Google Snippet  What is it? How to Optimize it ▷ 2021

The Snippet is one of the most important parts when we want to improve the SEO of our page or blog. There are several elements that you must optimize before you can obtain wonderful results in the Google SERP.

If you still do not fully understand the Snippet importance in the search results of Google, then we recommend you read completely this article, because we will show you all the information related to this topic.

Optimization is fundamental to improve SEO, explanation that you will find throughout this article. We will show you the step by step and the recommendations that you must follow so that the Snippet of your tickets are correctly optimized.

What is the Snippet of a search result in Google and what is it for?

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When we do a search in Google, and we see in the result a list of options that are identified with titles and description, we can call it Snippets. These are completely essential for SEO.

A good Snippets can be the motivator for the increase in clicks received in organic searches, so it is not only important for SEO, but also for attract people or audience to the web. These Snippets can contain the keywords that drive better positioning in Google’s indexes.

The trick is to integrate words that impact, and that is related to the subject, with a CTA sufficient to attract an audience, but without exaggeration. It is these cuts, the ones that summarize in a few characters, the client or google user, what you will find on our page, and why you will not be able to find it elsewhere. At this point it plays an important role, since, if we depend on organic searches, we must make good use of this.

Parts of the Snippet How is this element of the SERP made up?


If you use WordPress for your website, and you use Yoast Seo, as a plugin to improve your SEO, you can identify snippet parts faster.

If you still do not understand very well what these elements consist of, we will show you below:


Anywhere in the world the appropriate title is essential to attract attention and identify better what we offer. These titles must contain between 55 to 70 characters, summarizing the theme of the content of the page or blog entry. When Google launches its bots to index websites, The first thing it uses to sort in its index is the title that we have determined.


A slug, is the identifier of a URL, which is located after the domain name, divided with a slash (/). The function of this is to specify the content of our blog post, since it is not the main page. These must be written precisely, so that the user can easily remember it. On the other hand, a large percentage also influences the search engine, since it is inserted in codes, ready for you to the Google spiders interpret them.


Also known as small descriptions, the purpose of which is to summarize the content that will be displayed on our pages. They do not always have to be visible, as it depends on Google. Most importantly, the meta descriptions, are fully visible to bots Google, and use the words and phrases to locate us in their search results. The presence of this can help improve the SEO of our page by 99%.

Learn step by step how to optimize the Snippet of your posts for Google

If you wish learn to optimize the Snippet of your posts, you are in the perfect place to learn it as it should be.

Next, we will show you everything you must do so that your blog entries have a good position in the Google index, and you can get all the traffic you want:

Optimize title

As we mentioned before, this is the most important element when establishing a Snippet, because it has greater relevance and visibility both for the audience and for Google. In the optimization process we must take several points into account, and among them and more importantly, is the number of characters to be displayed in the search engine, since if we exceed the established limit, we will have a complement of ellipsis instead of the title.

The number of characters for an SEO title must be 58 maximum, thus ensuring that no part of it will be cut off. Although, in recent tests, it has now been found that Google’s algorithm counts the letters M and W as two or three characters, so we must be attentive when we write titles that contain them.

Optimize Slug

If your page or blog is based on administration systems such as WordPress, Typo3, or Django, you probably should change your url settings. Normally our servers have configured to set us URL of the type However, the Slug is not specific at all, and neither the audience nor the search engine will be able to understand how to position ourselves better.

For this reason we must configure our equipment and identify the URLs according to the theme of our entries. Our tickets must have a correct configuration for the Slug. Now, it is true that the work does not stop there, since the URLs would be established with the title given to the entry, and on many occasions this It’s not the best option.

The important thing about a Slug is that it contains the appropriate keywords, at this point the articles and connectors do not take importance, so we must work our Slug in the following way:


We must modify it in such a way that it is shorter, the better the reading for the bot, we will have advantages compared to other sites:


Typing only the keywords, we will have greater visibility. It is necessary to avoid at all costs, establishing long and complicated URLs, not only because it discriminates against us in the results, but also because it is more difficult for our users to memorize our site, that even if you do not believe it, there are still users like that, and not we must lose them.

Optimize Metadescription

To optimize our Metadrescription we must do a complete summary and broad of what we are going to show.

Our meta description must be composed of a formula so that it is correctly optimized:

  • Attention: Since bold letters cannot be added, they must be replaced with words or phrases in capital letters so that they can stand out and attract the attention we are looking for.
  • Interest: The use of the ellipsis is really important in this element, because it causes intrigue in what we want to show. It is recommended to include it when we are going to mention relevant but not complete information.
  • Wish: the desire refers to showing the words that we know that our users will click on just reading them.
  • Action: Finally the famous CTA (Call to Action), we must always include words that tempt the reader to access the page.

We cannot bypass the character limit, so we must not exceed 156 characters. If our intention is not to cut the information we show, we will never exceed the limit because we will have some magnificent ellipses at the end. Also, the use of keywords with their proper synonyms is recommended, so that it can appear in the different searches. By completing all these steps you are sure to get impressive SEO!

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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