Have Fixed IP on the Computer from the Router  Guide ▷ 2020

To be able to identify the different devices that are members of a private or public network, the protocol corresponding to the TCP / IP model is used, is what we commonly call identification by IP address.

As we will explain later, there are dynamic IPs that regularly change numbers and Fixed IP which are the opposite case, since they keep the number during all the connections that are made. Having an Internet protocol assigned to a device has important advantages that we will also analyze in this post.

In addition, we will show you all the data you need to take into account to be able to access a static IP, configured from our network router. If you need to have more information about which operators provide this service, do not miss this article.

What is the use of associating a static IP to a computer from the router? Advantage

As we said, there are two classes of IP addresses. The public one, which is granted by our Internet operator, which can be dynamic or fixed. This will depend on the service we hire, since if we want to pay a few more euros we can have an IP of this kind.

The second classification we have is the private IP, the same is generated by our router and it is used in the home or internal network that we have in our house or in the company.

When we surf the Internet, We do not use the private IP but the public one, which is the one assigned to us by the provider and is used to identify us on the web.

The private IP serves to have knowledge of each of the devices that make up the network, according to a consecutive number delivered by the router through the DHCP service. These are numbers that have a range assigned by default. It also takes care of the subnet mask, default gateway, and DNS.

Therefore, these numbers they can change every time we connect to the private network, thus obtaining a private IP, but at the same time dynamic. This happens because we will not always have the same number assigned by DHCP.

What is important about this function is that there will never be two members of the network with the same address because they would generate serious conflicts between them.

If we need to have a stable or fixed IP numberWe will have to configure the router in the DHCP section, but we will see this issue later.

Now, we will dedicate ourselves to analyze all the advantages that we achieve when we set the private IP of our computer through the configuration of the router.

The benefits are:

Traffic control of a device

When we have a fixed IP in a private network, we can control the data traffic that the device to which the network belongs will have. Internet Protocol address. In this way we will deliver certain privileges or benefits to the devices that we consider necessary.

Stable connections

Thanks to the possibility of associating a static IP of a computer, we can obtain more stable Internet connections and at the same time with lower latency, because in this way we assign special privileges to those devices, leaving aside those that we are not interested in. Thus, the bandwidth is divided more efficiently.

Unique IP address

Unique IP address

Once we have configured a IP adress fixed to a certain device, This will have the exclusivity of always using the same IP, thus generating benefits that are granted by its rank within our interest.

We avoid in this way that there are limitations for those computers in which you must have the possibility of accessing different Internet sites, limiting others.

Higher connection speed

By having a fixed IP assigned, we can grant you better data packet transmission, as well as for downloading and uploading them to the different devices that make up the network.

Fixed IP on game consoles

It is ideal for those people who like online video games, since by assigning a fixed IP to the console we are granting it exclusive benefits, with which we can play with a much more stable connection to the Internet server and at the same time reliable.

Steps to establish a fixed IP to your computer from the WiFi router

We have the possibility to configure our computer or any mobile device that belongs to the private network a fixed IP and we can do it through our router.

The steps that we will need to follow to carry out this configuration are those detailed below:

  • We tighten “Windows + R”.
  • We write the command “Cmd”.
  • A command line window will appear in MS-DOS, where will we write “Ipconfig / all”.
  • Show a line with different results. Among others, the IP address, the subnet mask, the DNS server and the MAC address (It can also appear as a physical address). This last number is the one that interests us to be able to configure the fixed IP in our router, therefore, we copy it.
  • We enter the router interface and look for the section “Network”.
  • We click on “LAN”.
  • We select the option “DHCP Binding”.
  • We enter the MAC address in each of the six enabled boxes,
  • Next, we enter the corresponding IP.
  • We click on “Add”.

Is it possible to contract a static IP with my operator? Which ones do it and how much does it cost?

As we have previously mentioned, the telephone service operators provide us with this service according to an additional cost in the rates that we have contracted.

It is necessary to clarify that, as the telecommunications market is constantly changing, There are OMV’s companies and they can also provide this service temporarily, which we will dedicate to the main suppliers only.

These operators are:


When we need to hire a unique identification for our company that allows us to raise our security level in Internet connections, we can hire this operator for around € 15 per month, which does not include VAT. Thanks to this service we have the possibility of obtaining access to external video surveillance services, as well as we can remotely control different applications.


We will agree to contract the fixed address service, calling Customer Service to the number 1470 and if we want a service for Business client we will call 1471. In these phones they will inform us about the cost of the service with which we can have the same IP number, provided that we have contracted a fiber optic or ADSL Internet rate and that they are compatible with a stable address.


Contracting a fiber optic tariff of 300 Mbps or ADSL up to 20 Mbps, we can have IP addressing for free. For more information we have to call 1496 for free and we will be served by the commercial representatives of this operator.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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