Grow on YouTube  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

If what you are looking for is grow your YouTube channel To be a true influencer on the platform, you will have to follow the step by step that we will show you in this article.

Too you will be able to know which are the most outstanding advantages to have a channel with many subscribers and what types of channels have the most followers.

Pay attention to all the details that we will show you below because you will find the most important information so that you have a guaranteed success in Youtube. Take a look and don’t miss a thing.

What are the advantages of having a channel with many subscribers on YouTube?

What are the advantages of having a channel with many subscribers on YouTube?

By having a large number of subscribers on your YouTube channel, you will have the possibility of doing business more frequently. That is, many companies will look to you to make commercial contracts in which you should present or recommend their products. In addition, you will have more options to be recognized and therefore you will be able to create new ventures that can be leveraged by the channel of Youtube.

On the other hand, you will have the possibility of create your brand in an easier way, due to the characteristics of the streaming platform. This will help you branding to be done faster and with fewer options for deviations from your goals. When you do the optimization of your content in Youtube you will have a better chance of obtaining a better organic positioning in Google. This will allow you to strengthen other social networks.

Learn step by step how to grow your YouTube channel

Learn step by step how to grow your YouTube channel

To grow your YouTube channel quickly and safely you will have to follow this guide:

Collaborate with other youtubers

This is one of the most common activities that exist among entrepreneurs who have YouTube channels. It consists of choosing accounts that have a large number of followers to hold events together.

In this way you will need to give the other person a video or topic of interest and in which you know him or are an expert. On the other hand, the youtuber will mention you on his channel so that you gain popularity. Commercial contracts can be generated through money or exchange of services.

Create entertaining content

One of the big mistakes people who want to grow their channel make is upload videos that do not have a positive impact on the audience. That is, they make the mistake of delivering monotonous content, without image editing and little entertaining. For this reason, you will have to know how to deliver videos to your followers that help them find what they were looking for and that, in addition, the minutes that the content lasts pass quickly.

Distribute and viralize the content

If you need to grow your channel in a short time You should use other social networks that help you make the content viral. For this reason, you will have to include in your social media plan actions that serve to publish your videos on Instagram, Facebook Y Twitter You can also do it on websites that are related to your brand.

You must not lose focus of YouTube, so you will be able to viralize the content using, in the description and in the title of the video you upload, SEO optimized texts. This will help you to improve your search positions, but also to be found much easier.

Run sweepstakes and contests

A good idea is to do among your followers and in the people who subscribe to your channel and share your content in a giveaway. This will help you increase visibility and arouse people’s interest. It is recommended that you comment on all the rules and requirements to participate in the contest from day one. Within these they must inform when the raffle will be and in what public way you will do it.

Constantly upload new videos

It is important that you regularly upload new videos. This will help you to be detected by the YouTube algorithm more easily and so you appear in the first search positions. In addition, with this style of strategy you will be able to impact your audience because they can always find topics related to your channel that will be entertaining and with good content. You must not forget that the quality of the images has to be the best possible.

The seven types of channels that attract the most subscribers on YouTube

The seven types of channels that attract the most subscribers on YouTube

We will show you below the types of channels that have the most subscribers on the streaming platform:


In this type of channel you can find a large number of topics that are related to science, the environment, leisure, riddles and any other topic that is interesting and arouses people’s curiosity. There are channels, like XpressTV, which exceed 12 million subscribers in Spanish.


Anyone who has started a venture or is about to do one, should read the tips, stories and ideas that these types of channels have. If you want to get a large number of subscribers, you will have to upload interviews with leaders, marketing lessons and any topic related to project investments on your channel. This is what it does TED, a channel with more than 7 million subscribers.


Personal growth is another topic highly sought after by users of Youtube. For this reason, creating a channel with tips to live better and that are worth spreading to help others is a good idea if you want a large number of subscribers on your channel. Take a look at Mindalia Television, a canal around 1 million followers.


Every time a person wants to do DIY at home or learn about math or any other activity, they frequently search for channels on Youtube that contain the step by step to show them how to solve the task they have undertaken. For this reason, tutorial channels have a great acceptance on the streaming platform. For example, Ann Look has 1 million subscribers and upload videos about makeup techniques for different situations.


You can create a recipe channel in which you will upload videos to surprise your family and friends and that are related to the secrets and the preparation of novel foods and dishes. This type of channel has a great acceptance among users of Youtube, being one of the ones with the most interactions on the platform. For example, the channel MJ’s Recipes over a million of subscribers and enjoys great popularity in Youtube.


This type of channel is aimed at people who love video game. They will be able to find tutorials on how to pass a particular level or how to access different tricks through the combination of keys. In turn, you will be able to see videos that were recorded when the same YouTubers were playing.

For this reason, creating a channel of this type is a good idea if you want to get a large number of followers. This is what happens with the channel elrubiusOMG, which has more than 38 million users who follow its contents.


In these types of channels you can find information related to life and daily tasks carried out by certain people. These youtubers upload videos to the platform in which you can see their trips, how to prepare a meal or any other activity that they carry out every day.

Justin Bieber is a benchmark in this type of channel, since has more than 45 million followers. But if you are not a famous singer you can also create your personal blog, as is the case with the channel Luisito Communicates, a traveler who has more than 32 million subscribers.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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