How to know the AGE of your Windows PC or Mac  Guide ▷ 2020

We must know the age of our team, since by doing so we can know what to do and how to do it before a system failure. About us We are going to show you what to do to know the serial number of our equipment.

We well know that not all computers are the same, but the operating system that we have installed helps us to know all the information about our computer. Here we explain the methods for a Windows computer, or for a Mac computer.

But first you need to know what are the benefits of knowing the details of our computer. Then you will find a summary of these benefits:

What is the use of knowing the age of your computer? Benefits

Knowing the age of our computer brings many benefits. A computer is a set of well-connected softwares and hardware that give life to what we use very frequently today. But since everything has an expiration date, so we must always be prepared to change parts or other components.

Not only are the physical parts of a computer damaged or require changes, it can also be required by the BIOS Well, this is the fundamental part of the computer, without it nothing works. For this reason, knowing what your age is helps us a lot, since it also helps us understand what the capabilities of our computer are.

In summary the benefits are:

  • Know when to buy hardware for your computer.
  • Technical support.
  • Application of guarantees.
  • Support tasks.
  • Administrative control.
  • Modern application compatibility.

Easy and fast steps to know how old your PC is in Windows 10

There are several methods to know the exact age of your computer. Some of them are more accurate than others, but they will all give you a rough idea of ​​how old the hardware is assembled and working:


We can see the age of our computer from the BIOS. First we must turn off our computer, then we turn it on and quickly press the necessary key to enter the BIOS. The first face of the configuration shows us all the information about it.

Not all computers come with the same BIOSas this varies by manufacturer, however usually the first screen of the configuration BIOS, stamps exact time and installation date. Others only mark the time of use.

From system information

The previous method showed how to see the age of the computer through the BIOS. We have to know that the one in charge of keeping the time and control of a computer is the BIOS, we could say that it is your main system and that without it, there is no computer.

First we go to windows menu, we write in the field, CMD and automatically the “Symbol of the system”, and we write the following commands: “debug “y”df000: fff5 “.

And we will see the details of the system where their age is shown. Although we can also go to “Start” and write “Run”, we open to enter the program and place “Debug df000: fff5”. In this way we will see several files where the age of our computer appears.

With Windows 10 Explorer

In case of not being able to access the system data with the above methods, we can try again with this method. This is much easier and more practical than the previous ones:

Windows Explorer

First we must press on “Start”, then we click on the option “All the programs” there a window opens. Then we will see another option that tells us “Accessories” and then we go to “System tools” and finally to “system information”.

There, in system information we will be shown all the information we are looking for from our computer, from the date of installation of the BIOS And many other things.

How to find out the age, model and serial number of a Mac computer?

Although for many, Mac computers are somewhat difficult to use, today we tell you that no, you just need to know how to use it correctly. For this reason, follow the steps below very well to find the age, model and serial number of your Mac.

The serial number is integrated by the manufacturer to be able to identify the products, this will depend on the production date and quantity of the product. Its structure is made up of alphanumeric codes unique for each team.

The model is the type of device that the company develops, but that fulfills a series of functions and characteristics. The company divides these computers by model, that is, by their characteristics.

How to find them?

We can find many ways that help us to know the age of our team, and that allows us find out what your model and serial number is:

  • On the surface of the product: All computers come with a small label in the form of a sheet (the shape varies depending on the manufacturer) where it informs us about the age, model, brand and serial number of the equipment.
  • In iTunesIf the product has synchronization with iTunes: iTunes is a program developed by the same Apple company, which can also inform us about the age of the computer and much more.
  • On a Mac computer, by selecting the option “About this Mac” from the Apple menu: This is the most practical method for many, since the same computer tells us everything we need to know.

Other method

Through the original product packaging we can find the barcode and thus see the serial number that was assigned to him.

Some computers are so modern that they have functions and a system similar to that of the iPhone. This method is also recommended for phones from this company. Through iTunes by going to preferences, we can find complete information about our team.

If we are one of those who keep everything, it means that we still have the invoice receipt for our equipment. Checking the invoice receipt we can see all the information of the computer we buy.

How to find the serial number using iTunes

Well, as we already mentioned, just as there are already Microsoft with features of mobile devices, there are also Mac, so this method cannot be ignored, although it is focused on mobile devices:

  • First we must connect our iOS device to the computer, it should automatically start iTunes.
  • Then we locate the device and click on tab “Summary” to be able to see the information about it.

serial number

  • We click on “Serial number” to be able to see the “CDN” the “IMEI / MEID” and the “ICCI”.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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