GREENWARE  What is it and what is it for? + Examples ▷ 2020

The world is changing by leaps and bounds. Not only in the evolution in computing and in welfare for people, but also on much more complex issues that lead to awareness about the pollution of our planet Earth.

Technology can be used as a very efficient means of protecting the environment, which is often polluted by it. In other words, it can be protected by means of software that is designed for a green activity. But at the same time its license requires the user to care for the environment.

We will see in this article what a “Greenware” and what tasks you can perform to access a program of this type. Finally, we will make our recommendations for downloading the most popular programs that are used with green licenses.

What is a Greenware and how does this software license work?

What is a Greenware and how does this software license work?

Greenware is green licensed software that is distributed for environmental awareness. The author of the computer development asks the user to carry out one or more behaviors that are productive and can make a contribution, either particular or general, in the protection of Planet Earth. This does not imply that the software is open source or free.

It is also considered with this name to use with green hardware. For example, you can get computers whose screens are made with recyclable material and the raw materials are renewable.

In addition, it should also be noted that the installation of all computer services must have a green conscience.

What are the most common tasks that we must perform to gain access to a Greenware?

It is important to clarify that it is not necessary that you have to do all the tasks that we will show you below. This is so because it will depend on the Greenware you purchase, since each of these software will depend on or be focused on a specific green activity.

The most common tasks are:

Support Greenpeace

Support Greenpeace

As you may already know, Greenpeace is a for-profit organization dedicated to the sustained support of the environment. It has different volunteers around the world who are actively dedicated to environmental awareness. You can support the organization through donations or by downloading the Greenpeace software so that with your mobile you can defend the environment.

This will allow you to sign different petitions to support initiatives anywhere in the world. Further, will allow you to comment on current campaigns carried out by this organization and also share news that can generate a significant risk in the environment. It is available for Android and iOS.

Plant a tree

Human beings need oxygen to breathe, something we all know. But what many times we do not find out is to say that trees are an inexhaustible source of this vital element for the people. In this way, green spaces (such as parks or sites in cities with different types of plants) are considered as an urban lung.

For this reason, planting a tree is an act of awareness not only for us but also for future generations who will be able to enjoy these air generators. You must bear in mind that indiscriminate felling causes global warming, since these plants are also related to the rain cycle and therefore to the global temperature.

Some software, in their distribution, ask you to plant a tree in exchange for the license of the program. An example of this is “Forest”, an application to raise awareness in planting virtual and real trees.

Give up smoking

Smoking is an important factor in the environmental mix, since the smoke contains particles of nicotine and tar that cause diseases not only to smokers, but also to the rest of the people. Being for the latter, according to scientific studies, more harmful than for those who directly ingest the smoke contaminated.

You can use different applications to help you quit smoking. One of these is “Stop Smoking”, which will help you so that when you have moments of tension or nervousness you can use it offline and thus avoid lighting a cigarette.

Go to an activist demonstration

An activist demonstration is not only necessary to draw the attention of authorities and people who make important decisions that affect the environment, but it is also very useful to generate hope to everyone. Since in this way a collective thought is achieved that achieve positive actions for environmental care.

An application that can be used for this point is that of Greenpeace, which we have already analyzed before. But there are also other ways with which you can find out about all the activist marches that you can resort to, one of these is “GDEL Project”.

Change to a less polluting car

Other factors that produce global warming is the emission of toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide that emanate cars with a traditional fuel. Fortunately, this trend is disappearing with the implementation of motors with electric propulsion.

This allows not only to have less environmental pollution, but also to non-renewable energies such as hydrocarbons will not be depleted quickly. This is how you get two good results in one action. Downloading an application for electric cars will allow you to have a better management and greater collaboration in your green footprint. This is the case of “Charge and Parking”. Available for Android and iOS.

Examples of Greenware What are the most popular programs that use this environmental license?

Greenware Examples What are the most popular programs that use this environmental license?

If you want to leave a green vestige on the planet, you should consider the following applications we have separated for you so you can enjoy your planet through these environmental licenses.

These are:

CyberTracker software

It was designed to protect the African flora and fauna. You will be able to obtain photographs, audios, interviews and any other information that is relevant for this activity. The program can be configured to suit user preferences, creating a true field for collecting geo-referenced samples.

In this way what is involved is to avoid the extinction of different animal species and also fauna without which threats to people’s existence could be generated. It is free to download and has an instruction manual.

Download CyberTracker software Windows


It is an application developed in our country that allows to know the electricity consumption of a house. It generates awareness, since it improves energy efficiency and thus pollutants to the environment can be reduced. Since the least amount of non-renewable energy is used. It is designed for Android, and to use it you will have to buy a special meter for around € 120.

Green Globe

If you are really committed to the environment, you should not overlook this application, as will help you find green tourism services on your trips. In order to offer sustainable activities, it is necessary to have a global certification. It can be approved after an analysis of up to 40 criteria, so the list is quite safe because the services had to pass very demanding tests. It is available for iOS and Android.

Download Green Globe APK Android

iHuerting Start

Fertilizers are one of the most polluting elements that our environment has. If you want to improve this situation, you will have to download the application that It will help you to have a small plantation of your own vegetables and fruits, regardless of whether or not you have a garden. This app will help you from the first steps to sow to harvest your own food. You can download them for an Android or iOS mobile.


Urban waste is one of the most important problems that we have in humanity, since very little percentage of it can be recycled. So that you are aware and can leave your green footprint on the planet, it will be necessary to download this app that it will help you answer your questions about the different waste that can or cannot be recycled. This will make you aware when choosing your consumer products and thus better the planet for future generations. You can download it for iPhone.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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