada that you have never thought of.

Choose the characteristics of your flight

On the main boxes of airports and dates you will find three options that allow you to customize your flight.

  • Number of flights: You can choose a one-way, round-trip or flying from city to city, creating an itinerary in which you will add flights at will.
  • Number of passengers. You can choose the number of adults, children between 2 and 12 years old and babies both in the lap and in the seat. Essential to know if the flights of your choice have the total number of seats you need.
  • Ticket class. This filter allows you to choose between flights type tourist, premium tourist, business or first class.

Select available dates

Depending on the flight chosen, you will have one or two more after the destination box. These correspond to the outbound date (and back, if any).

  • Click on it to display a calendar in which you can move monthly.
  • Choose the date of your choice.
  • Tap on “Ready”.
  • If you have return flight you will have to do the same for the day of return.

Choosing your flight

  1. With all the parameters entered, perform the search by clicking on “Search for”.
  2. You will find a screen with available flights sorted by price but you can use the filters in the upper area to discard or just doing checks. Select to your liking. With all this, you will have reduced the total number of available flights, so that the ones that remain will be the ones that meet the characteristics you really want. You can:
    • Choose to change to other nearby dates.
    • Choose whether to make stops or not and how many as well as choose the maximum duration of these.
    • Select and deselect companies.
    • Set a maximum price.
    • Limit hours.
    • Select and deselect connecting airports.
    • Choose the maximum duration of the flight.
    • Allow separate banknotes to be displayed.
  3. Choose the one of your choice by pressing about him.
  4. If you have a return flight you will have to do the same to consider your return. The screen is identical and appears automatically once you have clicked on the outbound flight you prefer.

Compare the prices of reservations

Compare flight prices Google Flights

One of the above options It is really interesting and deserves a separate mention. We are talking about the dates, first of the tabs once you have done the search. You can see, without delving into this option, without even choosing it, if there are cheaper flights on nearby days (you have a small notice in the tab).

If you click on this, a whole price comparison will be displayed in calendar (showing in green those that are really bargains), in graph and in relation to nearby airports; A real joy, really!

Price tracking to find the best bargain

Once you have chosen the itinerary with your preferences, you are given the option of making a reservation for those options that keep your wishes. However, we also find something really interesting.

It is a option that allows us to track the itinerary created as is to discover when the lowest price is offered, informing you by email changes and giving you personalized advice.

Plan your day’s activities with Google Trips

Google Trips

Google Trips It is the icing on an already succulent and delicious cake. Is is a travel app designed to have all the information on your next adventure at hand. This includes reservations for both flights and hotels, information on destination cities, important points, tips and aspects to consider, itineraries and discounts.

Discover the amount of things it allows you to do:

  • Everything you buy using your Google account it will be added automatically.
  • Also, you can make tourism itineraries by selecting points on maps, something that the application facilitates by giving you the times of the places to visit, so that it allows you to create a day of visits without surprises.
  • Another logical aspect if we consider this is that lets us know where we are in every moment.
  • He will also tell you where have you been and where are you going.
  • It is really interesting how complete his offline mode, which allows you to enjoy many of its options without consuming data, something essential if we travel to countries where roaming is not free.
  • You can filter shows, visits and other entertainments based on various characteristics, including those close to you.
  • Very useful information is what is offered to you about telephone and address of various places with which you may have to communicate.
  • possibility of save premises to favorites, detail what visits we have made and where we have been.
  • Grouping of reservation emails of the trip, so that they are more easily accessible when all together.
  • All information is saved, so that after the trip, there is a memory that we can review.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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