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In the case of the IP you can find what they are private and public, a Public IP is the one that is generally used to mount internet servers, so it is necessary that the IP does not change and always stays the same. That is why you are Public IP always they are configured in a fixed and not dynamic way, although it should be mentioned that they can also be configure dynamics.

While in the case of the private IP it is almost always over dynamically configuring by a DHCP server, although in some cases is fixedly configured and in that way I can control access to the local network. In the case of public ones, they usually have a additional monthly cost for their services.

Be able to use Non-private IPs without a doubt it offers you very important benefits, especially lets you keep updated DNS server all the time. In accordance with this, here we teach you a little more about the fixed IP and all the advantages you can get with it. To do this, follow in detail everything that we will explain in the post.

What are the main advantages of having a fixed IP instead of a dynamic one?

What are the main advantages of having a fixed IP instead of a dynamic one?

As already mentioned above, having a fixed IP will undoubtedly offer you a series of very important advantages, which could not be obtained if you decide have a dynamic IP.

That is why below we show you the main benefits that you can obtain:

Allows you to connect to FTP or Web servers

You will be able to be aware of connections to Web or FTP servers that you have in your local network, so you can access all files that you have in the network hard drive or either on the router. This allows you set up your own web server so that you can host your own web pages and that way not be depending on what are external servers, which in many cases becomes a problem.

You can enable remote connections

Have a fixed IP it will permit you enable remote connections from any location to a computer within your local network. In this way, you will have the possibility to work from any Internet access. Also, if you have previously configured correctly what is router port opening and redirection you can work directly from your computer as if you were at home.

You can access video control or video surveillance devices

It will allow you to have access to what can be a IP camera that you have in your home and that allows you to verify that everything is fine. This means that you will have the possibility to be monitoring all the time those specific spaces you want be watched 24 hours a day.

Produces lower latency

It can be said that one of the most important aspects when having a fixed IP is that these translate into network connections with lower latency, which is very important for what they are online games. This means that if you like to be playing on the web, it is best to use a fixed IP.

They use IP certificates

Finally, it is important to mention that these connections use certificates over IP, what gives you the possibility of increase security in each of the connections. That is why this type of service is usually used mostly by public administrations, banks and companies where they must ensure that the user always have access to the same computer and to the same location. In this way you can avoid risks and insecurity that may affect the performance of the institution or company.

Steps to obtain a free fixed IP for your Internet connection

Steps to obtain a free fixed IP for your Internet connection

Bearing in mind all the benefits what can you get at the time of have a fixed and not dynamic IP, you only have to know the steps so you can get your IP for free.

To do this, follow in detail each of the steps that we are going to explain below:


The DynDNS is one of the most popular services today, in case you take the decision to sign up for the dynamic DNS service you will have the possibility of associate your IP with a subdomain as “Connection-name.dyndns.com”. In addition, it should be mentioned that this service has gone from be free with payment, so it has lost much of its appeal to the home user.


If you use this No-IP service you will have the opportunity to associate up to a total of three dynamic public IP addresses to its corresponding subdomain. But you must keep in mind that this only will be valid for 30 daysalthough you can renew again at no cost. This way you can start to enjoy some of the advantages that can be obtained with the fixed IP, especially for what they are remote connections.


It can be said that its website is not the most attractive of all, but despite this it is capable of offering a very good service capable of translating your dynamic IP with the use of dynamic DNS. This means that you will have the opportunity to connect through a domain name easily up to total of five different public IPs.

Pay with telephone operators

It is important to mention that the options mentioned above do not always give the expected result, so having other options available is very good alternative. And is that a way to achieve all this with a high odds ratio for everything to work out correctly is to hire a Fixed IP with your telecommunications operator.

In this way through Orange you will have the opportunity to add that service to your network connection. All of this has become the option more viable, effective and comfortable that you can start using. This way you will not depend on renovations or services that constantly change the usage policy.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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