Hide WhatsApp on Android and iOS  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

It is estimated that about 84% of the mobiles that exist in the world have the app installed WhatsApp. This is especially because is an instant and free messaging and lets you know when a person has received and read our chat.

From this it follows that the app we are going to analyze handles important data related to user privacy. Therefore, anyone who accesses a mobile phone will be able to see the contents of WhatsApp.

In the following paragraphs we will show you how you will do so that your data is protected by means of a tool that allows you to hide WhatsApp on your mobile. We will indicate all the relevant steps so that your data is protected.

What are the main reasons why you should hide your WhatsApp?

As WhatsApp is the most used instant messenger today, many people interact with this platform for different reasons. Due to this, it is convenient to save the app on your mobile so that you do not have problems in the future.

Among the most prominent reasons are the following:

Prevent third parties from accessing

Perhaps this is the main reason. As we told you before, WhatsApp is one of the tools that users interact the most during the day. This generates that in your account you save a lot of important information for yourself and also for other people.

If an intruder accesses your account, you will be able to see all the activities that you carry out and that are often not convenient for you, your work or for your personal relationships.

Improve privacy and security

Within WhatsApp messages are sent, among other things, they contain private information on financial movements. In accordance with this, all data, photographs and any other type of message containing private information can harm the security of your bank accounts, credit cards or virtual wallets.

Further, intruders could learn access passwords of ecommerce platforms and thus buy with your name things that you have not authorized.

Impersonate your identity

You must not forget that WhatsApp does not identify the user, but the account. So anyone who enters the application that you have installed on your mobile can impersonate you.

This can have important consequences in your life, since your contacts will receive messages as if you had sent them.

Safeguarding important information

Some people use this means of instant messaging to protect their work information. For this reason, they take photos of payment receipts or any other document related to working life.

If your WhatsApp account is hacked, anyone can delete these data and messages, causing you to lose all verification of your work or other important tasks for you.

Steps to hide the WhatsApp icon from your smartphone menu on Android and iOS

As you may have already realized, if a person enters the application of your WhatsApp account, it can cause serious inconvenience in various aspects of your life. Fortunately, you can hide the icon of this app within the menu of your mobile.

For this you must follow the steps that we will show you below, according to the operating system you have:

On Android

On Android

In your Android operating system you can hide the WhatsApp application if you keep it in the safe. This app, native to some smartphone models, will allow you to have instant messaging hosted and to access it you will have to do so through the safe.

The steps you must follow to enable the safe are the following:

  • Go to the menu “Applications”.
  • Look for the option “Safe”.
  • If you do not have this option enabled, you must do it at this time. You will have to enter a password of 6 digits or more and set a secret question.
  • Then, when you are already inside this app, just subtract to search “WhatsApp”. To do this you will have to click on the option “+” and a menu will open where you will have to choose Applications and then instant messaging.

In this way, the WhatsApp icon will disappear from the menu, but it will be integrated into your mobile safe.

In case you do not have this tool, you will have to use a third-party application. In this case we will take as an example “Apex Launcher”. To follow the guide, you must first download the app.

The steps that you will have to carry out are these:

  • Open Apex Launcher on your mobile.
  • Go to “Setting”.
  • Then search “App drawer options” and click on it.
  • Choose the setting “Hidden applications”.
  • When the list of applications that you can hide opens, look for WhatsApp and click on it.
  • To finish, click on “Save”.
  • If you prefer, you can incorporate a PIN to increase the level of security.

On iOS

What you can do on your iPhone is camouflage the WhatsApp icon in a folder. You must follow these indications:

  • With your finger, press and hold the WhatsApp until it starts moving.
  • Drag the instant messaging app to any other and drop WhatsApp.
  • Inside the folder, which was formed automatically, choose WhatsApp again and drag it to the right edge of the folder and drop the app.

When you press the start button, the folder will appear, but you will not see the WhatsApp icon.

Learn how to hide and archive conversations on WhatsApp quickly and easily

If you think that hiding the WhatsApp icon is too striking for other people (so they would begin to doubt you) and you need to have private conversations protected, you can use another tool that the same application offers you so that your messages are safe.

The steps that you will have to carry out are very simple, you just have to follow this guide:

  • Open WhatsApp on your mobile.
  • Go to the tab “Chats”.
  • Choose the conversation you want to restrict. You should hold it down for a few seconds until it is selected and it turns gray.
  • Next, go to the top right of the screen and click on the icon “File”, which is represented with a drawer and a downward arrow.
  • A message will appear on the screen telling you that you have archived that conversation and you can undo the action by clicking on the option that bears that name.

When you want to see that conversation you will have to go to the end of the chats tab and click on “Archived”. In this section you will see, in chronological order, all the conversations you have saved.

Remember that if you send a new message to an archived conversation, it will no longer be in that state and it will appear as recent in the tab of “Chats”, so you will have to redo the procedure that we indicate.

The best applications to hide other apps on Android and iOS

In case you do not want to use any of the tools that we have mentioned before, you can have third-party applications that will help you hide WhatsApp and other apps that you want, according to the operating system you have on your mobile.

The best programs are:

Flick Launcher

Flick Launcher

It is available for AndroidIt has a free version and a paid version. Being the second free of advertisements and with additional functions that will allow you to save applications with different access passwords.

Further, will allow you to be integrated with Google Now Feed, which will allow you to combine different tools with fewer steps and increase the level of security.

Launch Center Pro

It is a tool intended for iPhone and iPad that will allow the user to have an application center that can be restricted according to the desired criteria. This will mean that every time you need to use some of the apps that are within Launch Center, you will not need to perform extra steps.

It does not reduce the performance of the equipment and its interface allows to speed up the search for hidden applications.

Nova Launcher

This is one of the most downloaded apps on Google Play for these types of tasks. Its functions allow the user to have modern screens in whose application drawer you can find horizontal and vertical displacements, thus achieving greater comfort for the view and use.

Within the paid version you can pinch or perform two touches on the home screen to run functions that you have customized before. In addition, within the application drawer, you can delete any app without having to uninstall it. It is available for Android.



You will be able to hide applications in parallel thanks to this tool that you can download for free from the official Google store. The appearance with which you will find in its interface is of a simple calculator, but after completing a code you will be able to access the application drawer.

In relation to WhatsApp, it will allow you to clone the messages and hide that data within the drawer intended for this purpose. This will make your work less every time you want to access certain types of information.

Parallel Space

How this tool works is to open two instances of the same application in parallel. This will allow you to open WhatsApp in a common way and another under the environment of this app. This will result in all messages made through Parallel Space being hidden.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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