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WhatsApp is the benchmark for millions of users. However, there is an App that little by little has positioned itself as a better alternative: Telegram. If you are interested in knowing how it works and what is the use of the Russian application that can dethrone WhatsApp in the future, then continue reading.

Telegram is an application that is characterized by offering a fast, simple, safe and free service. The software is compatible with a wide variety of devices, both mobile phones, tablets and computers.

It also allows you to send messages, photos, videos, files with different formats, create groups of up to 200,000 people, voice calls, video calls, and many other functions.

What are the main functions and features of Telegram that you should know about?

What are the main functions and features of Telegram that you should know about?

Telegram is a space that provides tools for all types of users. From those looking for a private and fast medium, to those who are passionate about multimedia content. Nevertheless, What are the main functions and features of Telegram that you should know about?.

Let’s see:

  • You can use Telegram on all your devices at the same time. Available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android (from version 4.1 onwards) and iOS (From version 9.0).
  • Allows you to send unlimited text messages, videos, photos and files of any format: Zip, doc, mp3, among many others. Supports a maximum weight of 2 GB per file. All messages are stored in the cloud, so they do not take up space on the device. Plus, conversations are constantly synced across devices.
  • Create groups of up to 200,000 users. It also allows the use of labels, mentions and responses to manage groups. Similarly, the owner can appoint administrators with advanced permissions to maintain order in the community.
  • Supports channel creation to send unlimited broadcasts. Many organizations and companies have official channels on Telegram to send free and truthful information.
  • Among its functions and privacy settings, highlight the secret chats. The messages start to self-destruct, without leaving any trace, after a time programmed by the user. The other person will not be notified by the deleted message. You can also adjust the App to prevent other people from taking a screenshot of the conversation.
  • The user can use a pseudonym (username) to be found on Telegram, without the need to share your phone number. You also have the option to hide your number to maintain your privacy.
  • The application has support for bots. Programs that have artificial intelligence to execute tasks. Bots are common in groups and channels. They are designed to interact with users. Many brands use bots as a means of customer service, but there are other varieties in the App.
  • Offers extensive customization options so that the application adapts more to the user’s taste. You can change the color of the background, the shape of the speech bubble, go to night mode, among much more. In addition, you can create folders to organize the chats according to themes. For example: Family, friends, groups, channels.
  • Supports voice calls and video calls. It has a new group voice chat function, with which you can make conferences at any time with the App. The function allows you to leave and enter as much as you want without interrupting the connection.
  • It has a new option that allows you to locate people with Telegram close to your location. It is called “People nearby”, and displays the name, photo and distance of the people who are near you. By default the function is disabled, in order to keep the privacy of the users safe.
  • It has a modern photo editor, an online search engine for animated GIFs, and a sticker platform.
  • It has two layers of secure encryption (Server-client and client-client). All files, both text and multimedia, are encrypted by Telegram. Likewise, they have two-step verification to provide greater user protection. In addition, you can block the App with an additional access code for more security.

Of course, Telegram is not limited only to all the above. The application is in continuous evolution to provide a better quality service. If you want to know more about it, we invite you to take the first step, download the App and start building your profile on the platform.

Learn step by step how to take your first steps in Telegram Messenger to understand how it works

Learn step by step how to take your first steps in Telegram Messenger to understand how it works

The application of the paper airplane has gained numerous followers around the world. Currently, it has more than 500 million active users. If you plan to join the community and benefit from everything it offers, we offer you this guide step by step on how to take your first steps in Telegram Messenger to understand how it works.

Let’s see the steps to follow:

Create Account

The main thing you should do is download the application on your device mobile. You can do it for free from Google Play Store for Android, or from Apple Store for iOS. After installation, open the App and press ‘Start’ to give start to account creation.

You must enter the phone number you want to link to the account. Later, you will receive a text message with a special code for you to verify your identity. In some cases, the application detects the message and proceeds to create the account without having to manually enter the code.

Customize profile

When you have confirmed your identity, you will continue to the next step: Enter your personal details to customize your profile. In this section you must provide your name and surname. While the first is mandatory, the second is optional.

Then Telegram will request permission to access your contact list and sync them with the app. After granting all the necessary permissions, the App will be ready for use. From this point on, you can access the profile and add a photo, edit the biography to make yourself known, put a username that allows you to be found by other people, hide the phone number, among other customization options.

Add contacts

As mentioned earlier, Telegram syncs with the user’s contact list. Of course, only add those contacts who also have an account on Telegram. If you want to add a new contact, you have different options. First of all, you can press the tab ‘Contacts’ and then press the button ‘Add new contact’. Then you must enter your name, surname (optional), country and phone number.

Second, also from the tab ‘Contacts’ you can invite other people to join Telegram. You just have to press ‘Invite friends’, select the contacts you want to invite and finally press the button ‘Invite to Telegram’. Third and last, you can enable location access to use the function of ‘People nearby’, which allows you to find Telegram users close to your location.

Search user

With Telegram you can search users by entering your username in the search bar. Enter the person’s name, select the account and open the chat. Then click on the user’s name to access their profile.

In that section, click on the icon with the three dots and select one of the following options:

  • Add a Contacts.
  • To block.
  • Start secret chat.
  • Add to the home screen.

Find and Join a group

In the same way, you can use the search bar to search for groups. Just enter a term related to a topic. It can be the name of a brand, that of a series, or if you have the name of a Telegram group, you can enter it.

Once you have found it, you just have to click on it, open the chat and press the button ‘Join’ at the bottom of the screen. If you want to further explore the millions of spaces found in Telegram, The platform has a website where you can discover the best channels, groups and bots of the App. for more information.

Activate Telegram Web

Telegram also has a web version that allows you to use the application from your computer. To use it, you need to link the account of your mobile device with the account of the computer or laptop. You have two options to do it: The desktop application or the browser. The process is similar for both. Only in the first case, you must enter the following address:

Subsequently, you must register. Enter your country and phone number. Then open the Telegram App on your mobile device. In a few moments a message will arrive in a chat with a login code. Within two minutes you must enter the code in the web version or in the desktop App. After entering it, all chats, bots, groups and others will automatically be synchronized.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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