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If you still don’t know Facebook Gaming has become the new Facebook service who has created his own social network dedicated mainly to e-sports.

This service is mainly characterized by including what are live and pre-recorded video broadcasts. This service aims to become the leading video content platform, directly competing with platforms such as YouTube and Twitch.

Therefore, if you are already part of this community and want to grow in it you can do it by getting that your transmissions have many more viewsTo do this, follow in detail everything that we will explain in the post.

Learn step by step the best tips so that your direct videos on Facebook Gaming have more views

In order to be successful on this type of platform, it is important to have a large community faithful to your content, since success in these cases is basically measured by the number of views your direct videos have. That is why your main objective in these cases should be to achieve many more visits for each of your reproductions.

In accordance with this, here we are going to teach you some tips so that you can improve all this and achieve the desired success:

Run contests and giveaways

Run contests and giveaways

There is no doubt that this type of activity is one of the best options to get followers and views to your content and is that it is characterized by generating a great impact. That is why the most feasible if you want to grow in a community like that of Facebook Gaming is to create sweepstakes from time to time offering some product or some benefit for the contestants.

Depending on what you offer in said contest this It could bring you a large number of followers and this translates into views for your live shows. Although the chances of winning are very small, this will make many people want to participate there, including people from the community who do not know you, so it is a very good alternative to reach many more users.

Upload valuable and exclusive content

Upload valuable and exclusive content

This type of advice works on all platforms live videos how can it be YouTube or Twitch, so you can start implementing it in Facebook Gaming. You must bear in mind that the average a person spends watching a video on the Internet is usually 30 to 40 minutes, since after this time it can become somewhat tedious.

According to this, the most advisable thing is that you believe content that provides a value to the community and above all that is exclusive. By joining these two aspects, you will surely be able to create quality content that attracts all the necessary attention from viewers, those who, when they get quality content, surely want to have a good time seeing everything you show there.

Plan your live videos before launching them

Plan your live videos before launching them

Another of the most important tips that you should always keep in mind is that of plan your presentations in advance, as this will help you prepare your content and thus ensure that everything comes out correctly. Keep in mind that when planning your presentations, it will give you time to think about a correct strategy and that can lead you to success.

In addition, all this will allow you to promote your event, so surely many other people may be interested in it and thus get a greater number of spectators. It is also important to mention that by planning the content of your video correctly, it is very likely that you can have a spectacular presentation, which will undoubtedly motivate viewers to see your next presentations.

Performs constant updates on status and broadcast announcements

Updates are important as they will allow you to keep everyone up to date on your statuses and any other content you want to present. In this case it is recommended write for your social networks constantly and in that way make sure your followers can see your content.

What’s more, take care of keeping them informed every time you want to share a new transmission, since this will allow them to be attentive at the time of the presentation. Therefore, staying active on social networks and within the platform will bring you good benefits.

Maintain communication with your followers

Maintain communication with your followers

It has been found that games represent a community and in combination with social media can become a really important factor in share and promote content. The number one factor to achieve success is to be constant, so this could help you get all the visits you need to achieve the desired success within Facebook Gaming.

Keep in mind that users who are occasionally active in social networks they are not usually very successful with them, so a little Dedication and perseverance can help you grow successfully on this type of live broadcast platform..

Offers a diversity of content

It is also important that show a variety of content to your viewers as long as you don’t lose the quality of it. Currently many of FB Gaming channels they usually cover a large number of games, But the idea of ​​all this is that you really focus on those that you like the most so that you can share them with your followers.

It is important that keep in mind that when you work with the things you like, everything works out better. That is why if you find a game that catches your attention, then try to capitalize on it that any type of content could help you grow quickly within the community. The more content you upload and share, the greater the chances that other people will notice you.

You set up a good profile for your channel

You should never forget your profile, keep in mind that this is your image to the community. It has been proven that when a viewer likes a live broadcast, before following that user usually visit its profile, depending on this are the probabilities that you decide to follow it or not. In this case, the aspects that stand out the most is the information shown there and how alive or not said profile is seen.

That is, if your profile has no movement and seems desolate, it is most likely that spectator does not want to follow you, but the opposite would happen if you have a very well worked and attractive profile. That is why being able to customize it will give you a very good image to all those who see your videos.

Here it is important that you take care of highlighting those reproductions that you want to have a greater reachYou should bear in mind that if someone has visited your profile it is because they are interested or something about you has attracted attention so you should make the most of it.

Tips for getting your followers to donate more stars to you on Facebook Gaming

Tips for getting your followers to donate more stars to you on Facebook Gaming

It is no secret to anyone that all or the vast majority of users who create an account on Facebook Gaming They do it with the intention of being able to generate money through this platform, which is why it has been presented as a opportunity to earn money for many.

In this case the stars are used to monetize the accounts, so depending on the stars received you get a certain amount of money. In this case, the viewers are in charge of sending these stars, where each of them worth 0.01 euros, so each viewer can buy different star packs for later donate it to your favorite streamers.

In accordance with this, here are some tips so that you can get your viewers to donate many more stars:

Interact with your viewers

Interact with your viewers

The main reason why a viewer donates stars to streamers It is because he likes him and he likes it, there is no doubt. This is how viewers usually donate these items to all those users who like them and those who love them. show your supportHence the importance of being able to create a very good relationship with all your visitors.

In this way you must try to interact with them in each of your transmissions, ask questions and let them ask you, listen to what you want and above all please them in the content they ask for. Remember that you success will depend 100% on them, so it is worth having a very good relationship with your followers.

Quality content

Quality content

If you are constantly publishing quality content, you will surely have a large number of viewers waiting for your publications, for which many of them will surely want to support you so that you can continue. publishing and entertaining day by day. That is why being able upload content from quality, of the moment and original it will help you when you receive donations from viewers.

Be grateful to your followers

If a follower or several of them have donated a certain amount of star you can thank them by indulging in the type of content that they They want to see, For this you can check if they want a transmission of a specific game or what type of content they want to see in your next video. Keep in mind that being grateful to them could lead to future donations, as well as encourage other people to donate some of them.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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