Hide Last Connection in Telegram  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2021

Regardless of the communication platform used, for many users it is imperative to maintain your privacy. For this reason, functionalities such as hiding the last connection, disabling the read confirmation option, etc. have been enabled.

Specifically in this post, we will talk about How to hide the last connection time in Telegram so that nobody knows and use the app in incognito mode?. Thus, others will not know when you were available.

In addition to this, you will know a series of useful tips to make your profile a more private and secure place. For example, you will discover how to hide your mobile number, block annoying contacts, etc.

Learn step by step how to hide the last connection time of your Telegram user

Learn step by step how to hide the last connection time of your Telegram user

There are different ways to hide your connection on Telegram, and it depends on the device from which you are going to enter.

Next, we share the step by step if you enter from an Android or iOS device:


  • Enter Telegram.
  • Open the side menu, sliding your finger from left to center. It is also done by clicking on the button with three stripes that is located in the upper left part.
  • Select the option Settings.
  • Go to Privacy & Security.
  • Click on the option Last time and online.
  • Choose which people can see These data.
  • You can also add exceptions to it. With this option, the people or groups you choose will not have the last time settings applied.
  • Tap on To accept.


  • Enter Telegram.
  • Press on Settings, located at the bottom.
  • Select in Privacy & Security.
  • Go to the section Privacy and there, enter Last time and online.
  • Choose who can see your last time.
  • If you wish, it is possible to make exceptions, so that the changes you placed above are not applied to them.
  • Proceed to To accept.

Discover step by step how to make your Telegram profile more private and secure

Without a doubt, Telegram has created an environment in which security and the Privacy user are the priority. Therefore, it has a wide range of settings so that only the information you want is shared.

In this sense, know how to make your profile more secure:

Hide phone number

Hide phone number in Telegram

A peculiarity of Telegram, is that You do not require a phone number so that others can chat with you or add you in groups. However, if you have your number and it is visible to everyone, you can hide it without problems. To do this, you must have a username or nickname. So the first thing is to set said name.

Do the following:

  • Enter the Settings from Telegram.
  • Tap on Privacy & Security.
  • Go to the section Set / change an alias @.
  • Write the name you want. Remember that with it, others will be able to locate you within the platform.

After doing that, it’s time to hide the phone number so that others can locate you only by your username.

In this sense you have to:

  • Go to Privacy & Security.
  • You will see the option to modify the section Phone number.
  • Inside there, select not to be seen by anyone, that only your contacts see it or that everyone can see it.
  • If you want to hide it, click Nobody.

Block toxic contacts

Block toxic contacts on Telegram

If you have a very annoying or toxic contact and you want to cut communication with him, preventing him from sharing messages, you can easily block him.

To do it correctly, you will have to:

  • Join the conversation with the person.
  • Press on your behalf, which is located at the top of the screen.
  • Click on the button with the three dots.
  • Click on the option To block.
  • A window will open where you will have to confirm action and ready.

Messages that self-destruct

Self-destructing messages on Telegram

The message self-destruction, is a feature valued by many users. It is very similar to what happens with the “delete message” from WhatsApp. By using it, you make sure that if you talk to someone, the messages will disappear seconds after they have been sent.

The way to enable the function is:

  • Open Telegram.
  • Click on the pencil icon, located in the lower right corner to create a conversation.
  • Press on New secret chat.
  • Select contact with which you will have the conversation.

Once the chat opens, you won’t be able to take screenshots, and the messages will self-destruct. To configure the duration time of the same, go to the three points located in the upper right corner and enter Configure self-destruct.

You can choose:

  • Off.
  • 1 – 30 seconds.
  • 1 minute.
  • 1 hour.
  • 1 day.
  • 1 week.

Keep your profile picture private

Keep profile photo private on Telegram

Another option you can have your account in Telegram sure, is to have profile photo enabled only for your contacts aggregates.

If you want to do it, please pay attention to the step by step:

  • Enter Telegram.
  • Click on the three lines in the upper left corner.
  • Select in Setting.
  • Tap on Privacy & Security.
  • Press on Profile picture.
  • Choose: All or My contacts.
  • You can too add exceptions.
  • Pick the people of your agenda that you want Add.

Close active sessions

Close active sessions in Telegram

With respect to privacy and security options more advanced, there is the possibility of close active sessions In case you have left and you do not have time to close on a computer or mobile.

The step by step to enable the closing of active sessions is:

  • Click on the three lines located in the upper right corner.
  • Walk into Settings within the options menu.
  • Go to Privacy & Security.
  • Go down until you get the option to Active sessions.
  • There it shows the current session and those that remain active.
  • Tap on Close all other sessions and ready.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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