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When you finish reading this post, where We will explain everything about the Google Images function of the search engineyou’ll realize you’ve been missing something truly useful for many purposes.

That’s right, because it is not just about spending a while looking at images of different types on your device, but also the function is there to help you in your work in different ways.

Throughout the content, which we hope you like, you will know what Google Images is about, how it works, what it is for and our tips for learn to use it in the best way.

What is Google Images and what is this online search engine for?

Google and other search engines

We are talking about the functionality offered by the Google search engine to find all kinds of images, such as photographs, infographics, drawings and other visual elements. The search results, we will see them returned in a similar way as when we search for something on different websites.

For a faster and more comfortable viewing, Google Images shows us a mosaic of them, with information that allows us to know the website where they were originally posted. It is important to know that Google images only supports images in six specific formats, which are JPEG, GIF, BMP, SVG, PNG and WebP.

Accessing Google Images services is extremely easy, being able to do it in the following ways:

  • Writing directly in the search bar of Google.
  • Selecting “images” in the options shown above the results when you do an ordinary search for web pages.

Among other things, Google images it helps you to search segmented as you need, being able to do it selectively by color, size, publication date, use rights and even type of image according to its format.

How is Google Images different from Google Photos?

If you are still not sure, from here we tell you that you should not confuse the Google Images service with the application Google Photos, which is what we use to store our photos and videos of a personal nature, which we can share with others privately.

Google images It has been designed for somewhat different purposes, since in your case we can take advantage of images of various types for endless activities; being able to publish ours as well, that will be included in Google search results. But beware, so that the images are possible must be added to a website, accompanied by a description of the same, since otherwise it will be impossible for said images to be indexed to the search results.

How does SEO work in the Google image search engine?

Learn how to use Google Image Search like an expert

As with the texts that you have probably already published sometime, SEO in Google Images relies on different parameters so that yours gain visibility, which is the same as saying that they appear in the first search results.

To make this possible, the Google Images algorithm will be taking into account aspects such as the originality and quality of the visual elements that are published making use of the functionality, which must be oriented to facilitate and make their consumption more user-friendly. All this will be translating into generation of higher traffic towards the site or blog from where each of the published images originates.

Something to be grateful for has to do with the fact that, unlike text search results, users get up to 40 image suggestions when they use the image search engine, against only 10 in the case of textual content. That way, it will be much easier for you to position your publications in the first results, since in this case the users they won’t have to go through many pages to find your work.

You should also take note that, on many occasions, the images with which you accompany your textual works may be included in common search results. All of this is especially useful, especially if in your case you dedicate yourself to publishing tutorials or content on deep topics, for which the images help to facilitate the understanding of the subject by those who visit you.

Tips for getting the most out of Google Images

search images based on similar photos images google box

As you can see, make use of the function Google images, brings a whole accumulation of advantages that should not be wasted. But to maintain them, it will always be necessary to be careful to follow some guidelines.

The following tips will help you in your first steps using your photos, drawings and other visual elements through this excellent tool put at your fingertips by Google:

Make your website multiplatform

Every time we prepare to develop any marketing strategy, the first thing we should do is make sure we reach a greater number of users. In this sense, from the moment you decide to make use of Google images For the marketing of your brand, you must bear in mind that the number of users who make use of the platform using mobile devices it is greater than those who do it through computers.

So the best thing is that you design your website always trying to make it compatible with devices with different characteristicsThis in terms of size and other aspects of said devices.

That there is coherence between image and text

This has a lot to do with improve user experience. That makes it necessary that when choosing an image to accompany a text, you must make sure that in addition to being striking, it is consistent with the content.

In addition to that, always try to make sure that each of your images has original properties, since the Google Images search engine gives preponderance to the material that has this attribute. A good way to achieve this purpose is to go to the different free-use image banks that are at hand on the Internet, to which you can make modifications to your liking and convenience.

Optimize the name of each file

The titles of the images help the user to more quickly find visual information of each website, being in fact one of the most interesting functions of Google images. As this is the case, it is recommended that you spend some time optimizing the names of your visual files.

This is achieved by using names that be both short and descriptive, avoiding using characters that could be confusing for the search engine. A good trick is to name each image with words related to your texts that you want to position, avoiding always name the images that you are going to publish in the same text.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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