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Mobile devices are the door to a very personal digital vault. The Private information What happens through cell phones is completely confidential, especially when you are in constant contact with social networks.

Personal photos run the risk of being vulnerable online. Security and privacy are two aspects that have been improved over the years. Continuous advances in technology provide extra protection for personal information that is stored on mobile devices.

So that they do not fall into the hands of unwanted users, there are security pins, patterns, facial and finger recognition, and the function of hide important files on mobile.

What are the benefits of hiding some applications on our Android?

Hide any application on your Android

The main benefit of hiding your multimedia files, keys, documents and applications is protect your privacy. When the device is in someone else’s hands, they most likely want to pry into your private life.

They are likely to evade screen lock, decrypt your pattern, or find out the security. For that reason, hiding files is the last line of defense to protect sensitive information that you do not want to share with prying eyes, which could endanger your private affairs.

Fortunately, Android devices have tools that allow you to hide your files such as messages, photos and videos. In addition, it is also possible to download applications and launchers specialized in keeping more valuable documents hidden and safe.

Steps to hide photos and videos from your Android mobile gallery

Steps to hide photos and videos from gallery on Android

Hide photos and videos from gallery of your device is a simple task. Some Android phones allow you to apply a filter on your information without having to download an application:

With the gallery

You can enter the gallery of your device. Then, select the image or video you want to hide, click on the options button; or more, and press “Hide”.

Some devices have a hidden album to store your personal photos. Select the photo, press “Add to album” and then press “Hidden album”.

With file manager

Likewise, smart phones have file managers. Applications with which you can have a better organization of all multimedia content.

You must select the file, then press “More”, and finally press “hide”. In this way, you will be protecting the private information of the curious who may take your mobile. However, there are other applications on Android with which you can also protect your private files.

With Google Photos

Google PhotosAs its name indicates, it is an application that is responsible for creating backups of your photos, videos, GIFs, and other multimedia files. If syncing is active, the hidden copies of your photos and videos will likely appear here.

Unfortunately, Google Photos does not have the function of hiding documents. However, it is possible to archive them; which serves as a fix. Access the application. Select copies. Press the options button that appears in the upper right corner as three dots.

Two options are displayed:

  • Delete from device.
  • Move File.

Press “Move file”. The photo or video will be moved to the folder “Archive”, which you can find by displaying the app menu, located in the upper left corner.

Learn to hide any application on your Android mobile easily and quickly

In addition to the native tools that Android phones have to hide files, there are also special launchers with which you can carry out the function of hiding applications. Examples of this are: Nova Laucher and Action Launcher.

With Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher It is one of the most popular launchers available on Google Play. Offers multiple interface customization options, among which the ability to hide applications stands out:

  • The procedure is simple and fast. Go to “Nova Settings”. Then select “Applications”. Look for the option “Hide applications”. A list will be displayed where you can hide the apps you want.
  • Otherwise, to show hidden applications again, go to “Nova Settings”. Press “Applications” and then “Hide applications”.

With Action Launcher

Action Launcher is Nova’s main competence. The launcher offers customization options, along with the ability to hide apps. However, this is possible only with the paid version:

  • To access the “Settings”, you must hold a long press on any free space on the home screen. A small menu will be displayed.
  • In the menu, you have to locate the section “Application box”. Then press “Hidden applications”. You must mark the apps you want to hide. To pass make them visible again, uncheck the box in “Hidden applications”.

List of the best Android launchers to hide any app

Best Android launchers to hide any app

Nova and Action aren’t the only launchers you can find in the Android app store. To keep the private information of your apps in a safe place, you need to install a secondary launcher. Among the best available are:

Evie Launcher

The pitcher Evie is a lightweight app, fast and easy to use. Its interface resembles the Samsung launcher. You can review all your applications from one place, set shortcuts, access instant navigation, remove apps, create new folders and options.

You also have the option to customize icons, backgrounds, and better organize your home screen. Also, since “Settings”, you can hide the applications you want to keep out of sight. Press and hold any free space on the home screen to access settings. Then go to the section “Hide applications”. A list of all apps will appear. You only have to mark those that you do not want to appear.

Similarly, to prevent them from being displayed in the search bar, activate the option to “Hide from search”, or “Hide from search”.

Apex Launcher

The best choice if you want a fluid and simple interface, it is Apex Launcher. The free systems launcher offers you the possibility to choose between various customization themes, such as icons, animations, backgrounds, contacts, and other device features.

In addition, it has an application manager, quick search and backup copies. Similarly, you can block and hide apps to protect your private information.

You must access “Settings” and select “App drawer options”. Then press “Hidden applications”. Choose which apps you want to show and which ones to hide on the device.

Lawnchair Launcher

The latest version is Lawnchair 2, and like the rest, it is available on Google Play. It has different customization tools, such as a flexible desktop, automatic dark mode, notification points, adapt icons, among many other options.

Like other system launchers, it also has the ability to hide applications from the home screen. You need to press and hold an empty space in the app drawer.

In the next menu, select the option “Edit” and then turn off the visibility of the apps you don’t want to show.

APUS Launcher

Original themes and backgrounds, stylish screen design, app accelerator, device cleaner and RAM, smart hub, battery saver, and smart folders are just some of the customization options it offers Apus Launcher.

On the other hand, you can also hide apps and block access for unauthorized users. There are two ways you can hide the apps on your device:

  • First, swipe up with two fingers on the screen. The option to “Hide Apps”. Then select those apps that you don’t want to show. Likewise, you have available the possibility to block the apps by means of security passwords.
  • Another way to access the hidden applications section is to enter “Apu Launcher Settings”. Then select “Hide apps”. Press the plus symbol (+) and disable visibility. As an extra function, you have the option to configure a pattern to protect the hidden applications.

Microsoft Launcher

It’s a systems launcher developed by Microsoft Corporation. The great advantage of the launcher is that it allows you to make transitions from an Android device and your computer. In this way, you can organize your contents and review the multimedia files of the mobile, at any time, from the PC.

Microsoft Launcher it also offers a wide range of options to customize the Android device interface. For example, it provides quick access to your calendar, to-do list, and sticky notes.

Likewise, you can adapt the font size, have quick access to the news section and Microsoft’s universal search bar. Among other functions, it also allows you to hide applications.

In the upper right corner of the app drawer, you will find the menu button. Access that section and then select “Hidden applications”. Immediately, a menu will appear with all the apps installed on the device. You can individually mark each app you want to hide. Hereby you can also re-enable the visibility when you need it.

Security and privacy should not be overlooked. Protect your privacy by hiding your important files!

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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