Grow Hacking  What It Is + Activities and Importance ▷ 2020

Growth Hacking for several years has become one of the most efficient marketing techniques for brands in the digital world. In the social networks turns out to be a very valuable ally for any company.

Growth hacking It is a methodology in which it tries to greatly improve growth and engagement, something that in turn is very useful because a profile with good retention will always have its growth assured.

Next we are going to tell you all about this marketing philosophy and how to apply it to your social media campaigns and strategies from scratch.

What is Growth Hacking and what is it for in social networks?


Growth hacking is a set of techniques and strategies focused on getting a large amount of traffic for a brand and growing its popularity. It is one of the bases of growth for web pages, and also for social profiles.

With Growth hacking we can greatly improve the quality of traffic and the audience of our brand, since it not only focuses on making this number grow, but also with real and quality users. This is extremely important in social networks, since it allows you profile keep gaining followers of your content, and in turn they interact much more with it.

This will make your content have more engagement and the same platforms take care of giving priority to your publications thanks to its algorithms. This is a strategy for all types of accounts, from those with less than 100 to those that already exceed a million. So if you still don’t know how to apply it, it’s time for you to learn in detail how to get the most out of it.

What are the advantages and benefits of using Growth Hacking on social networks?

All these strategies are intended to grow your brand’s number of followers and traffic, but this in turn translates into other benefits:

  • Improve the reach of your brand: When a profile has a constant growth of followers, the algorithms of the platforms begin to give more relevance to its content and teach it to more users, which makes the reach of your brand grow considerably.
  • Increase retention: not only will you get your profile to have more followers, but they will be more attracted to your content, which considerably improves retention, something that in turn enhances the previous benefit.
  • It is cheap: growth hacking strategies are much cheaper than others, which will allow you to achieve better results for a much lower investment.
  • Adjusts to the needs of your brand: you can focus your strategy to obtain the results you require, without the need for this to be a large company. Any brand can use it, making it ideal for startups and SMEs.
  • Generate innovative ideas: There are so many ways to grow your followers legally that you can use your creativity to devise unique strategies that differentiate your brand from others in the industry.

Learn about the best Growth Hacking strategies to use on social networks


If you are already convinced that this is the strategy you want to apply to your brand, here are the best Growth Hacking strategies that you can apply on social networks:

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the bases of growth hacking, since the quality of the content we create is essential to give relevance to a profile and make more people feel attracted to it, and in this way want to follow us to continue enjoying everything we share with them. What you should do is analyze your competition and their publications, to come up with better content than theirs. So the first thing to do is a good posting plan.


The SEM is the acronym that is used to identify paid advertising on the Internet. This is an excellent strategy as it allows us to segment our audience so that we focus our campaigns so that only those people who best fit our buyer persona. This allows the ads to be more efficient.

Email Marketing

A classic of digital marketing that never loses its validity. Not just because it is one of the best ways to take advantage of the leads we collect from our audience, but it is also an excellent way to retain users with our brand. There are several types of email marketing such as newsletters or mail promotions.


This tool has come in handy for growth hacking, making it possible with it to provide immediate attention to our customers, and serve as a fundamental step to make a sale. If someone comes to your bot it is because they are very interested in your products.

Buy followers

The purchase of followers is a very controversial strategy since many think that it can be counterproductive and affect the engagement of a brand. But nevertheless, buy Instagram followers For example, it has been shown to be a good strategy since the more followers you have, the more relevant your profile is to its algorithm.

Romuald fons, expert SEO, showed that buy followers for instagram It enabled him to gain nearly 100,000 new followers and verify his account as a public figure. Neither their reach nor their engagement were affected and today he is one of the most important digital marketing personalities in Spain.

Influencer Marketing

Finally we have collaborations with influencers that today are one of the most efficient ways to gain popularity and real followers on any social network. Influencers are people who have a large audience on their backs for a specific niche.

Today it is normal to see how brands of swimwear, underwear or drinks use girls with thousands of followers to strengthen their brand. One of the most popular campaigns is that of Bang Energy, a company that sells energy drinks that you may have already seen an ad on the profiles of any IG hottie that you follow on your profile.

Learn how to do Growth Hacking in the main social networks to grow your brand


Everyone has different strategies and tactics, the right thing to do would be to aim for a single objective “growth” all businesses and companies point in one direction and Growth Hacking has become that way, and it is a new way of doing social media marketingThat is why many experts point out that there is no single way to make a popular product, but that there are different ways, and one of them is applying Growth Hacking.

Here are some tips to apply these techniques on the main social platforms that we know today:

Growth Hacking on Facebook

Although Facebook seems very simple, its operation is very complex and complicatedBecause Facebook works a lot on the interaction between users, Facebook gives you the advantage of turning your personal page into a business or professional page. This will help you further segment the consumers of your content or product. All you have to do is interact with other users using your professional profile. You can too write humorously to your competitors.

You can also interact with your users, one of the most popular strategies applied by Netflix Latin America on its Facebook profile. Another strategy is to ask users what they want, this has become very popular in profiles such as Coca – Cola, where they interact and do marketing surveys and then apply these improvements to their products. It is also necessary to raffle any product to maintain that emotion of the users to participate and thus feel closer to the relationship between the client company.

Growth Hacking on Twitter

Applying Growth Hacking on Twitter is very complex because Twitter is driven by temporary trendsOne of the most used strategies is follow for follow or follow me and I follow you, this translates into following excessively active users and your retribution will be that users follow you back, this will help increase the number of followers of your account.

You can create custom hashtags which will help your product go viral and that users identify you quickly and understand you. You can take advantage of viral trends and use the hashtags that are positioned in your favor, or create campaigns that are related to the viral content of the day, this has helped many companies or startups to grow very fast.

Growth Hacking on Instagram

Apply Growth Hacking in Instagram is very similar to Twitter but with a certain degree of complexity, that is, Instagram is driven by content and one of the things you can do is take advantage of hashtags to segment the content and reach more people. You can also take advantage of the stories, because you can do surveys or live videos interacting directly with people, do surveys and know what users want.

Instagram It has become very popular in recent times, so much so that it is one of the most powerful social networks, many people take advantage of this power to run contests in exchange for followers, the well-known “giveaways” that will help you get a lot of followers. The secret is to offer something to users and in return they will follow your account and exchange interactions.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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