Hide Rows and Columns in Excel  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

A microsoft excel template, being divided into columns Y rows, presents some complications when it is necessary to present works in which not all these elements are necessary for reading, but they are necessary for formulas.

So if the rows and columns are eliminated, the formulas are lost and therefore the numbers are distorted. To solve this problem, you can hide these elements quickly and easily.

If you want to know how to do these steps, we invite you to continue reading this post. Also, we will show you why it is necessary to perform this task.

When is it necessary to hide a row or column in a worksheet?

You can hide a row or a column when they have auxiliary calculations and formulas that are necessary to expose the other cells, but they do not help to have an easy reading of the data found on the sheet.

These elements can also be hidden when it is necessary to convert the sheet into a PDF to share that information with others. Finally, each time there is a variable of a value in a formula, but it is not necessary to include it within the report, you can hide rows and columns.

Steps to hide a row or column in an Excel worksheet

Steps to hide a row or column in an Excel worksheet

If you want, I do not see columns or rows within a Microsoft Excel workbook, you must follow the steps that we will indicate below:


To hide a row you must follow this process:

  • Click on the row number you want to hide. Or, press at the same time “Shif” and the space bar. You will see that the row was selected.
  • Press the right mouse button and choose the option “Hide”.


The steps you will have to do to hide a column are the following:

  • Click on the column number you want to stop viewing. You can also do it by combining the keys “Ctrl” and the space bar.
  • Right click and choose “Hide”.

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